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No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani and Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale tied the knot again on Saturday in Los Angeles surrounded by celeb pals such as Courteney Cox Arquette and Ben Stiller. The couple already exchanged vows last month in a small London ceremony. read more

Question: Who are the stars ...

Question: Who are the stars of Monk? I want to know if the detective with Monk is Ted Levine from Silence of the Lambs. — Jane H., Salisbury, Md.

Televisionary: That is indeed Levine playing Captain Leland Stottlemeyer, the cop whom obsessive-compulsive sleuth Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) drives batty on the hit USA detective drama. Levine is probably best known for his big-screen work as murderer Buffalo Bill in the chilling Silence, but you may also have spotted him in such films as Ali, The Fast and the Furious and Evolution. Other Monk stars include read more

Question: Is Ruthie Camden ...

Question: Is Ruthie Camden adopted? My friend said she saw an episode where Ruthie and the Camdens talk about her adoption, but I don't think so. Please help settle this dispute. — Jessica R., New Orleans, La.

Televisionary: Nope. On 7th Heaven, all seven Camden kids are the biological children of Eric (Stephen Collins) and Annie (Catherine Hicks).

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Question: Is it true that the ...

Question: Is it true that the actress who played Bill Cosby's wife (Phylicia Rashad) never received an Emmy nomination for her role on The Cosby Show? Did Bill Cosby ever receive a nomination during the show's run? — Denise, Swansea, N.C.

Televisionary: No and no, Denise. Ms. Rashad was nominated for an Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series in 1985 and 1986. The first time, she was beaten by Kate and Allie's Jane Curtin, who also garnered more votes than K and A co-star Susan Saint James, Cheers's Shelley Long read more

Question: When I was younger ...

Question: When I was younger I watched My Friend Flicka and Fury every Saturday morning (along with Sky King). Bobby Diamond starred on one of these shows. Whatever happened to him? — Sue, Logan, W.V.

Televisionary: Young Mr. Diamond did indeed star in Fury, Sue, playing alongside Peter Graves (Mission: Impossible) in the series, which aired on NBC from 1955-66. He then went on to appear with Nanette Fabray and Wend read more


Val Kilmer is breaking into the adult film biz. The actor has been cast as late porn king John Holmes in Wonderland, a movie that depicts Holmes's involvement in an early '80s quadruple homicide, Variety reports. Also in talks to join the cast are Lisa Kudrow, Christina Applegate and Kate Bosworth. read more

Question: At one time in the ...

Question: At one time in the '70s didn't Alan Alda produce or direct (or both) a short-lived sitcom called We'll Get By? — Leslie B., Hollywood, Cal.

Televisionary: That he did, Leslie. Alda, best known as M*A*S*H's Hawkeye Pierce, created the sitcom, which starred Paul Sorvino, Mitzi Hoag, Jerry Houser, Willie Aames and Devon Scott as a suburban New Jersey family. The comedy ran on CBS from March to May in 1975.

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Oscar-winning thesp George Kennedy (Cool Hand Luke) was released from an Idaho hospital on Monday following heart bypass and hip replacement surgery. The 77-year-old's condition reportedly is improving steadily. read more

Question: Is it true that Tim ...

Question: Is it true that Tim Allen was a drug dealer? My boyfriend says he was, but I can't believe they'd let him star on Home Improvement. What's the story? — Allison L., Ruston, La.

Televisionary: Well, the story is that for the Tool Time man, timing was everything, Allison. Allen, who starred on the hit ABC sitcom from September 1991 to May 1999, was indeed arrested as a young man in Michigan for trying to sell $43,000 worth of cocaine in the late '70s and ended up doing a two-year prison stint. But that wasn't common knowledge when he subsequently parlayed a stand-up comedy career into his own network show, so it wasn't a factor in getting the series on the air. And when Allen and his publicists learned the story was about to come out during Home Improvement's first season — two advertising firms had already pulled nati read more

SNL Giving Martha a Free Pass?

Ana Gasteyer's decision not to return to Saturday Night Live this season probably seemed like a good thing for Martha Stewart. The absence of Gasteyer — whose dead-on send-up of Stewart was the stuff of SNL legend — meant that Lorne Michaels and Co. would likely miss out on the golden opportunity to lampoon the embattled domestic diva's current ImClone stock woes. Or would they?

"I talked to Ana about this, and I'm hoping that if we do a Martha skit she will come back," head writer and "Weekend Update" co-anchor Tina Fey tells TV Guide Online. "We don't have one planned right now, but we'll wait and watch the news and see if Ana is around and feels like coming in." Gasteyer's spokeswoman confirms that the new mom "agreed to return as a special guest sta read more

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