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Question: About two years ago ...

Question: About two years ago Gina Galon played on NBC in a P.I. show. Could you please tell me the name of that show? Thank you. — Cheri

Televisionary: I figure you must be talking about Gina Gershon and Snoops, Cheri. If you are, that series actually ran on ABC, launching in September 1999.

Created by David E. Kelley (Ally McBeal, The Practice, Boston Public), the series revolved around a group of beauteous private investigators headed by Glenn Hall (Gershon), whose whatever-it-takes methods clashed with those of new recruit and former by-the-book cop Dana Plant ( read more

Question: A very long time ...

Question: A very long time ago there was a very cool show, Tomfoolery, which I adored as a child. Whatever happened to it? Maybe it was another too-smart-to-live show. What can you tell me about it? Thank you. — Kim, Bellevue, Wash.

Televisionary: I can tell you that it was indeed too smart for TV, but it still managed to run for a year on NBC beginning in September 1970. How smart? Well, it was a literary cartoon based on the poetry of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear (a good part of it was presented in rhyme) and its brainy, zany humor included such characters as the Obsequious Ornamental Ostrich, the Fitzgibbious Fish, Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo, the Umbrageous Umbrella Maker, the Scroobious Snake, and the Enthusiastic Elephant. (Try putting that up against today's action-figure-oriented shows.)

Tomfoolery was produced by Rankin Bass and benefitted from the talents of the late, great Romeo Muller Jr. The name might not be familiar to you, read more

Question: I was going through ...

Question: I was going through your cover gallery, a very good thing, and came upon a Flying Nun cover. Did they ever explain how she flew on that show? Was it superpowers or what? Thanks. — Vivian M., Springfield, Pa.

Televisionary: Why, thank you for the kind words, Vivian. We're pretty darned proud of our Gallery, but always appreciate it when someone else recognizes how genuinely great it is.

On The Flying Nun, which ran on ABC from September 1967 to September 1970, the 90-pound Sister Bertrille (Sally Field) attributed her aerial adventures to aerodynamics. "It all has to do with my coronet," she explained in one episode. "It's when the lift plus thrust is greater than the load plus drag." Basically, when the wind kicked up her head gear served as a wing, lifting her off without necessarily giv read more

Question: Help me, please! I ...

Question: Help me, please! I have a part of a song stuck in my head and would like to know what it is. It's at the end of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode called "Lover's Walk." Spike (James Marsters), is singing it in his car. — Julia S., New York, NY

Televisionary: This is a little more complicated than you'd think. The short answer is that the song is "My Way." However Spike wasn't singing to the classic Frank Sinatra version or the classic Sid Vicious version. He was singing to Gary Oldman's version of Sid's take from the classic Sid and Nancy read more

Swimfan Stars Get Splashy!

Poolside photo ops, gawking admirers and an excuse to wear as little clothing as possible... It's everything Young Hollywood lives for! Last week's premiere of Swimfan — in theaters Sept. 6 — had it all. On UCLA's sunny campus, camera-lovin' starlets came out to play at a pool party for the teen thriller, which stars Traffic vixen Erika Christensen as a college swim champ's No. 1 fan. Of course, she goes psycho á la Alicia Silverstone in 1993's The Crush. Trés campy!

Strangely, Jesse Bradford — who plays the object of her obsession — arrived looking like he' read more

Matt and Ben See Red Over Greenlight

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have yet to write a follow-up to their Oscar-winning Good Will Hunting, but the duo are staying busy helping aspiring filmmakers with their HBO documentary series, Project Greenlight. Their second season is in the works, with Miramax still on board as a financial backer — though the boys have some complaints about the studio's handling of last season's winning movie, Stolen Summer.

"We were pleased with the final film, but we were not pleased with the way in which it was released," Affleck tells TV Guide Online. "But everybody's a genius in hindsight. At the time, [Miramax] felt that we would wait until after [Greenlight] aired, do read more


Here's a surefire sign that Hollywood's summer blockbuster season has come to an end: A four-week old film has reclaimed the top spot at the box office. The Mel Gibson alien thriller Signs — which was released on August 2 — climbed back to No. 1 with $14.4 million ($173.2 million to date). After a two-week reign, Vin Diesel's XXX slipped to second with $13.7 million ($106.7 million to date), followed by Spy Kids 2 (No. 3 with $7.8 million), sleeper smash My Big Fat Greek Wedding (No. 4 with $7.6 million) and Blue Crush (No. 5 with $6.5 million). Meanwhile, all three of the weekend's major new releases — the read more


Do you long for the day when Richard Dean Anderson could stop a nuclear war with a simple paper clip? Well, New Line Cinema certainly hopes you do. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio has inked a seven-figure deal with MacGyver creator Lee Zlotoff to write, direct and produce a feature film based on the popular late-'80s ABC series. However, Anderson — who currently can be seen on the Sci Fi series Stargate SG-1 — has yet to strike a deal to reprise his role as the clever secret agent. read more

JAG Babe Strips and Tells!

No one can accuse JAG star Catherine Bell of not doing her part to support America's war on terrorism. It's safe to say that the 34-year-old actress's steamy spread in July's FHM did more to boost military morale than all of Bob Hope's USO tours combined! (No offense, Mr. Hope, but she's a work of art!)

That said, Bell confesses that it wasn't patriotism that motivated her to bare (almost) all in the men's monthly. "I wanted to show people that I'm not just the conservative character I play on JAG," she tells TV Guide Online, referring to her alter ego, Marine Lt. Col. Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie. "I wanted to get a different side of me out there. And it worked. People are finally going, 'Oh, we didn't know you looked like that.'"

Our nation's troops aside, not everyone e read more


Booted American Idol contestant Tamyra Gray is well on her way to becoming a star. The production company behind Idol, 19 Entertainment, has picked up an option to manage the 23-year-old singer's career, USA Today reports. read more

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