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Christopher Reeve's acting career is taking off again. In addition to his Feb. 25 guest stint on Smallville, the erstwhile Superman has signed on to play a man paralyzed in a car accident on an upcoming episode of ABC's The Practice. read more

Joe Millionaire's Unhappy Ending

Joe Millionaire butler Paul Hogan would sooner serve white wine with steak than reveal which of Evan Marriott's wannabe wives winds up wearing the noufaux riche construction worker's engagement ring. But he will disclose who didn't see any action at all during the taping of the Fox smash: him!

"Fancy being at a French chateau for [a month] with 20 women and not being slipped a single number!" he exclaims to TV Guide Online in mock humiliation. (In the interest of full disclosure, it must be noted that Hogan did attract at least one admirer. "Paul is very charming," admits Melissa Jo "MoJo" Hunter. "If he was a little bit younger, we could have had a whole other show!")

Truth be told, the distinguished major-domo wasn't terribly broken up that he didn't land a lass of his own. "It would have been nice, I suppose, but my old man always told me, 'Never get your meat where you buy your bread,'" he says, chuc read more

MacGyver: Rebirth of a Legend

Most every wannabe action figure in L.A. would kill for the chance to pick up where Richard Dean Anderson left off with MacGyver, ABC's inventive late-'80s adventure series. But how many of them would be willing to die for the opportunity? The WB, which is developing a rejiggered version to focus on Mac's twentysomething nephew Clay, may be about to find out. As auditions get underway, supervising producer and writer Samuel Baum tells TV Guide Online, "We chain each actor individually to a leaky nuclear reactor, furnish them with a paper clip and a fruit cup, and see if they're able to overcome the life-threatening obstacles. Whoever lives, we're going to offer the role to." Which fearless thespians stand a chance of surviving? Here are a few names that we think belong on the short list.

read more

Meet 24's New Bad Girl!

Poor Laura Harris. It seems the 24 star was the last to discover that her character, spoiled rich brat Marie Warner, was actually a cold-blooded terrorist. "I found out [the week] before we shot it," she tells TV Guide Online, adding that she suspected something was up when "crew members on the set started calling me evil. I was like, 'Why are they saying that?' And then it became clear, and I was like, 'Oh, they do actually like me! It's okay.'"

Viewers learned of the shocking plot twist at the climax of Episode 11 on Jan. 15, when Harris's alter ego shot and killed her fianc&#233 Reza (Phillip Rhys). Was it just us, or did the 26-year-old look mighty comfortable clutching a firearm? "I did gun training to be able to shoot with confidence," she says. "It's really difficult to point a gun at someone's head, I have to say read more

Tool Time for Joe Millionaire

Since Joe Millionaire struck ratings gold, the reality series' star, make-believe moneybags Evan Marriott, has been pondering the $64,000 question. No, not which avaricious vixen he prefers, but how he's going to cash in once his secret at last is revealed!

"I think it would be neat to have a TV show, kind of like a Bob Vila show on steroids," he tells TV Guide Online. "[I'd] get away from the house stuff and get on big job sites and big buildings. Wouldn't that be killer?

"[Forget this] Bob Vila crap!" he continues, his enthusiasm growing seemingly in direct proportion to his disdain for This Old House. "Who wants to put up crown molding? We're going to put up beams! Real men don't want to put up crown molding, they want to [operate] cranes and move beams and set up girders... stuff like that."

Of course we do. And the powers that be know it. "I don't see [Marriott] replacing Paige Davis [as host of The Learni read more


We said it wouldn't last, and by golly, we were right! Bachelor No. 2 Aaron Buerge and bride-to-be Helene Eksterowicz have called off their engagement. The 28-year-old banker from Springfield popped the question to Eksterowicz during the show's Nov. 20 finale. But by New Year's, the wedding was off. Not surprisingly, the split will be chronicled on a Feb. 20 ABC special. read more


Madonna insists she is not — repeat, not — pregnant! The Material mother-of-two plans to file a formal complaint in Britain over a story in Heat magazine that said she is pregnant with her third child. "She dyed her hair brown instead of blond; that does not confirm somebody's pregnant," her rep told Reuters. "And she's been wearing baggy clothes for 20 years, so what else is new?" Um, I just got a new microwave oven, does that count? read more


Murphy Brown's Candice Bergen is returning to CBS as the star of the TV movie Footsteps. In the thriller, Bergen will play a best-selling suspense novelist who finds herself caught up in a real-life crime story. read more


The woman that rock producer Phil Spector is accused of murdering is a B-movie actress who starred in such films as Amazon Women on the Moon and The Barbarian Queen. Police believe Spector met Lana Clarkson, 40, Sunday night at the House of Blues in Hollywood, where she had been working as a hostess. Spector, who is currently free on bail, allegedly killed Clarkson after they returned to his Los Angeles-area estate. read more


Sex is getting more common on television, but shows are more likely to include some references to making it safe, according to a study released Tuesday from the Kaiser Family Foundation. The report found that 26 percent of shows with sex references also included messages of abstinence or protection. That is nearly double the rate that the foundation found in 1997-98, the first year of its ongoing study. read more

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