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Tennis wiz Andy Roddick has gone Hollywood! In addition to hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, Mandy Moore's prettier half is getting his own reality show. The Tour, which is currently being shopped to the networks, will follow the 21-year-old U.S. Open champ next summer as he deals with fame, fans and stuff. "I've given producers total access," he says, "except my bedroom — sorry, I have to draw the line somewhere!" His bathroom, however, is fair game. read more


Another day, another high-profile fall casualty. Fox has scratched Skin from its lineup after three low-rated airings. The porn industry-set drama attracted just 4 million viewers Monday night. Fox will now air back-to-back episodes of Joe Millionaire on Mondays through November. NBC, meanwhile, has officially pulled the plug on Boomtown. Sigh... read more


On Monday's edition of ABC's The View, Barbara Walters announced the three finalists vying for for that coveted fifth co-host slot: Real World alum Rachel Campos, Survivor grad Elisabeth Hasselbeck and ex-Port Charles star Erin Hershey Presley. The winner will be chosen Nov. 24. Incidentally, Campos revealed on Monday's show that she is expecting. Puck, you little devil! (Sorry, Sean. I couldn't resist.) read more

Gilmore Girls I've decided to...

Gilmore Girls
I've decided to quit my ranting about Rory's hair. Why? I was shopping at a local L.A. mall on Monday, and saw Alexis Bledel there. She looked so cute, bouncing along in her shorter, new 'do. And after my own recent haircut, I realized how liberating it is to switch to a fresh look — especially one that doesn't require as much effort as long hair does. But about the episode: It's sweet to see Lorelai and gal pal Sookie reminisce over Rory's baby photos. But Lord, it's time for Chef Sookie to give birth to that bun in her oven! The poor woman looks ready to pop! Then, once she's free of her pregnancy plotline — and all that requisite padding — Melissa McCarthy needn't work so hard to conceal the fact that she shed nearly half her body weight this past summer. This GG fan wants to see Sookie strut her slimmer self with pride!

8 Simple Rules...
It feels so strange to sit here, welling up with te read more

Survivor's Osten Speaks!

Last Thursday's Survivor: Pearl Islands had twists to spare! In addition to the return of the fallen Outcasts, Osten Taylor made history by becoming the first player ever to quit. The 27-year-old Boston resident claims he threw in the towel because he felt betrayed that his ousted tribemates were given a second chance.

"After we lost the challenge to the Outcasts, I was like, 'The end does not justify the means,'" Taylor tells TV Guide Online. "That was the last straw. I had enough. People say, 'Hey, you quit.' But [Executive producer] Mark Burnett quit on us by letting the Outcasts in. So I [thought], 'You know what? I'll quit on him.'"

Taylor even managed to unnerve the usually mellow Jeff Probst, who after conducting an unconventional vote, told Taylor to simply "Go home." But Taylor wasn't bothered by read more


Six years after Madonna won a Golden Globe, someone is finally taking a look at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's books. Next month, cable network Trio will air The Golden Globes: Hollywood's Dirty Little Secret, a documentary offering a critical examination of showbiz's most unpredictable awards show. read more


David Letterman and longtime girlfriend Regina Lasko celebrated the birth of their first child, son Harry, just before midnight on Monday. Letterman broke the news on Tuesday's Late Show. "First thing I took him home and dangled him over the balcony," joked the 57-year-old funnyman, who named his first-born after his late father. Naturally, Letterman used the birth as fodder for his top ten list. Among the reasons the late-night vet was excited to be a dad: "There is now tangible evidence I have sex." read more


Just when you thought you could get through a sweeps period without a Michael Jackson special, CBS comes along and ruins everything. The spooky baby dangler is reportedly in talks with the Eye network to headline a music special that would air on Nov. 26, a week after his hits collection, Number Ones, arrives in stores. read more

Naomi Watts Turns 21

It's been over two years since Naomi Watts wowed American audiences in David Lynch's 2001 head-scratcher Mulholland Drive, but the Aussie actress is still approached by moviegoers looking for answers to that film's many mysteries. "I'm sure I'll be in my slippers with my cane and people will still be asking me the meaning of that movie," she says laughing. "And I just say 'I don't know, talk to David Lynch.'"

Watts may find herself fielding similar questions about her latest movie, 21 Grams (opening Nov. 21). Written by Guillermo Arriaga and directed by Alejandro González Inárritu (the team behind 2001's art-house smash Amores Perros), the film employs a complex narrative structure that skips around in time from scene to scene. The result will no do read more

O.C. Hunk Plays Fame Game

Don't call The O.C.'s Benjamin McKenzie an overnight sensation: The heartthrob at the heart of Fox's unexpectedly witty new primetime soap opera was in Hollywood for a whole year before being anointed an It boy. As a result, he graciously accepts the "burden" of his newfound popularity. After all, being asked for an autograph beats the heck out of being asked for a menu!

Being recognizable "can be tricky," the 27-year-old tells TV Guide Online, then adds sarcastically, "I'm not going to say, 'Oh, [my castmates and I] are so huge, we can't go anywhere and my life is terrible.' [The loss of anonymity] is slightly unfortunate, but also pretty flattering. I mean, no one ever comes up to me and, like, slaps me or, you know, calls me an a--hole."

On the contrary, face to face with Ryan's handsome portrayer, many an admirer can't make any remark at all, read more

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