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Turner Classic Movies will air a five-film tribute to Bob Hope on Thursday, beginning with 1962's The Road to Hong Kong at 11 am/ET and ending with 1961's Bachelor in Paradise at 6 pm/ET. For more on Hope's life, click here. read more

Question: Who played April, ...

Question: Who played April, the robot built by Warren on Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Televisionary: In the Feb. 20, 2001 episode "I Was Made to Love You," the mechanical April was played by Shonda Farr. You may also have caught her guest work on such series as Smallville, Once and Again, Maybe It's Me and CSI. For more Buffy episode details, see our ShowGuide.

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Ex-Brat Packer Andrew McCarthy and Oscar nominees Diane Ladd and Bruce Davison have checked into Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital, ABC's 15-hour series that debuts Feb. 5... Finding Nemo, which just became the highest-grossing animated feature of all time, arrives on DVD Nov. 4. read more

Question: Martin Short was in ...

Question: Martin Short was in an '80s TV show in which he had black, gelled-up hair, a yellow-plaid shirt with black pants, and said "ya might say" a lot. It was a kids show, and he turned into a cartoon. Help! — Jaime M.

Televisionary: You're thinking of the funnyman's wacky Ed Grimley, the dweeby guy with the slicked-up 'do who was initially seen on SCTV. When Short moved to Saturday Night Live for the 1984-85 season, Ed became a staple of that show, too.

But the version you're thinking of was a mostly animated Saturday-morning version that aired for a year on NBC beginning in September 1988. (I say "mostly" because the "Count Floyd" segments were live-action.) SCTV vets Andrea Martin and read more


Comic legend Bob Hope died Sunday with a smile on his face but uttered no final words, his daughter Linda told reporters Monday. "Dad had an amazing send-off," she said. "I think all the good vibes he put out during his lifetime came back to take him up." Hope — who died at his home in Toluca Lake, Calif. — was surrounded by his family, including wife Dolores and their children, as well as his personal physician, several nurses and a priest. "It was a quiet and lovely evening," Linda added. "I can't tell you how beautiful and peaceful it was. The fact that there was a little audience gathered around, even though it was family, warmed dad's heart." President Bush, meanwhile, has ordered flags be flown at half-staff on Wednesday for Hope's private burial. A public memorial is slated for Aug. 27. read more

Question: What color blood ...

Question: What color blood did Dr. Spock have? Also, how much money did Jack Benny win on The $64,000 Question? — Glenda D., Harrisburg, Pa.

Televisionary: Administering random testing now, are we, Glenda? Don't give the rest any ideas, please. And to any of you getting 'em, I'm just answering these because I feel like it.

First off, I wonder if you meant this to be a trick question. Famed pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Spock had red blood like the rest of us. But I'm betting you meant Star Trek's Mr. Spock (this is a TV-oriented column, after all). Because Spock (Leonard Nimoy) had a human mom and a vulcan dad, his blood was green (although it had some human characteristics, apparently — I'll let the Trek purists read more

Question: This may be more ...

Question: This may be more complicated (okay, boring) a question than you normally answer, but I was wondering about Hee Haw. I forget which one, but I seem to remember it being a network show. So how come it was on my local UHF station for all those years? I know UHF reveals my age here. Thank you, oh wise one. — Rick G., Tullahoma, Tenn.

Televisionary: I reckon that's the first time I've seen "complicated" and "Hee Haw" in the same sentence, Rick. But then, that show was full of surprises.

As opposed to the syndicated reruns of network shows you see on your local stations (and yes, I grew up watching UHF, too — way back in the days when you needed two dials and two kinds of antennae to watch the tube), Hee Haw was a first-run syndicated show for most of its 24-year lifespan. But it did indeed debut on CBS in June 1969, and quickly became a surprise hit for the network.

Now, the term "surprise" really comes into play here becaus read more


Unfaithful actress Diane Lane is suing a production company for nearly $3 million, claiming it failed to finance a film she was slated to appear in opposite Bruce Willis. Lane alleges that Intermedia Film Equities USA agreed to pay her $3.5 million to star in Me Again — regardless of whether the movie ever got made. To date, Lane claims she has received just $833,000 for doing absolutely nothing. read more

Question: With all of the ...

Question: With all of the media attention surrounding the death of the legendary Katharine Hepburn, I learned that she also had an Emmy. What was this TV-movie and when was it made? — Caroline, Memphis, Tenn.

Televisionary: The late Ms. Hepburn was named Outstanding Lead Actress in a Special Program for ABC's 1975 production of Love Among the Ruins. She co-starred with Laurence Olivier (the only time she did so) in the Victorian London-based love story, which was directed by film legend George Cukor.

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Question: What was the name ...

Question: What was the name of Shirley's stuffed cat on Laverne &#038 Shirley? — Sandra, Omaha, Neb.

Televisionary: Boo Boo Kitty.

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