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60 Minutes II I'm so not a newsmagazine...

60 Minutes II
I'm so not a newsmagazine guy. They're too sad. But I had to see what the foster parents of those underfed kids in New Jersey had to say for themselves. I mean, how can you ignore that a 19-year-old boy is only 45 pounds? So what do they say? "We miss our children." Yeah? Then feed them! Or get them help if they actually have the eating disorders you claim they suffer from. To make things worse, Charlie Rose goes and interviews the surviving members of the Grateful Dead. What the hell did these guys smoke? Embalming fluid? They look like the Grateful Undead. And could y'all take the proceeds from those ugly tie-dyes and get Phil Lesh a box of whitening strips? I think I saw his teeth in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Star Trek: Enterprise
Like a hundred years ago, Battlestar Galactica went to the futuristic Wild West. It was cool because they had Cylons on horseback. This one was s read more


Rosie O'Donnell is "working very hard" to recover the $8 million in legal fees she accrued from her battle with the publisher of her now-defunct Rosie magazine, her lawyer told the Today show. On Wednesday, Supreme Court Justice Ira Gammerman indicated that neither side would win any money. read more


Courtney Love pleaded not guilty Wednesday to two felony drug counts stemming from an Oct. 2 overdose. Prior to the hearing, the 39-year-old singer delivered a rambling speech to reporters in which she denied that she shoplifted (um, you weren't charged with that, sweets) and confessed to having an affair with a married man (um, that's a shocker). "What is it we're continuing?" she asked at one point. "Do I have to live in this weird hell?" I have a better question for the Courtster: Are we watching Scrubs at your place tonight? I can't remember what we decided. Call me. read more


Forget Freddy vs. Jason — this is the smackdown we've really been waiting for. NBC is developing a six-to-eight hour limited series focusing on the final showdown between God and Satan as foretold in the Bible's Book of Revelation, Variety reports. (My money's on God.) The network could air the project next August, following its broadcast of the Summer Olympics in Athens. read more


Hey, 'Scapers — this is the news you've been waiting for! The Jim Henson Company is holding a press conference Thursday to "announce an exciting new development in the campaign to continue Farscape." Among those participating in the media pow-wow: Series creator Rockne S. O'Bannon and exec producers Brian Henson and David Kemper. They better not be unveiling the 2003 Farscape Christmas ornament. read more


Christian Slater's bad-boy rep seems to be rubbing off on his wife. Ryan Haddon was arrested and charged with domestic battery Monday after hurling a glass at Slater during an argument at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. He needed nine stitches to close the gash. Suddenly, David Gest isn't feeling so alone. read more


Actor Billy Crudup and West Wing star Mary-Louise Parker have split, the New York Daily News reports. The break-up comes two months before Parker is due to give birth to their baby. In happier news, Robert Downey Jr. reportedly popped the question to his girlfriend, producer Susan Levin. Oh, and she said yes. read more

O.C. Cutie's True Love

Many an actor has been moved to pursue a career in showbiz after seeing a particularly meaningful movie. But The O.C.'s witty and winsome Adam Brody is probably the only one who'd admit that, for him, that film was I Know What You Did Last Summer. "It was a huge influence on me," the former video-store salesclerk confesses to TV Guide Online. "I always walked by [the VHS box] on the shelf and thought [of leads Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe], 'Those kids have it made.'

"At the time, I thought the movie was very cool," he continues, "but it was more their lives that I wanted. And, like everyone, I was in love with read more

Telma Hopkins's Unsolved Mysteries

You may know her as bitter divorcée Phyllis Thorne on UPN's Half & Half, or as Nell Carter's skinny sidekick on Gimme a Break, but way back in the day, Telma Hopkins was also one-third of the music group Tony Orlando & Dawn ("Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Ole Oak Tree"). Remember the "Shaft" theme song? And the part where the girls go, "Shut yo' mouth"? Yep, that's her, too. We took a walk down memory lane with the actress who slipped into our pop culture lexicon without us even knowing it.

TV Guide Online: So, do you work a sassy "shut yo' mouth" into casual conversation?
Telma Hopkins:
Uh, no. But it was one of the coolest singing jobs ever. I sang it with two other girls. But somehow or another I get all the credit.

TVGO: What about the hit "Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Ole Oak Tree" — which came firs read more


It's not easy to admit when i'm wrong, so instead, i'll say simply, "Damn you, Fox — you got me!!" That 24 spoiler I accused Fox entertainment president Gail Berman of slipping into yet another commercial turned out to be, as loyal "Entertainment News" follower Lauren put it, "slightly misleading and not such a big deal, kind-of sort-of." (My favorite comment came from Rion, who wrote in this morning to say, "Ooooh. You were wrong about the promo. That must suck." It doesn't feel good, Rion. It doesn't feel good.) Alright, so I jumped the gun on this one — but it's not like my knee-jerk reaction wasn't justified (cue Exhibits A through S). Still, props to Berman for using her network's promo machine for good instead of evil — this time. read more

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