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Fox's The Littlest Groom debuted to puny ratings last night, finishing third in its time slot with just 7.5 million viewers. The network fared better at 9 pm/ET with 16.1 million viewers tuning in for the penultimate episode of My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance. Elsewhere, Diane Sawyer's sit-down with Mel Gibson on ABC's Primetime drew 17 million worshippers, and the finale of NBC's couples-themed Fear Factor scored a series-best 18.6 million viewers. For more on the Gibson interview, see below. read more

Question: I know you get a ...

Question: I know you get a lot of song questions, but I have to know: What is the song played on the Mitsubishi ad with the two cars trying to dodge debris on the road? I figured if anyone knew, it would be the great Televisionary. — Mitch G., Richmond, Va.

Televisionary: Why, thanks, Mitch. Yeah, I get a lot, but I keep answering them because I love 'em. The song in question is glam-rock band Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz," which you can find on The Best of Sweet (Capitol). Pick that up and get "Little Willy," "Fox on the Run" and "Love is Like Oxygen" thrown in for good measure. Familiarize yourself with the tune and you, too, will be prepared next time you're tooling down I-95 and someone in a truck tosses a barbecue at you.

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Sherman Hemsley's movin' on up days are officially behind him. The former Jeffersons star has been tapped to voice the title character in Fox's in-the-works remake of the talking-horse sitcom Mr. Ed. In other TV casting news, Taye Diggs has signed on to headline UPN's Mel Gibson-produced drama pilot Kevin Hill, which centers around a young attorney who gives up his playboy lifestyle to raise his niece. Finally, ABC has picked up an untitled comedy pilot starring Jennifer Love Hewitt as an on-air sports reporter. read more

Fear Factor: The Couples Finale...

Fear Factor: The Couples Finale
Superduo Adam and Meg did not make it to the finals. (What?!) Yes, y'all. They've been kicking butt for weeks. But tonight, when the million-dollar prize was on the line, Meg would not let them lock her in a glass casket filled with tarantulas and crickets. "I can't do it!" she said. And I thought her boyfriend, Adam, was going to kill her for it. Actually, can someone go check on her? 'Cause I fear what Adam might have done after the cameras stopped rolling. Seriously. We need some follow-up.

I normally don't watch Eve. But this was a cute episode. When Simone (played by Queen Latifah) started reviewing her sister's business plan instead of just praising Eve for a job well done, it got me to thinking. Maybe when my little sister handed me her r&#233sum&#233, she really just wanted me to tell her what a good job she'd done. Be read more

Question: I was wondering if ...

Question: I was wondering if The O.C. does actually film in Orange County (either full time or at select times)? If not, where does the show film? Thanks. — Burch, Irvine, Calif.

Televisionary: The show's soundstages are in Manhattan Beach, which is in Los Angeles County, Burch. However, I know they have shot exteriors in Huntington Beach, which is in Orange County. So, if you're a fan, you've seen some actual parts of the real O.C.

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Question: Can you tell me ...

Question: Can you tell me when the next version of Amazing Race will be airing? I can't seem to find any information about it. Has it been canceled? — Brad, Buffalo, N.Y.

Televisionary: No, it hasn't, Brad. In fact, the show is in production on its next season. Though no date's been set, it will air this year and CBS is eyeing a possible summer kickoff, according to a spokeswoman.

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Question: In your column, you ...

Question: In your column, you stated "the late" Glen Quinn. Is the actor dead or just the character? — Kathleen P., Hopewell Junction, N.Y.

Televisionary: Both, sadly.

Quinn, who had a recurring role as son-in-law Mark (Becky's husband) on Roseanne and also appeared on Covington Cross, saw his Angel character, Doyle, written out in 2000 after just nine episodes. The actor died on Dec. 3, 2002, reportedly of an apparent drug overdose, at a friend's house in North Hollywood, Calif.

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The scribes behind Mystic River and Seabiscuit tied for top honors at the University of Southern California's 16th annual Scripter Awards Sunday night. It was the first tie in Scripter history, and to that I say, "Fight On!" read more

Question: I'm assuming you ...

Question: I'm assuming you wouldn't have any problem publishing and blithely answering any of these questions, either:

There is a series of revolting TV commercials for Black Man Frozen Dinners that use grossly dark-skinned men telling each other what they ate for dinner the night before. I wondered if Big Time's Steve Harvey is one of the two guys in the locker room (wearing just towels — yuck!).


There is a series of revolting TV commercials for Jewish Man Frozen Dinners that use grossly Semitic men telling each other what they ate for dinner the night before. I wondered if Seinfeld's Jason Alexander is one of the two guys in the locker room (wearing just towels — yuck!).

I assume by now even you get the idea. By the way, did you know that most of America is overweight? As in most of your readers? In the future, keep your bigotry private. Thanks. — Kurt, Ne read more


American Idol's lovable loser William Hung will perform his signature tune, "She Bangs," on today's Ellen DeGeneres Show. The 21-year-old University of California Berkeley student has also been recruited for Fox's upcoming Idol special, Uncut, Uncensored and Untalented. Word is producers are also trying to get Paris Hilton, Jai Rodriguez and Kelly Osbourne to participate. read more

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