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The WB is slowly turning into the Superhero Network. The Frog net — home of Smallville and (as of Oct. 5) Tarzan — is developing an hourlong drama for fall 2004 centered around fast-moving DC Comics icon the Flash, Variety reports. CBS attempted its own Flash series back in 1990, but that show tanked — and it was really good, too. Not to be a pessimist or anything. read more


American Idol host Ryan Seacrest's upcoming daytime talk show has a title: On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Rumor has it Twentieth Television ditched the well-groomed emcee's original choice, I'm Not Gay. read more


And the No. 1 reason David Letterman is glowing these days? He's gonna be a first-time daddy! The Late Show host's longtime girlfriend, Regina Lasko, is preggers, the New York Post reports. read more

Friends, NBC After this, only...

Friends, NBC
After this, only one more rerun until the final season! I have the same fear Phoebe has about the cell phone still being on even though she just hung up. Burning question: Why are these New Yorkers so tan? Catch the name of the cologne Phoebe was sprayed with? Incentive for Men. Almost as classic as Hombre. And to dispel any misconceptions: Yes, women go to dressing rooms together, just like we go to the restroom together. But we don't go in the same stall. I realize this happened so the gals could gab in private, but don't go thinking we do anything else in there but talk. Sure John Stamos is "sperm-tastic," but why's he crossing his legs at the dinner table? And for the love of Hank Azaria, Phoebe must marry David. Mike's a weenie. Yay! A final-season promo. Oh. My. God. I need a tissue.

GAP Commercial
Earth Wind and Fire's "Do You Remember?" is such a better song than that cover of "Feelin' Groo read more


Listen up, America: There's more upheaval behind-the-scenes at The Bernie Mac Show. Former Regency TV exec Peter Aronson is replacing Friends alum Michael Borkow as the sitcom's showrunner. Last spring, Borkow replaced series creator Larry Wilmore, who's now calling the shots on Whoopi. read more

Guns 'n Gripes on The Guardian

Talk about folks needing a chill pill. Last season's rage-filled finale of The Guardian left us hanging on the edge of our couches, with a double shooting and a double beating. But let's get real. The main cliffhanger — the point-blank shooting of James Mooney (Charles Malik Whitfield) and the new geeky lawyer (Will Farrell) — wasn't really a cliffhanger.

Think about it. We know who dies (Farrell's character), we know who did the shooting (Taliek, played by Vicellous Shannon), and we know why: Mooney wrongly suspected Taliek of killing his cousin, so he had him savagely beaten with a tire iron, then admitted his mistake to Taliek, who retaliated by gunning him down. Got all that?

As for father and son attorneys Nick (Simon Baker) and Burton Fallin (Dabney Coleman), they had both pummeled a guy for swiping their parking space. Apparently, those anger management classes Nick had been ordered to take after s read more


Hogan's Heroes actor Larry Hovis — he played Sgt. Carter — died Tuesday of cancer at the age of 67. Hovis most recently taught drama at Texas State University. read more

Homicide: Life on Sesame Street?

Broadway baby Kerry Butler knows her way around the block — and not just Theater Row, either. The native New Yorker, who's currently putting down roots as Audrey in the big-time revival of Little Shop of Horrors, has appeared twice on Sesame Street and, even more impressive, lived to tell the tale.

"I went to the wrap party [last year], and I actually saw Snuffleupagus eat a little boy," she reveals to TV Guide Online. But before you go grumbling, "There goes the neighborhood!" let the ingenue finish. "Snuffleupagus spit him back out again, so it was okay. At the wrap party, they play all kinds of jokes and stuff. It was perfect!"

Butler's second visit to Big Bird's turf was especially meaningful to her. On her first visit, she was just a kid. However, upon returning to the avenue, "I was sort of like a celebrity guest. I played the mail carrier and sang, 'Oh, the letter carrier brings the mail... ' — you know, for 'T read more


Hey, all you groovy night owls: Look for Simon &#038 Garfunkel to perform together on The Late Show with David Letterman this Friday. It's their first public gig since they sang at the Grammys in February, when they snagged a lifetime achievement award. As reported yesterday, the duo's 32-city reunion tour — their first tour in 20 years — kicks off Oct. 18 in Auburn Hills, Mich. read more

Island Hunk Tempts Fate

Upon arriving on Temptation Island, trouble magnet Jeff scarcely had time to unpack his swim trunks before he decided what he wanted to tempt — fate. Yep, one look at Kara's boyfriend, Vin Diesel wannabe Jason, and the mischievous sometime model was a goner! He just had to pretend he was going to give Jason a trinket indicating his interest in Kara.

"When we were walking by, Jason was pretty much growling at everyone," he tells TV Guide Online. "My first impression was that he was a tool, so I had to mess with him. It was nothing toward Kara at all. I didn't want to hurt her feelings — I never even met the girl!"

However, after logging some quality time with his archenemy's significant other, the 24-year-old realized that he enjoyed rubbing her back as much as he did getting under Jason's skin. "We had a little bit of chemistry," he teases, adding that he didn't turn on the charm just to piss off Ja read more

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