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Despite a promise of protection from Boston Rob, Lex van den Berghe, the 40-year-old graduate of Survivor: Africa, was ousted from Survivor: All Stars last night. As always, if you have questions for Lex, send them to me via the link at the bottom of this page and I will forward them on to my colleague, Angel Cohn. read more


In other baby news, Billy Bob Thornton and girlfriend Connie Angland are expecting a child in October, the actor's rep confirms. Angelina's ex already has three children from two previous marriages. So, who's this Angland lady? Well, she doesn't work in showbiz so, really, who cares. read more


It appears Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth's concussion may have led to some short-term memory loss. On Thursday's Oprah Winfrey Show, the Apprentice's Queen of Mean claimed that she fingered Ereka Vetrini as the alleged N-bomb dropper only after her reality rival went on The View and defended herself against the accusation. Up until that point, Omarosa told Winfrey, "I never said who [did it]." Not true. In one of her first post-firing interviews, Omarosa told me point blank: "Ereka used the N-word with me on the show." We immediately contacted Ereka for a comment and she vehemently denied ever using the offensive term. When Apprentice producers also told us that a check of the show's tapes found no such exchange, TV Guide Online decided at that time not to include Omarosa's uncorroborated charges in our read more

FriendsOf course "The One with...

Friends Of course "The One with the Prom Video" is the No. 1 fan-voted episode. Not only does it give us and Phoebe's adorable marine-life-based fate analogy ("He's her lobster!"), more importantly, we are introduced to Fat Monica and Pre-Rhinoplasty ("I had a deviated septum") Rachel, who are preserved on tape getting ready for their prom. When Monica tries to explain her larger-than-life screen presence by asserting that the camera adds 10 pounds, Chandler (who actually should have seen her like this before, given other flashback episodes in which he is present) responds, "So how many cameras are actually on you?" Which is damn funny stuff — until I realize the other side of the coin: If this is true, then these three women are 10 pounds thinner in real life than they already are on TV. A sobering thought when you consider how skinny Courteney Cox looks; but somehow an even sadder one when you compare Jennifer Aniston's once curvy physi read more


Madonna is stirring up some Irish ire for scheduling her first ever concert in Ireland on a Sunday! You see, the country's huge Roman Catholic population views Sunday as the Lord's Day. But the owner of Slane Castle, where the August 29 gig will be held, insists it was "the only date and day feasible." The last time the Castle hosted a major concert on a Sunday — in 1984 when Bob Dylan performed — it sparked riots. read more


On last night's penultimate episode of The Apprentice, during which Omarosa's amnesia worsened, Donald Trump presented lovebirds Amy Henry and Nick Warnock with his and hers pink slips. That leaves Kwame Jackson and Bill Rancic to duke it out on next week's two-hour finale. Meanwhile, during a joint appearance on the Today show this morning, Amy and Nick confirmed that they "briefly dated" after the show, but added that they are no longer together. And what about rumors that Amy's now with Bill? For the answer to that question, look for my Q&A with Amy — as well as Nick — early next week. read more

Trump's Hatchet Man Cuts Up

As the end of The Apprentice draws near, Donald Trump's cool-headed confidant, George Ross, is letting off some steam. But it isn't the boss man who's got him hot under the starched collar, it's the coquettish competitors whose get-rich-quick strategy involved short skirts and batting eyelashes.

"Yes, Donald does like women," his trusty sidekick confirms. "He likes beautiful women. He's surrounded himself with beautiful women all his life. He's got a modeling agency, he's got the Miss Universe pageant... okay.

"But," he hastens to add, "if you translate that from being surrounded by beautiful women to being susceptible to flirting, you're making a huge mistake. That's like making one plus one equal seven."

Thus, Ross isn't surprised that the femmes fatales who behaved in the boardroom as they might in the bedroom have been given the boot. "I think the women overplayed that part; that's bad thinking," he says. "A smart businessman read more

John Sayles on Indie Film

John Sayles is considered an elder statesman of the indie film industry, but the 53-year-old writer-director has no trouble keeping up with the younger generation. His 17th feature, Casa de Los Babys, hits DVD next week, just as he's putting the finishing touches on his next movie, Silver City (due out this fall). Set in a small South American town, Babys revolves around six American women — each of whom are anxiously waiting to adopt a child from the local orphanage. Here, Sayles tells TV Guide Online about wrangling his big casts, making movies in Mexico and the current state of indie film.

TV Guide Online: Like most of your films, Casa de Los Babys features a large ensemble cast. What draws you to this kind of storytelling?
John Sayles:
Sometimes, it's the only way to examine a complex situation. In Casa, there's the personal situation that each of these mothers is in and then there's the larger social situation that t read more


During a conference call with reporters Wednesday, Donald Trump revealed that his ultra-serious assistant, Robin Himmler, was not producers' first choice to play The Apprentice's boardroom gatekeeper. "We actually had an actress [play my assistant] and I didn't think the person was very good," he said. "[Exec producer] Mark Burnett went up to my office and said, 'You have somebody up here who'd be fantastic, and she works for you!' So we did it with Robin." read more


Former ABC News correspondent Jack Smith, who was a regular on Nightline and This Week with David Brinkley, died Wednesday of pancreatic cancer. He was 58. read more

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