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Liam Neeson is in talks to join the cast of Warner Bros.' upcoming Batman flick. It's not clear who the Oscar nominee would play, but this much we know: Christian Bale stars as the Caped Crusader and Michael Caine will appear as Alfred the butler. read more


A Beverly Hills judge briefly issued an arrest warrant for Courtney Love Wednesday after the troubled singer skipped a court hearing on drug charges. But the warrant was put on hold after Love's attorney explained that his client — who is charged with illegal possession of two painkillers — was MIA due to a "security" issue. The hearing was postponed until Tuesday. read more


Here's proof that God is a hopeless romantic: Chris Marquette — who recurs as Amber Tamblyn's sometime lab partner/love interest, Adam, on CBS' heavenly drama, Joan of Arcadia — has been promoted to a full-fledged series regular. Word is the man upstairs has big plans for these two. Now, if only he would ditch those lame crime subplots... read more


In a blow to anatomically incorrect couples everywhere, Mattel announced today that after more than 43 years together, the storybook romance that is Barbie and Ken has come to an end. "They feel it's time to spend some quality time apart," says Mattel marketing VP Russell Arons, who adds that come spring, Barbie will sport a whole new look that reflects her life as a "carefree and independent" woman. Ken, meanwhile, will sport a whole new look that reflects his life as an out and proud homosexual. Just kidding. About the last part. The rest of it is true. Really. read more


Kenny Chesney's When the Sun Goes Down entered Billboard's album chart at No. 1 with sales of 551,000 copies — the biggest debut of the year. Incubus' A Crow Left of the Murder opened at No. 2 with 332,000 copies sold. read more


In a bit of an upset, the London Film Critics named Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World — and not the latest Lord of the Rings flick — the best picture of the year on Wednesday. read more

60 Minutes II I gotta tell you,...

60 Minutes II
I gotta tell you, newsmagazines creep me out. Either they're all about terrorism or kids on drugs or, like tonight, serial killers. I swear, Dan Rather's piece on Seattle's Green River Killer had me double-checking my front door. Sure, there are evil people out there... I saw From Justin to Kelly. That doesn't mean I like watching them confess to killing because they "wanted to." I thought 8 pm was supposed to be the family hour. Then again, for a second, I also thought that Rather had morphed into John Forsythe from his Dynasty days. Blue hair, Dan? Really.

Star Trek: Enterprise
Yowsa. Looks like someone finally realized that a great-looking cast means nada unless you get 'em nekkid now and then. Tripp and T'pol's Vulcan neuro-pressure fondlings finally gave way to some serious down and dirty, but even better than that was her morning-after confession that she used him to see what hu read more


Thanks to a visit from Dr. Phil and injured snowboarder Tara Dakides, David Letterman's Late Show scored a rare victory over The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Monday. Leno is still expected to win the week, which just baffles me. Meanwhile, more than 14 million people helped Oprah Winfrey celebrate her 50th birthday on Jan. 29, making it the most-watched Oprah episode in more than a decade. By the way, if you missed Saturday Night Live's spoof of "Oprah's Favorite Things — the Birthday Edition" this weekend, find someone who has it on tape. I laughed so hard that Diet Raspberry Snapple shot out, well... you know the drill. read more

Nick Scotti at Night

A glance at Nick Scotti's resumé quickly reveals that he's done it all: He's sung with Madonna (on his debut CD), he's messed around with Kim Cattrall (on Sex and the City), he's been a soap hunk (on The Young and the Restless) and a matinee idol (in the gay farce Kiss Me, Guido). So, really, what was left for him to do but share his accrued wisdom in his own Style Network series, New York Nick (Fridays at 10:30 pm/ET)?

"It's like a three-in-one show," he tells TV Guide Online, summing up the appeal of his goofily engaging half-hour show. "It's part how-to, part reality and part comedy. Originally, it was supposed to be just cooking. Then it kind of mutated — we said, 'You know what? Let's extend these tips to all aspects of life.'"

Why not? We're unlikely to try out any of read more

O.C. Exec Defends Oliver

On tonight's episode of The O.C., the clichéd plot device commonly known as Oliver Trask makes a dramatic exit from the hit soap — and not a moment too soon. Fox's first-year dramedy flirted with some serious jump-the-shark territory with its introduction of the cookie-cutter villain, whose only purpose in life was to throw a kink in Marissa and Ryan's blossoming romance. It was a glaring misstep for a show that seems to pride itself on being the thinking person's 90210. To commemorate Oliver's hotly anticipated swan song, we rang up series creator (and recent Writers Guild of America Award nominee) Josh Schwartz to find out what the heck he was thinking.

TV Guide Online: Dude, what were you thinking? Love the show. Hate Oliver. The guy's a cartoon.
Josh Schwartz:
That's fair. But I make the argument that his actions are coming from a place of lone read more

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