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Just when Tom Brokaw was out, they pulled him back in. The venerable newsman, who will step down as anchor of NBC's Nightly News on Dec. 1, has signed a new 10-year contract with the network. The deal largely calls for him to produce-narrate documentaries and sit around reminiscing about the good ol' days. read more


How far will two straight guys go to pass as gay? We're gonna find out on June 7 when Fox airs Seriously, Dude, I'm Gay, a two-hour reality special that follows two heteros as they immerse themselves in "the gay lifestyle," all to convince a panel of judges that they bat for the other team. The most convincing "gay guy" walks off with $50,000 and an on-air gig at VH1, E! Entertainment Television or CNN. read more


Roughly 14.5 million viewers revisited The Dick Van Dyke Show, giving CBS its best Tuesday since December. Still, Fox ruled the night with its combo of American Idol (23.2 million) and 24 (12 million), the latter of which notched its best numbers of the season. And the WB's One Tree Hill ended its freshman year on a high note, scoring its best marks ever among young adults. read more


Disney has reportedly given Miramax chiefs Bob and Harvey Weinstein the go-ahead to buy back Michael Moore's controversial anti-Dubya doc, Fahrenheit 9/11, clearing the way for the pair to release it through a new distributor. As previously reported, the Mouse House refused to release the pic on the grounds that it "was not appropriate for Disney, a family entertainment company, to be the distributor of a politically charged movie in an election year." read more

Smallville Oh yeah, like Clark's...

Oh yeah, like Clark's secret would have kept Lana from running off to Paris. Please, child would be racing to Smallville International in a skipped heartbeat if she heard her Abercrombie-worthy crush was actually an alien. With superpowers. Not that he even got to spill the beans, seeing how that nutjob who took over the Talon kidnapped little Miss Lang, who, I'm sorry, totally got what she deserved. Whenever some googly-eyed misfit who sounds like Jean Kasem on really good herb says that she wants to be your best friend, it is so time to run the other way, OK? And I know that everyone is all gaga over Kristin Kreuk. She's adorable. So why does she remind me so much of that elf Muppet from The Dark Crystal?

The Mentalist
Psychics, magicians, "mystifiers." Whatever you want to call 'em, they're just plain weird. John Edward, he's a little too slick, you know? David Blaine? Ew. Might as we read more


Growing Pains alum Tracey Gold gave birth to a baby boy, Aiden Michael, on Sunday. This is the third child for Gold and hubby Roby Marshall... AMC has renewed Sunday Morning Shootout for a second season, Variety reports. read more

Carol Burnett's Reunion Fever

Funnylady Carol Burnett loves to relive memories of her classic 1967-78 variety show in charming (and highly rated) CBS specials. Tonight at 10 pm/ET, she's doing Let's Bump Up the Lights, a different kind of salute to her sketchcom, which also serves as a reunion special for former castmates Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, Harvey Korman and Lyle Waggoner.

OK, they've done the 25th anniversary show. In 2001, they did an outtakes special called Showstoppers. What's left? Bump winds up what Burnett sees as her Carol Burnett Show reunion trilogy. "A very big section of our show was questions and answers, where I came out at the top of the show," she recalls. "We never had a plant in the audience. I never knew what anybody was going to ask and I didn't know what I was going to answer. So what we did with [Bump] was try to find the funniest clips of the Q&As, but also get the whole gang together and tak read more

Boreanaz Bids Angel Adieu

Angel may be a tortured 245-year-old vampire with a soul, but his portrayer, David Boreanaz, is about as angst-free as actors come. As series creator Joss Whedon once told TV Guide, "David takes things in stride, and those of us who don't know how to stride are confused." During a break in shooting Angel's series finale (airing May 19 at 9 pm/ET), the ever-cool 33-year-old actor discussed why he's relieved to see his 5-year-old WB drama bite it, how he feels about star-crossed love Buffy's (Sarah Michelle Gellar) absence, and the chance he'll resurrect Angel for those rumored TV or DVD movies.

TV Guide Online: How did you get the cancellation news?
David Boreanaz:
Joss came to set and told me. I said, "OK, fine." There were no tears. There was just a moment of congratulating him on a successful run of five seasons.

TVGO: You weren't at all upset?
I don't wanna sound like I was cheering, but when Joss read more


The streets of New York were crawling with wannabe Maxim models Wednesday as filming on the second season of The Apprentice reportedly got underway. According to the New York Post, which ran pics of two of the female contestants in today's edition, the next round will feature 18 mini-moguls instead of 16 — thus allowing NBC to stretch the show two extra weeks. (An Apprentice rep declined to comment.) Meanwhile, word has it the group will include four Harvard alums, three Wharton School of Finance grads, two self-made millionaires and one really crazy black woman. read more

Amber: "Rob Deserves the $1 Million!"

Amber Brkich won really big at Sunday's Survivor: All-Stars finale. Not only did she beat Boston Rob for the $1-million prize, but her Beantown beau also proposed on national TV. While many fans think the grumpy jury chose wrongly, this giddy 25-year-old is clearly delighted with the verdict. Here, she tells TV Guide Online about tasting victory, the surprise engagement (and that huge rock!) as well as what her family really thinks of her new fianc&#233.

TV Guide Online: Has it sunk in yet that you've won $1 million?
Amber Brkich:
It started sinking in on [Monday] night, and then I actually got some rest. So now, I'm actually getting excited about it because I'm much more awake. It is weird because I really have no clue how much a million dollars is. That is a huge sum of money, so it is hard to really fathom. But I'm really excited!

TVGO: Have you had chance to decide when and where you'll marry Rob?
No, read more

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