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ABC is searching for the next Martha Stewart in a two-part special that sounds a lot like the Today show's recent "Domestic Diva" contest. Airing May 25 and 26, The Great Domestic Showdown will test six contestants on their gardening, cooking and entertainment skills. The winner gets a book deal, an appearance on Good Morning America and a possible TV show. read more


NYPD Blue creator Steven Bochco is threatening to pull the plug on the long-running cop drama at season's end if ABC doesn't stop censoring the show's racy content. Although the network renewed Blue for a 12th and final season, Bochco tells The Hollywood Reporter that "this will be NYPD Blue's last year" if the crackdown does not let up. "If we have to keep reining ourselves in like this," he says, "it just wouldn't be worth continuing to do the show." Bochco claims that in the two months following Boobygate, ABC forced him to alter or eliminate visuals in four sex scenes and "dial back some of our language." read more


Sir Elton John is weighing in on Jennifer Hudson's shocking ouster from American Idol last week, calling the whole thing "incredibly racist." John — who rubbed elbows with Hudson and Co. earlier this month as an AI special guest — says "the three people I was really impressed with, and they just happened to be black, young female singers, and they all seem to be landing in the bottom three." No word yet on what Eltie thought of Camile Velasco's ghastly cover of his "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," but I'm betting he despised it. read more


A 10-minute preview of 20th Century Fox's summer disaster flick, The Day After Tomorrow, will air May 12 on Fox — two weeks before it lands in theaters. The trailer will be sandwiched between an episode of That '70s Show and a special expanded edition of American Idol's results show, so there will be no escaping it. read more


The FCC's highly publicized effort to pacify Howard Stern may have backfired. During the winter quarter that ended March 31, Stern posted strong ratings gains in his three biggest markets: New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. read more

Question: I recently saw a ...

Question: I recently saw a clip of a movie coming out about the West Coast collapsing into the ocean. I can't remember if it is going to be on TV or at the movies, much less the name of this movie. If it will be on TV, when will it air? — Don S., Indianapolis, Ind.

Televisionary: Sounds like you're thinking of 10.5, a two-part earthquake thriller that debuts on NBC May 2 at 9 pm/ET. Starring Kim Delaney, Beau Bridges, Dul&#233 Hill and Fred Ward, among others, it tells the tale of what happens when the big one hits.

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Question: Wasn't there a ...

Question: Wasn't there a television show in the late '70s or early '80s called Angie, which was about a single young woman living in Philadelphia? Also, the musical score to the show was very good. Do you know who did the theme song? — Scott, New York. N.Y.

Televisionary: Yes and yes. Angie, which starred Donna Pescow as the titular character, ran on ABC from February 1979 to October 1980.

Angie was a Philadelphia waitress who met and married Brad (Robert Hays), a successful doctor and member of a wealthy society family. John Randolph was Brad's father and Sharon Spelman his sister, while Doris Roberts played Angie's mom and Debralee Scott her sister.

Maureen McGovern performed the theme song, "Different Worlds."

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Fear Factor Yeah. So, uh, if this...

Fear Factor
Yeah. So, uh, if this is the "model" episode, then where are all the pretty boys? Answer me that, Joe Rogan. Where's the beefcake? Click.

Be careful what you ask for. I turn the channel and HBO's got 106-pound jockey butt — naked in the shower. Whoa. I wanted a little testosterone. But not like this. Man. "People don't know what riders go through," says one jockey before launching into a detailed description of how these little men make weight. Sweat boxes, diuretics, the purge method, overexercising and undereating. You name it. They do it. And all for one chance at racing glory. Remember that DMX song that goes, "Would you ride for me? Would you die for me?" Yeah. Well, these guys ride and die and they do it for suprisingly little money. The fourth-place rider in the Kentucky Derby gets something like $600. From one of the highest-stakes races in the world. What?! Forget greyhound-rescue programs. Th read more

Question: I was wondering if ...

Question: I was wondering if you have heard any buzz about when the HBO show The Wire is returning for Season 3. Have they started filming yet? — Diane, Detroit, Mich.

Televisionary: I had heard buzz, but because I'm a consummate professional, I checked with HBO and found out my buzz was stale, so I won't bother telling you what it was. Turns out the show starts shooting in May and will debut in September.

It just so happens The Wire is one of my favorite dramas these days, so I'm looking forward to it as much or more than you are. Adding to my enthusiasm, they're bringing acclaimed crime novelist Dennis Lehane (Mystic River) and novelist-screenwriter Richard Price (Clockers) on board this season to contribute to the show, which can only make it better.

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The WB has picked up its teen sleeper One Tree Hill for a second season. After a slow start, Chad Michael Murray and co. now regularly win their Tuesday night timeslot among the show's target audience of women 12-34 and gay men of all ages. read more

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