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Cable channel Trio has announced plans to air The N-Word, an original documentary that explores the roots and impact of that nasty racial epithet. The film, airing July 4, will feature interviews with such celebs as Chris Rock, Ice Cube, Whoopi Goldberg and Samuel Jackson. In related news, rumor has it Apprentice pariah Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth is pushing the network to do a special that explores the roots and impact of the phrase "The pot calling the kettle black." read more

Question: You know HBO's Six ...

Question: You know HBO's Six Feet Under advertisement where they are all jazzing about in the supermarket? Who sings that song and what is it called? Think: Nina Simone-esque. Please help. — Jessica W., New York, N.Y.

Televisionary: Think Nina Simone, indeed, Jessica. That's Ms. Simone doing "Feeling Good," and you'll find it on a number of different Simone collections, including the recently released Verve Unmixed.

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ABC, CBS and NBC are planning to interrupt regular programming Wednesday evening to cover Ronald Reagan's funeral procession in Washington. The Big Three will also air Friday's national funeral service at the Washington National Cathedral live. read more


Reality bigwig Mark Burnett is developing a rock 'n' roll version of American Idol, Variety reports. The show, which Burnett plans to pitch to the networks this week, will search for a crooner who could step in as the lead singer of an "existing, internationally known rock group" that no one has ever heard of. read more


Sean "P. Diddy" Combs was named the top menswear designer of the year at the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards Monday night, beating industry vets Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors. Sarah Jessica Parker, fresh off her memorable duet with Hugh Jackman at the Tony Awards, was honored as this year's Fashion Icon. read more

Question: How old is James ...

Question: How old is James Marsters (aka Spike of Buffy and Angel fame)? The Watercooler discussion of the Angel finale gives his age as 42. However, I have read Internet biographies that list his age as young as 31. What's the deal here? How come there seems to be so much confusion concerning his age? (For the record, his official website doesn't give a birth year.) — Carla, Bristol, Va.

Televisionary: And for good reason, Carla. This industry's brutal for anyone who dares to age, even someone as well-preserved as Mr. Marsters. I have it on good faith — said faith being good because I just yelled over the cubicle wall to the person who recently wrote about the Angel finale for TV Guide magazine — that the actor is indeed 42. Why the confusion? As I said, he looks darned good for 42. As for the conflicting ages, don't you know not to bel read more


Is J.Lo preggers? That's the latest buzz following the diva's surprise weekend wedding to Marc Anthony. According to the New York Post, Lopez has been telling close pals that she is expecting her first child. Anthony, meanwhile, appeared on the Today show this morning and dodged all of Matt Lauer's questions about his new bride. Sporting what appeared to be a wedding band on his left hand, the singer declared his "personal life" off-limits. read more

Technically speaking, tonight's...

Technically speaking, tonight's CBS lineup is a repeat. But, hey, it's new to me. So, here goes...

Everybody Loves Raymond
All that trouble over "Thank you" notes? Daaaang. What would Emily Post say? I checked (, people). And technically, she agrees with Marie — sending notes A.S.A.P really is B.E.S.T. She also says, "If you open a gift in the presence of the giver, you need not write a note." So Frank's thank-you Post-It was a bit unnecessary.

Two and a Half Men
Oh, the early days... back when Stalker Rose's stalking of Charlie was still creepy and Alan was in denial about how permanent the separation from his wife really is. Ah... This episode reminds me of where the producers could have gone with Jon Cryer's character. He was almost just another whipped Niles Crane. But they used this ep to start nipping those &#252ber-wuss tendencies in the bud. Thank goodness for small scripted read more

Question: My husband and I ...

Question: My husband and I really enjoy Tony Shalhoub's Monk. We were wondering if and when it will be back with a new season. I did look (a little) on the Web but couldn't find any info. Can you help us? — Donna, Latham, N.Y.

Televisionary: That I can. Tune into USA at 10 pm/ET on June 18, when the show's new season kicks off.

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Martha Stewart's sentencing has been pushed back three weeks until July 8 to give the judge time to consider the domestic diva's request for a new trial. Stewart's lawyers contend that their client was wrongfully convicted because a government witness lied on the stand. What, did he say she was nice? read more

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