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The second season of that '60s show, Oliver Beene, kicks off Feb. 8 at 7:30 pm/ET on Fox. If you're just dying of anticipation and can't wait — anyone? — the comedy's season premiere "sneak previews" right after American Idol on Feb. 4. read more


She's All That star Rachael Leigh Cook, 24, is engaged to Spider-Man 2 actor Daniel Gillies, 27. No wedding date's set yet, but it'll be the first marriage for both thesps. Meanwhile, there's still no word if Cook's delayed WB series Fearless — about a lady crimefighter who lacks the gene to feel fear — will ever air. read more


Musicians Van Cliburn, the Funk Brothers, Ella Jenkins, Sonny Rollins, Artie Shaw and Doc Watson will all get lifetime achievement awards at the 2004 Grammy Awards. Music's biggest kudofest airs live Feb. 8 on CBS. read more

Elijah Wood's Extreme Stunt

Elijah Wood returns as the diminutive hobbit Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (currently in theaters). Of course, though he's small in stature, that doesn't mean he's afraid to take some big risks. During his time in New Zealand, where the epic Rings trilogy was filmed, Wood and several castmates did extreme sports in their free time.

"I did paraponting, which is awesome," he enthuses. "It is running off a hill with a parachute and catching thermal [pockets of air]. I basically parachuted over Queenstown, [New Zealand]."

In Rings, Frodo braves the terrifying depths of Mordor in an effort to rid Middle Earth of a notoriously troublesome ring. But in real life, Wood's courage only takes him up to a point! He left some of the more reckl read more

Ben Affleck's Next Project

In Paycheck (opening Thursday), Ben Affleck plays a genius whose bosses erase his memory after he invents a machine that sees into the future. Well, Affleck is no psychic in real life, but he can offer a glimpse of what's to come for his struggling reality series, Project Greenlight.

Greenlight, which gives aspiring writers and directors the chance to make movies, recently was dumped by HBO after two seasons. Like other orphaned TV shows, it's just been adopted by Bravo. The cable channel was "really aggressive in trying to do it," Affleck tells TV Guide Online. "We're really excited. They really get the spirit of it."

Since it's moving to the home of Queer Eye, Affleck, 31, feels obliged to give Greenlight a makeover. "We're going to make some changes to th read more


After denying Rush Limbaugh's motion to keep his medical records sealed, a Florida judge turned around and resealed them again on Wednesday. That gives the radio talker's attorneys 15 days to appeal the court's original decision to let prosecutors seize his health information. The prosecution argues that it pertains to their criminal investigation of his prescription drug abuse; Limbaugh's camp says it's a violation of his constitutional right to privacy. read more


American Idol champ Ruben Studdard will make his "acting" debut in a February episode of UPN's One on One. Not to be outdone, Studdard's Idol "rival" Clay Aiken will guest-star in a late-January episode of NBC's Ed. They'll both play themselves. read more


Actress Jenna Elfman will guest-star on two February sweeps episodes of CBS' Two and a Half Men playing a "smart, sexy, possibly crazy, but definitely mysterious woman" who comes between Charlie and Alan. read more


When ABC relaunches its ratings-challenged gem, Karen Sisco, in March, Carla Gugino's U.S. Marshal will mix a little pleasure with her business. "There will be a romantic story [involving] someone from her past," reports exec producer Bob Brush, who also plans to "set up more conflict between Karen and her dad (Robert Forster)... [all] to put her through some emotional journeys." ABC is sending Sisco on a trip as well: The network is expected move the show to Sunday nights, where it will be paired with fellow tough-chick drama Alias. Predicts Brush: "[They'll] be great together." read more


WB's Everwood has tapped Douglas Smith — the real-life brother of series lead Gregory Smith — to play a high school wrestling champ battling bulimia in the Jan. 26 episode. read more

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