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This week, we're on Group 4. Simon was dead-on about Suzy Vulaca: "You're a good singer, but forgettable." I don't care if she's from Fiji, with a special pronunciation for her last name. She has no star spark. Plus, this girl's frizz-bomb hairdo looked more attractive on Justin Guarini. As for Utah college boy John Preator, he's cute, but a lousy singer. And his hairline goes all the way back to Provo! That doesn't bode too well for the future. And I hate to slam Heather "New Attitude" Piccinini after Simon called her facial expressions "ugly," but this chick looks like a stripper, no matter what color she dyes her hair. Some of these girls on reality TV just weren't brought up right.

Redhead John Stevens was adorable, but Clay Aiken's already more than filled Idol's geek-makes-good quota, hasn't he? Plus, John looks like he's barely out of puberty, which makes him look silly sin read more

Why Dirty Star Almost Quit

Mexican actor Diego Luna — who gained indie film fame in Y Tu Mama Tambien — was all set to be this generation's Patrick Swayze. The 24-year-old hottie was sure he could play a mysterious Cuban who woos a young American girl and teaches her Latin rhythm in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Just one small problem: He had two left feet!

"I didn't know how to dance at all," Luna admits to TV Guide Online. "I was really bad at dancing." Jokingly, he adds: "We Mexicans, we know how to drink. We know how to sing. But you try on a mariachi outfit and try to move, and you'll see how stiff the mariachi outfit is!

"And Cubans, they all dance beautifully," he continues. "It is amazing how good they are, because when they are, like, 4 years old, they are dancing."

Thank read more


NBC is developing a syndicated show for Target fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi. That noise you hear is The Apprentice's Jessie explaining to him what the word "syndicated" means. read more


The Oscar-winning documentary The Fog Of War arrives on DVD May 11... Hilary Duff has inked a deal to play a girl who sets up her single mom with an imaginary suitor in the Universal comedy The Perfect Man... TNT has acquired cable rights to reruns of Alias. The deal allows the cabler to begin airing episodes in fall of 2005. read more


Five-time Oscar nominee Glenn Close will guest-star on NBC's The West Wing later this month playing a potential Supreme Court justice. "A conservative judge just died, so it's the business of trying to get her nominated and the confirmation drama around it," costar John Spencer explains to TV Guide Online. "The Senate we're dealing with is a Republican majority, as it is in the real world." For more on Close's WW gig, pick up next week's issue of TV Guide magazine, on sale March 8. read more

Oscar Mysteries Solved!

The 76th annual Academy Awards may be history, but questions linger like sweat stains on Peter Jackson's tux. For instance, was Sandra Bullock really late to rehearsals? Who's Renee Zellweger's mysterious "beloved" and what is the Oscar winner's connection to Vincent D'Onofrio? Did ABC's censors have to utilize that five-second delay? And is Charlize Theron dating her lawyer? We'd also like to know what Marcia Gay Harden was hiding in that beehive 'do not of hers, but some things are best left up to the imagination. Everything else warrants an explanation.

Who is Renee Zellweger's "beloved" John Carrabino, and why does she keep b read more


A 76-year-old game show producer is suing 74-year-old TV icon Dick Clark for age discrimination. Ralph Andrews (Celebrity Sweepstakes, Liar's Club) claims Clark sent him a letter in May of 2003 saying he was too old for a job with his production company. I'm tempted to make a pot/kettle/black joke but I don't want Omarosa to accuse me of being racist. read more


Solange Knowles — 17-year-old kid sister of bootylicious Beyoncé — is already a married lady. The actress-singer hyphenate, who recently guest-starred on UPN's One on One, got hitched to college football player Daniel Smith this weekend in the Bahamas. read more

Gay Survivor's Nude Attitude

Original Survivor winner Richard Hatch collected the game's first million. He also made history as the first openly gay contestant and the first one to go nude on camera. Speaking of personal firsts, the crafty 42-year-old has finally learned how it feels to get your torch snuffed! Here, he tells TV Guide Online about getting "bamboozled" on All-Stars, biting that shark, rubbing Susan Hawk the wrong way and stripping naked.

TVGO: You scored by scheming in the first Survivor. Did they see you coming this time?
Richard Hatch: Whoops! They got me. I didn't engender enough trust in the people that I was trying to make an alliance with. I got outsmarted this time. I had a big old target on my back. I think [with me] being the original winner, and people having watched how I talked about it afterward, they were ready to take me down read more


Rob Lowe isn't letting that whole Lyon's Den debacle sour him on TV. CBS has tapped the former West Winger to headline Dr. Vegas, an hour-long drama pilot that centers on the in-house physician at a Las Vegas casino. read more

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