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ABC has ordered 13 episodes of an untitled comedy starring John Stamos, Variety reports. The project initially was to feature a 24-type component, in which the entire first season followed Stamos' character on a first date. That idea has been shuttered and the sitcom will now be, well, ordinary. read more

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy...

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
I haven't written about Queer Eye for a while, since it's been in reruns for ages. Now that it's back with fresh episodes, let's revisit the Fab Five, shall we? Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the series these days. So let the backlash begin!

Carson is still amusing when he makes with the quips. (See our Quote of the Night below.) At the same time, I still haven't forgiven him for ruining Pepperidge Farm Goldfish for me. Have you seen those repulsive commercials where he makes the fish lips, sticks a goldfish cracker on 'em and moves into the camera for his close up? Never has an otherwise tasty snack food appeared so unappetizing. And I've already complained about Thom Felicia stealing what was left of Kirstie Alley's career by replacing her in those irksomely perky Pier One ads, but it bears repeating. Guess you can't blame these guys for moonlighting to earn some easy money. Well, ma read more


Matt LeBlanc's upcoming Joey spinoff is down one friend. Ashley Scott (Birds of Prey) — who was set to play Joey's sexy (and married) next-door neighbor in Los Angeles — has been let go and the role will be tweaked and recast. Variety reports that the character will now be single and serve as a potential love interest for Joey. read more


A New York judge gave celeb chef Rocco DiSpirito permission to enter his self-titled eatery Tuesday to be photographed for an upcoming cookbook. In February, the restaurant's financial backers sued DiSpirito for mismanaging the joint; they have barred him from entering ever since. Per the judge's order, the embattled cook cannot return to Rocco's until the current legal fight is resolved. read more


Homer Simpson's signature expression "D'oh!" has topped a British poll of fave TV-comedy catchphrases. The rest of the poll's top 10 all come from UK shows that I've never heard of. read more


MTV will edit out a shot of Eminem mooning the audience when it airs the 2004 Movie Awards Thursday night. The rapper dropped trou toward the end of his performance with D12 and was quickly handed some Clearasil. read more

Bravo Stud Comes Out... As Straight!

Move over, Rocco. There's a new reality stud on the scene and his name is Jonathan Antin, hubba-hubba hairstylist to the stars. The hottie at the center of Bravo's Blow Out (premiering tonight at 9 pm/ET), Antin has only 28 days to open and staff his very own Beverly Hills beauty salon — and that's just in the series premiere! Suffice it to say that things get hairy for our hunky hero, who along with executive producer Ben Silverman, took a breather from hectic schedules to plug their project and dish on the beauty biz.
How did Blow Out come about? Ben Silverman: I wanted to do a show around a character like Jonathan even before The Restaurant [which Silverman also produces] went on the air. I had been having conversations about doing a show in a salon following a straight, single hairdresser as he went about pursuing his dream. And then it took 18 months to find that guy and it was Jonathan. It took probably around six weeks to read more


ER star Alex Kingston is backing down from claims that she was fired from NBC's long-running hospital drama for being too old. As reported Monday, the 41-year-old actress told London's Radio Times that her contract wasn't renewed because "according to the producers and the writers, [I] am part of the old fogies who are no longer interesting." But faster than you can say "The wrath of John Wells," Kingston released a statement saying her remarks "were taken out of context." She added that Dr. Corday was being phased out because "the character had run its course." Translation: She was an old fogie. read more


Madonna's third book for children, Yakov and the Seven Thieves, will be published June 21. Madge describes it as "a story about how all of us have the ability to unlock the gates of Heaven — no matter how unworthy we think we are. For when we go against our selfish natures, we make miracles happen, in our lives and in the lives of others." But can you dance to it? read more


Many of this year's big Tony winners will be shunned by Republicans when the political party's convention comes to New York this summer. According to the New York Times, organizers have vetoed outings to such "risqu&#233" shows as Avenue Q and I Am My Own Wife in favor of tamer productions like 42nd Street, Aida and The Lion King. Other shows approved as appropriate to entertain the conservative crowd: Bombay Dreams, Fiddler on the Roof, Wonderful Town and anything that attracts hookers. read more

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