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There goes the neighborhood; here comes the fun! (And by fun, we mean moral decay, of course.) This Friday, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt will open a high-end sex shop in South Florida. Local government officials tried to keep the doors of Hustler Hollywood closed by changing a city zoning law, but when threatened with a lawsuit, they decided their new motto should be "Smut for all, and all for smut!" read more

Quote of the Weekend: "Pete Rose...

Quote of the Weekend:
"Pete Rose thought BET was named after him... LeBron, if you'd gone to college you'd be laughing at that right now." — Host Jamie Foxx making friends on the ESPY Awards.


The ESPY Awards
The real honors should go to the presumably overworked editors who cobbled together a lengthy stream of flashy, quick-cutting montages that were used for the seven-minute opener and each of the night's categories. I got exhausted just thinking of those poor bastards in dark cutting rooms until, I bet, the wee hours of the morning. As for the rest of the show, host Jamie Foxx, who seemed to be his own biggest fan at times, reprised his heartfelt musical overture to Serena Williams called "I Wanna Be Your Tennis Ball." He had three other guys harmonizing with him, and I, like Samuel L. Jackson in the front row of the audience, found myself unintentionally humming along.

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Coming one step closer to being given a chart all his own, Usher replaced himself at the top of Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart again this week. In May, the baby-faced vocalist's "Burn" displaced its predecessor, "Yeah!" Now, "Confessions, Part II," the third release from his Confessions album, has taken over the top spot from its predecessor, "Burn." We haven't seen this kind of domination since the nominees were announced for the HBO Awards. Er, the Emmys. read more


For the first half of '04, the biggest concert tour wasn't Metallica or Madonna, Beyonce or Britney, but a guy who is, if our calculations are correct, as old as all of those guys put together: David Bowie. The erstwhile Ziggy Stardust's A Reality tour raked in $45.4 million from 82 shows. As he recuperates from surgery to unblock an artery, that's got to do his heart good. read more

Press Tour Diary: Day Six

We interrupt this portion of the TCA press tour to bring you the showdown of the TV season! In one corner, we have Gail Berman, Fox's embattled entertainment president. In the other, we have 300 rabid, keyed-up television critics, many of whom have been waiting days to confront Berman about accusations that her network is a bottom-feeding copycat that does nothing but steal its rivals' ideas (i.e. ABC's Wife Swap and NBC's The Contender). What's at stake? The very honor of the Fox Broadcasting Company and the future of such alleged rip-offs as Trading Spouses and The Next Great Champ. Here's your ringside seat to all the action:

9 am Fox, knowing full well that a good boxing match is nothing without treats, has an impressive assortment of nuts and candies waiting for the press in the ballroom. I wonder if this is their subtle way of asking us to go soft on Berman. Like read more

Amazing Race Exes Get Evil

It's often said that time heals all wounds. Apparently, that maxim doesn't hold true for Alison and Donny, the bickering couple who went from first to last during the second leg of The Amazing Race (Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET on CBS). In this exclusive Q&A with TV Guide Online, the estranged pair of losers air their grievances and let loose with a few well-aimed barbs. This unpleasant exchange is about as real as reality TV gets, Race fans. Buckle your seatbelts!

TV Guide Online: Alison, why did you decide to do another reality show so soon after Big Brother 4?
I got an e-mail from CBS asking if Donny and I wanted to do The Amazing Race together. I asked him, and he said he wanted to do it. Of course, I wasn't going to be the one to hold him back from winning $1 million and I was also all about trying to win $1 million. So we mutually decided to do it.

TVGO: Aside from the obvious, how did the two experie read more


Although she's still in Gotham recuperating from her mystery malady, singer-actress-freak Courtney Love will be sentenced today in Los Angeles in one of the five pending cases against her. A holiday in rehab is expected to be Court's punishment for her antics. Of course, if the court really wanted to hit the attention-seeker where it would hurt, it would ban her from the limelight for a weekend. read more


The start date of Robert Blake's trial for the murder of his wife, Bonny Lee Bakley, has been pushed back by nearly two months. The legal circus was originally scheduled to begin Sept. 9. However, an L.A. judge agreed to grant the Baretta star's defense team extra prep time. Jury selection for Blake's trial should now begin by Nov. 1. read more


Okay, not really. But it sure seemed like it yesterday, because "You're fired!" was the line most frequently uttered on the set of the CBS hit. Co-stars George Eads and Jorja Fox, both of whom had been angling for pay increases in the coming season, received their walking papers. Eads was given his pink slip after showing up late for work — always a brilliant tactic to let the boss know how much you deserve more money. (That, and reading Michael Ausiello's Press Tour Diaries at your desk.) read more


While U2 was in the south of France yesterday having a lovely photo session for the cover of the group's upcoming CD, a copy of said disc went missing, sending their entourage into a tizzy. (The police even questioned 20 people!) Although it remains unclear whether the album was stolen or merely extremely misplaced, its vanishing act is a big deal, as it isn't scheduled to hit record stores until November. So, if you happen to come across a copy on eBay, for the love of God, don't bid! Don't bid! read more

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