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Line of the Weekend:
Monk (holding the pills that transformed him into "the Monk"): "You think Dr. Kroger would want me to throw these away?"
Sharona: "I think everybody wants you to throw them away."

Summer Olympics
Aussie diver Loudy Tourky takes the bronze and joins teammate Chantelle Newbery, who took the gold, in the awards ceremony. Tourky's big mistake? Walking on her hands during her pre-dive handstand before nailing her dive. Um... I can't even do a handstand and she blows gold and silver with just one little mishap. Yeesh. That's why she's there and I'm on the couch. Points to Laura Wilkinson and Sara Hildebrand for hanging in there and making it to the finals, too. There's no shame in fifth and 10th place, ladies. (And Hildebrand switched to diving after already being a high-level gymnast? How is it she gets to be that good at two sports while I'm fair to downright crappy in all of read more


Fox has moved up the debut of The Next Great Champ from Sept. 10 to Sept. 7 — a day before a California judge was set to decide whether to issue a preliminary injunction against the controversial boxing saga. The network, however, insists the shift was made for competitive reasons, not because of the suit. Ha — that's a good one! read more


The so-bad-it's-scary prequel Exorcist: The Beginning overcame horrifying reviews to place first at the box office with $18.2 million. That left Seth Green's new comedy Without a Paddle up a creek with $12.5 million, followed by Princess Diaries 2 (No. 3 with $13.2 million) and last week's top flick, Alien vs. Predator (No. 4 with $12.5 million), which tumbled 67 percent from its debut. The shark-infested thriller Open Water, meanwhile, expanded to more theaters and grabbed the No. 5 spot with nearly $12 million. read more


Brooke Shields is suddenly Broadway-bound. The actress will replace Donna Murphy in the Tony-winning revival of Wonderful Town beginning Sept. 28. Producers reportedly approached she-bopper Cyndi Lauper about taking over the starring role, but she passed. Seventy-eight rejections later, they then went to Shields. read more


The summer's best movie, Spider-Man 2, arrives on DVD Nov. 30 with 10-plus hours of bonus features. Among the extras: a making-of documentary, a blooper reel and a "virtual" feature called "Enter the Web" that will give viewers the experience of being on the set. read more

Orlando Jones Has Pride

The strange saga of Siegfried and Roy continues. Last year, Roy survived his vicious mauling by Montecore, one of the white tigers in their Las Vegas stage show. Now, the duo are co-producing NBC's Father of the Pride along with Dreamworks honcho Jeffrey Katzenberg, the exec behind Shrek. It's a CGI-animated sitcom (debuting Aug. 31) about white lions (not tigers) who perform in Siegfried and Roy's Vegas act. Pride's many celeb voices include John Goodman, Curb Your Enthusiasm's Cheryl Hines and Orlando Jones, who explains here how he got involved in this unusual comic undertaking.

TV Guide Online: How far along are you in the project?
Orlando Jones:
We recorded 13 [episodes].

TVGO: Which character are you?
I play a gopher named Snack who is named that because his best friend is a lion. I think [the lions] like to remind him that, at any time, [he] could be lunc read more

The Casino's Tommy Goes Bust

What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. That's a lesson 23-year-old Tommy Sunstrum learned on Mark Burnett's Fox reality show The Casino. Over the course of the series, the ambitious young blackjack dealer's had some highs, like landing his dream job as a junior casino host at the Golden Nugget. There have also been a number of lows, like arguing with his supervisor, Monique; his failed attempt as a talent manager; and his visit to the Cottontail Ranch brothel. Here, Casino's comic relief promises TV Guide Online that, in Sunday's episode (9 pm/ET), things will only get worse!

TV Guide Online: How did you get on this show?
Tommy Sunstrum:
About three months into my dealing career, a memo came out saying that with [new Golden Nugget owners] Tim Poster and Tom Breitling [starting], Mark Burnett Productions was going to come in and do a reality show. They had a small audition [to] talk to everybod read more


As the race to fill Craig Kilborn's soon-to-be-vacated Late Late Show host seat heats up, TV Guide Online is helping CBS narrow its search. Click here to vote for the successor of your choice. (Just look for "Today's Poll" in the center of your screen.) And please, for the love of God, save me the humiliation of getting creamed by Hal Sparks. No one deserves that. read more

Race Breakouts Sound Off!

Love 'em or hate 'em, Mirna and Charla were easily the breakout stars on this season of The Amazing Race. The contentious cousins were at the center of almost every major flare-up and their take-no-guff attitude won them as many fans as detractors. Just look at how host Phil Keoghan teared up when he was forced to Philiminate them last night. Although they left the race with no regrets, they still have a few choice words for a certain Texan cell-phone salesman....

TV Guide Online: You turned out to be far more aggressive players than anyone expected. Was that always the plan?
: We had to be as aggressive as we could in order to play this game, because that's what we were there for. And we used what we had. We negotiate well and we know how to talk to people. We had to use those aspects to the fullest or we would have been out the first episode!
Mirna: A lot of people wanted us to be these nice, shy girls, but let's fa read more


The stepfather of Michael Jackson's accuser took the stand at Thursday's dramatic pretrial hearing and testified that "a gentleman from Neverland" offered their family money — specifically, a new house and college tuition — if they'd agree to an on-camera interview reflecting Jacko in a positive light. The offer allegedly was made shortly after last year's scandalous documentary by Brit reporter Martin Bashir. Mr. Doe indicated he'd scoffed at Jacko's offer and sought even richer compensation. In a wise move, and with the judge's permission, the former King of Pop stayed away from Thursday's hearing. read more

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