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Thousands of no-talent fame whores are converging on the nation's capital this week for the latest round of American Idol auditions. Although tryouts don't get underway until later today, many of the aspiring William Hungs started showing up on Monday. Their rationale? It beats bagging groceries. read more


Roughly 30 million viewers watched NBC's Olympics coverage Tuesday night, according to Nielsen. Viewership peaked at 34.2 million at 10 pm/ET — around the time golden boy Michael Phelps went bonkers. read more


American gymnast Mohini Bhardwaj — who helped the women's gymnastics team capture a silver medal last night — owes a big debt of gratitude to actress-entrepreneur Pamela Anderson. Earlier this year, Anderson — a former gymnast herself — gave a deep-in-debt Bhardwaj the $25,000 she needed to attend the U.S. Olympics trials. Rumor has it that Anderson will next present Russia's frighteningly underfed Svetlana Khorkina with the $2.99 she needs to buy a Big Mac. read more


CBS's Amazing Race is gonna be a little less amazing without its breakout star. On last night's episode, iron-willed little person Charla and her much-maligned sidekick Mirna were — say it ain't so! — eliminated. The sorry turn of events even brought host Phil Keoghan to tears. Or was it Charla's scrambled-ostrich-egg breath that did that? Whatever the case, this really stinks. read more

2004 Summer Olympics: Women's...

2004 Summer Olympics: Women's Fencing
I think 19-year-old Mariel Zagunis is supercool. Miss Girl Power won the United States its first gold medal for fencing in 100 years! Kudos to her also for getting admitted to Notre Dame — where they're big on fencing — even though she's deferred for a year to focus on her swashbuckling skills. But one question comes to mind: Why do I even give a fig about this Oregonian girl's triumph in a fringe sport? My best friend Troy (who's one of the Fighting Irish himself) says: "Everybody I know is crazy over the Olympics this year. It allows us to take pride in being American without having to involve the government or election drama. It's totally nonpolitical." Troy's definitely on to something there. This is the good kind of reality TV, unlike...

Big Brother 5
Marvin is mouthy in this episode! He's not "pandering to the marketplace" for votes to keep himself in the house, he says. A read more


Paris Hilton's beloved Chihuahua Tinkerbell is missing no more! Extra reports that tiny Tink has been found and will be reunited with Hilton. No further details were revealed, like how she got loose, who found her and what role Shannen Doherty played in the pup's disappearance. read more

Gilmore Girl's Summer Dish

On last season's Gilmore Girls finale, Lorelai (Lauren Graham) finally heated up her long-simmering romance with short-order cook Luke (Scott Patterson). Of course, we at TV Guide Online are too impatient to wait until Sept. 21 (when Season 5 begins) to find out what happens next. So here we catch up with Graham, who dishes her TV love life, fires back at GG's critics and tells how she spent her summer vacation (with Vin Diesel and Jeff Bridges!).

TV Guide Online: Are Luke and Lorelai now officially a couple?
Lauren Graham:
We're going down that road. It's time to do that, but the story has to stay complicated and not easily resolvable because that's good storytelling. I do know that this year we have David Sutcliffe back [as Christopher, Lorelai's ex], which is a relief. Last year, it was decided that Lorelai couldn't say to Rory, "Your dad can't drive you to Yale because he's on another network." [Sutcliffe co-starred read more


Michael Moore's anti-Dubya doc Fahrenheit 9/11 arrives on DVD Oct. 5, four weeks before the big election. Among the extra features: a never-before-seen sequence outside Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and a featurette that looks at the experiences of Arab-American comedians post-Sept. 11. read more

Finally! BB5's Jase Evicted

Big Brother 5's Jase Wiley was the unofficial (and very manipulative) leader of the Four Horsemen alliance. As fans will recall, Jase annoyed the housemates with his constant personal grooming and incessant chatter about his imagined resemblance to Brad Pitt. (Yeah, riiight.) Not only did his abrasive, in-your-face behavior make him the most hated man in the house, but according to Nakomis, he really did make a stink with his tendency to pee on things! Here, the 28-year-old (supposed) volunteer fireman from Decatur, Ill., clears the air about the Goth girl's claim, his relationship with superperky Holly and his constant lying. We think he's telling the truth this time...

TV Guide Online: Are you upset about leaving the house?
Jase Wiley:
It is feeling good, to be perfectly honest. I was ecstatic to be out of the house.

TVGO: Really? That's surprising.
My days were done. I came to play hard read more


A hunky FBI agent, a 35-year-old amputee, an unhinged drill sergeant and a young, female sheep farmer are among the 18 contestants competing in Survivor: Vanuatu, Islands of Fire, premiering Sept. 16 on CBS. The latest crop of wannabe actors were unveiled on this morning's Early Show. (For a look at the two new tribes, go to All-Star sweethearts Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich were on hand to weigh in with their early faves — and give host Julie Chen some late-breaking scoop on their upcoming nuptials. Asked whether the ceremony will be televised a la Ryan and Trista, Brkich teased, "It's a pretty big possibility." And in an unbelievable coincidence, so is their divorce! read more

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