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Question: Do you know the ...

Question: Do you know the name of the firm from the miniseries Wall Street, which ran for a brief period a couple of years ago on Fox? — Robert, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Televisionary: Assuming you mean Darren Star's short-lived The $treet, which lasted only a month beginning in November 2000, the firm was Balmont Stevens.

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Question: Help me win a bet, ...

Question: Help me win a bet, please. Wasn't Heather Locklear in The Fall Guy? — Bruce G., Kokomo, Ind.

Televisionary: Nope. That was Heather Thomas, and it's a common mistake people make when looking back to the time that both Heathers had shows on the air: Fall Guy (November 1981-May 1986, ABC) and Locklear's T.J. Hooker (March 1982-September 1987, ABC and CBS). Considering how they started out, both were in danger of being quickly written off as empty-headed blonde eye candy. Locklear, to her credit, has done a remarkable job of escaping that particular vacuum to launch an admirable career. And it's not like Thomas didn't try.

To see that Thomas had a brain in her head, one need only have looked at the Fall Guy makeup trailer, which sported a Thomas publicity photo taped to a mirror. In it, she wore a tank top and leaned against a street sign and smiled invitingly. On it was scrawled conflicting comments about her hair, read more

Question: I remember seeing ...

Question: I remember seeing an interesting TV-movie 10 years or so ago. It starred 7th Heaven's Catherine Hicks and the premise was that modern-day people used time travel to change the events of Kennedy's assassination. Sorry, but I can't remember the name of the movie or the other actors. Any help? — Rhonda, Nashville, Tenn.

Televisionary: Yup. You're thinking of Running Against Time, which starred Hicks, Robert Hayes and Sam Wanamaker. In it, Hays tried to avert JFK's assassination, hoping that doing so would avoid the Vietnam War and the death of his brother, who was killed in the conflict. It initially aired in 1990 and was released on home video, so if you do some digging online and with your local retailer, you should probably be able to find a copy.

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Question: Settle a bet for me ...

Question: Settle a bet for me if you can. On the TV show JAG, in an earlier episode called "Impact," did Maury Povich play the part of an attorney? — Sean J., Amarillo, Tex.

Televisionary: If you mean the Season 3 episode, no — not as far as I know.

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Exchange of the evening (courtesy...

Exchange of the evening (courtesy of WE's Single in Vegas):

Mercenary bar dancer Kyshawn: "I like your booty."

Sleeveless-T Mike: "What's up?"

MBD Kyshawn: "I said I like your booty."

S-T Mike: "Well, it is nice."

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
Man, this thing's ruff going. Don't try taping it without a paws button. (Sorry for that biting commentary.) Anyway, yeah, these pooches are beautiful, smart and extremely valuable. But I'll bet not one of them can duplicate my late dog's drag-her-butt-across-the-carpet trick, which she invented all on her own.

7th Heaven
Ruthie and Peter wait until the day before their project's due to start their research, so they have to invent all sorts of details on Presidents Washington and Lincoln for their newspaper ("Delaware Sailors Complain: Washington Drank All Our Rum"). Now, read more

Question: Can you provide ...

Question: Can you provide information on a spin-off series called Sheriff Lobo? I believe it came from The Dukes of Hazzard. Thank you. — Jeannie M., Riverside, Calif.

Televisionary: Sure thing, only it wasn't spun off from The Dukes; Claude Akins's Sheriff Elroy P. Lobo was originally a character on B.J. and Bear.

When Orly County, Ga.'s Lobo first appeared on his own NBC show in September 1979, the vehicle was called The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo. In it, Lobo, a man with Bilko-esque aspirations, was always trying to take advantage of his position to fatten his bank account, but succeeded merely in doing his job and actually enforcing the law. Perkins (Mills Watson), Lobo's brother-in-law, and Birdie (Brian Kerwin) were his deputies; Margaret Ellen (Janet Lynn Curtis) was the obligatory eye candy (a waitress, actua read more

Question: Was there more than ...

Question: Was there more than one Ginger on Gilligan's Island? — Michelle C., Atlanta, Ga.

Televisionary: Not on the regular series, no. Tina Louise played her the whole time.

However, Ms. Louise did not appear in any of the reunion TV-movies. Judith Baldwin stepped into the role for Rescue From Gilligan's Island (1978) and Castaways on Gilligan's Island (1979), then Constance Forslund played it in The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island (1981).

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Friends Star's Sports Miracle

The current film Miracle — about the gold-medal winning 1980 U.S. Hockey Team — marks the big-screen debut of Eddie Cahill. You know him best as Felicity junkie James and Rachel's boy toy, Tag, on Friends. Those memorable TV roles allowed him an edge over his hockey-playing cast mates, who were mostly acting rookies.

"I came from less of a hockey background than some of the guys," Cahill tells TV Guide Online. "We never sat down and talked about it, like, 'OK, I don't really know hockey, you don't know [acting].' Instinctively, where somebody was weak, somebody else's strengths would come in and lift that person up."

Despite his talent and good looks, landing the role wasn't all fun and games. Before Cahill was given the opportunity to read more

Bertolucci's Naked Truth

"I don't consider the naked body obscene," says acclaimed Italian filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci, when asked about the frank sexuality that permeates his latest movie, The Dreamers. "When you go and cover part of the naked body — that's when it [becomes] titillating and maybe obscene." As the backlash from Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" indicates, however, there are many who disagree with him.

That's why it's a bold move for Fox Searchlight — the studio overseeing the U.S. release of The Dreamers — to release Bertolucci's original NC-17 cut, instead of the R-rated version they initially planned on shipping to theaters. It's the first studio film since 1998's Orgazmo to be released with an NC-17 — a rating with a history of scaring away advertisers and theater owners read more

Grammys a Class Act

Color us shocked. We thought that after Janet Jackson's Super Bowl striptease got her barred from the Grammys, her fellow shock and rollers would pull out all the stops to keep CBS' censors on their toes. But last night's live broadcast of the 46th annual award ceremony was — gasp! — pretty darn classy. (It was so tame, in fact, that we didn't feel right calling it damn classy.) Read on, and see for yourself. There were:

Tasteful musical numbers. In recognition of the 20th anniversary of Purple Rain, Prince — who, we are pleased to report, kept his tush covered — performed three hits from his 1984 movie soundtrack with Beyonce, who, clearly forewarned about the skirt-blowing power of the wind machine, wore panties. Two hours later, the Destiny's Child vamp returned to bring down the house with a tour-de-force performance of "Dangerously read more

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