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Kristin Dattilo (The Chris Isaak Show) has been cast as the mom on the new WB fall comedy Commando Nanny... Former NBC Newsman Jim Avila has joined ABC's 20/20. read more

Question: All the hullaballo ...

Question: All the hullaballo about Fahrenheit 9/11 got me thinking. Didn't Michael Moore have some kind of show on Fox? This would be when Fox was still in its infancy (years before Fox News Channel, whose commentators lambaste Moore's ideology). And Moore was hot off his success of Roger and Me. — Kelby, Pittsfield, Mass.

Televisionary: You're thinking of Moore's TV Nation, which ran on NBC for a couple months beginning in July 1994, then jumped to Fox for a few more episodes in July of the following year. A sort of wacky, irreverent newsmagazine, it was hosted by Moore and included work from correspondents such as Merrill Markoe, Karen "Duff" Duffy, Janeane Garofalo, Jonathan Katz and Jeff Stilson.

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Question: Who is the woman ...

Question: Who is the woman who played Christie Love, a detective on a '70s TV show? I have a bet with my wife that she is the same woman who played Cleopatra Jones in the '70s. Please make me a winner. — Darren D., Atlanta, Ga.

Televisionary: Can't do that, Darren. The late Teresa Graves, who in 2002 died at 54 from injuries suffered from a fire in her L.A. home, played Det. Christie Love on the ABC show, which ran from September 1974 to July 1975. Tamara Dobson played Cleopatra Jones in both Cleopatra Jones and Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold.

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Question: The first season of ...

Question: The first season of the comedy series Ed had a different song playing during the opening credits than the next seasons. Do you know why they switched? I liked the first one better. And can you tell me the names of the songs and who sang them? Thanks so much! — Steve S., Bayonne, N.J.

Televisionary: The first theme used was the Foo Fighters' "Next Year," which can be found on their disc There Is Nothing Left to Lose. The producers then switched to Clem Snide's "Moment in the Sun," from The Ghost of Fashion. Apparently you aren't alone in your opinion, however, because they switched back to "Next Year." Why? I don't know. (I don't know everything. There, I said it.)

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Question: Christopher Lloyd ...

Question: Christopher Lloyd played Uncle Martin in the movie version of My Favorite Martian. But wasn't Ray Walston the first to play the character? A friend of mine insists someone played an earlier version, but can't find anything to back that up. Thank you. — Cathy L., Wrightsville Beach, N.C.

Televisionary: Walston did indeed play the character first, Cathy, and certainly worked hard enough at it for fans to remember he was the original Uncle Martin from September 1963 to September 1966 on the CBS comedy. (Lloyd, who was so brilliant on Taxi and in other efforts, wasn't able to make himself the new face of the character in the average TV fan's mind, certainly.)

"Ray can play a gangster, a psycho, an angel or the neighbor next door equally well. He'll work till he does it," one Hollywood friend told TV Guide o read more

Question: In the '90s (early ...

Question: In the '90s (early on, I believe) my husband and I religiously watched a TV drama called Counterstrike. Can you give me any help in finding copies of the show or anything? Tell me I'm not crazy. Google only turns up links to the action-adventure video game. But I know it was a show at one time. Thank you so much! — Kim K., Millersville, Md.

Televisionary: I'll throw in my old disclaimer here, Kim. I know nothing of your mental state, but I can tell you Counterstrike was indeed a USA Network show produced from 1990 to '93.

Christopher Plummer was a Canadian billionaire whose wife was killed by terrorists. So he put together an antiterror group to try and help people caught up in similar situations. The team, led by former Scotland Yarder Peter (Simon MacCorkindale), initially consisted of Nikki (Cyrielle Claire) and Luke (Stephen Shellen). But after Nikki got hitched and Luke got killed, Gabrielle (Soph read more


So, we know why George Eads and Jorja Fox were MIA from the CSI set last week. But what was William Petersen's excuse? Turns out, the actor called in sick after being diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat. He's expected back on the set tomorrow when taping resumes. read more


Jay-Z's "99 Problems" video nabbed a leading six nominations for the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards. Beyonce, No Doubt, and OutKast followed with five nominations apiece. MTV, meanwhile, announced that this year's show — taking place Aug. 29 at Miami's American Airlines Arena — would be host-free. Another big change: Celebs will approach the red carpet via luxury yachts. Except for Courtney Love, who will be MedEvac-ed in. read more

Oprah After the Show Oprah Quote...

Oprah After the Show
Oprah Quote of the Night: "I forgot what it's like to be treated like a regular person." Ain't that the truth.

Trading Spouses
I wish some spoiled-butt doctor's wife would sit up in my house talking about "I need my coffee" or "Where's my lunch?" Shoot. Some of us don't believe in letting our 72-year-old mother-in-law wait on us hand and foot — as if she were the maid. That woman knows she ought to be ashamed of herself. But, of course she's not. And now that that blond Mrs. Yakamura has worked my last nerve, I've got to watch this tomorrow to find out what happens. And you know I need to watch another reality show like I need another hole in my head. Darn repeats. Why'd they have to show this tonight?

The T-Mobile Commercial
"You want some of this, monkey boy?!" Hmmm. Now how can I work that line into casual conversation?

The Casino
Alright Tim and read more


The Art Cafe and Bakery in San Luis Obispo, Calif., has gotten a new lease on life thanks to Oprah Winfrey. The talk show host mailed a big, fat check to the joint's owners after learning they were planning to shut the place down for financial reasons. Apparently, she sampled the cafe's chicken-curry sandwich a few weeks back and was overwhelmed. The moral of the story? "Always do your best," says Winfrey, "because you never know who's watching." read more

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