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Paula Abdul is reportedly planning to sue the nail salon that botched her manicure last month. Abdul, who had to have her thumbnail surgically removed, says she almost lost her entire thumb. But in what could be a major blow to Abdul's case, rumor has it an eyewitness overheard the '80s pop star telling her manicurist shortly after the fact, "You have a really great energy today and, of course, you look amazing." read more


UPN has renewed the struggling Star Trek: Enterprise for a fourth season. In a bid to boost ratings, there's talk producers may recruit America's Next Top Model judge Janice Dickinson to play some creepy thing from outer space. read more


Tony winner Kristin Chenoweth, currently starring in Broadway's Wicked, is in talks to join Nicole Kidman in Columbia's big-screen adaptation of Bewitched. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress would play Kidman's nosy next-door neighbor Marie. read more


CBS announced its plans for the 2004-05 TV season this morning and it includes a midseason comedy starring former Dharma & Greg star Jenna Elfman, a two-hour live concert event with Madonna, reunion specials featuring the casts of Dallas and One Day at a Time and a 10 pm Wednesday berth for CSI: New York, where it will go head-to-head with NBC's Law & Order. Among the things the sked doesn't include: The Guardian and The District. (For the latest Upfront news, read The Biz.) Meanwhile, Les Moonves has reportedly given the cancellation-bound read more


In a bid to "alleviate congestion," Fox says it's expanding the phone-voting time for next week's American Idol finale from two to four hours. Should Jasmine Trias make it into the final two, however, the network is expected to deny that courtesy to the 17-year-old's two most loyal voting blocks: Hawaii residents and the hearing-impaired. read more


Natalie Cole says she'll tour this summer with Whitney Houston and Dionne Warwick. "It starts in Germany in July," she told Access Hollywood. "We're going to have... a great, great time. It's going to be fun." The show's working title: The Intervention Tour 2004. read more


Acclaimed UK comedy The Office has been rendered ineligible for Emmy consideration due to a shortfall of qualified episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The moral of this story: It's better to make 22 crappy episodes than six really good ones. read more


It looks like Jack Bauer is about to get a much-needed break. Fox, which announces its fall sked tomorrow, may follow ABC's lead with Alias and delay the launch of 24's fourth season until January, Variety reports. What's more, the network is toying with the idea of moving the real-time thriller from Tuesday to Monday to make room for the new medical drama House. Fox may also shift The O.C. to Thursdays at 8 pm opposite CBS's Survivor and NBC's Joey/Will & Grace combo. The network's logic here is pretty straightforward: Short of bringing Oliver back, this was simply the fastest way to kill the show. read more

For those of you Web surfers who...

For those of you Web surfers who clicked on that photo of Dutch from The Shield 'cause you wanna read about the Cuddler Rapist stuff, scroll the hell down. First, I've got lots on my mind about my other favorite Tuesday-night show...

Gilmore Girls
Hey, remember Graham from last week? You know, the Yalie guy Rory's well-intentioned grandmother, Emily, set her up with. The one who ditched her in the bar after she balked at taking a ride home from his drunken pal. (Smart girl! Talk about a DUI in the making.) Anyway, here's Rory and Lane's apt description of Grandma's dream date...

Lane: He was that bad?
Rory: James Spader in Pretty in Pink.
Lane: [Wincing] You could've stopped at James Spader.

This GG season finale was bittersweet for me. The bitter part's because I can't believe there's no more "fresh episodes" until fall! The sweet part is all the nonstop cute, cle read more

Alex Trebek Awaits Emmy's Verdict

We're used to seeing Alex Trebek in control. After all, for 20 years he has been the well-dressed man with all the answers on Jeopardy! But this week, the quizmaster's utterly clueless as to whether he'll beat fellow game-show hosts Bob Barker and Meredith Vieira to take home his fourth Daytime Emmy award.

TV Guide Online: You're nominated with Bob Barker. How would you do on The Price Is Right? Do you know the price of Rice-A-Roni, for instance?
Alex Trebek:
No, and my wife keeps chastising me about that because she indicates to me, "You know, the prices have gone up a lot, Alex." I'm not sure I'd do all that well with the current prices of things like that. I tend not to pay all that much attention, although there are situations where I will drive around the block to find gasoline that's two cents less per gallon.

TVGO: The celebrity-themed Jeopardy! tournaments are always so competitive. What's the worst trash talk read more

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