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Live from the Red Carpet: The Emmy Awards
Remember all those Joan Rivers failings — getting names and details wrong, even when she wasn't trying to be mean-spirited? That respectful, complimentary Star Jones was supposed to do away with all that, and she does not disappoint. Only when the snarkiness goes, so does any semblance of entertainment. Did you know Taye Diggs' wife is in a play? That Anne Heche feels lucky to be in her dress? That Barbara Walters looks fly? Yup, turns out "nice" is tooth-crackingly, wrist-slashingly dull. On to the Awards. Please.

Emmy Awards
Here we go, here we go now:

8:05 Is it me, or does Garry Shandling sound like he just came back from the dentist?

8:20 Sarah Jessica Parker says her hair color does something mine doesn't. Would that be... make you look like Abe Vigoda in a wig?

8:23 Cy read more


The Britney Spears-Kevin Federline divorce countdown has officially begun. The couple tied the knot Saturday in a surprise ceremony in Studio City, Calif. According to reports, the festivities took place at the home of a tailor who designed Federline's tux. (FYI: That's tailor, not trailer. Easy mistake.) Apparently, invited guests thought they were attending the couple's engagement dinner, only to discover it was the real deal. Translation: Brit's mom is on the warpath! read more


Drew Carey will guest host CBS's The Late Late Show on Monday and Tuesday. He's the first pinch hitter for recently departed host Craig Kilborn.... The WB has ordered six episodes of a top-secret makeover/dating show from Punk'd instigators Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg, Variety reports.... Former Good Morning America host Joan Lunden and hubby Jeff Konigsberg are expecting their second set of twins via surrogate mother in March. read more


The L.A. coroner has finally revealed the cause of death for "Super Freak" singer Rick James. According to toxicology tests, the 56-year-old funk legend — who was found dead on Aug. 6 — died of cardiac arrest due to an enlarged heart. However, focal pneumonia and the "effects of multiple drugs" are considered contributing factors in his demise. read more


PETA is having a cow over NBC's Siegfried & Roy: The Miracle special, in which Roy Horn told Maria Shriver that the tiger that attacked him was, um, protecting him. The animal-rights org claims the program was a "biased, misleading, thinly disguised promotion" of Father of the Pride. (Well, duh.) "Animals used for entertainment are beaten, caged, and deprived of all that is natural to them, so it's no wonder they sometimes snap," says PETA's top dog Ingrid Newkirk. "Viewers rely on NBC to give them the straight story, not fiction disguised as fact." Clearly, this woman has not seen LAX. read more


The number of gay characters featured on the broadcast networks is on the decline. According to a new survey released by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, there are only six gay, lesbian or bisexual characters on the networks' scripted shows — the fewest since the group began monitoring such trends in 1996. "When you turn to cable and reality TV, you see us — our lives, our relationships, our diversity," says GLAAD exec Joan M. Garry. "But when you turn to network comedies and dramas, you're seeing portraits of an America where gay people and families are nearly invisible." Clearly, this woman has not seen Father of the Pride. read more

Roswell Alum the New Buffy?

Ever since UPN staked Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we've been waiting for a new Chosen One to emerge and kick some bogeyman butt. With the premiere of Darklight this Saturday (9 pm/ET on Sci Fi), our patience finally pays off: Roswell ingenue Shiri Appleby comes out swingin' as Lilith, an age-old demon reprogrammed to fight the forces of evil. Sound good? It did to Miss Appleby, too.

"When you see a strong heroine like that in a script, I think it would be silly not to jump at the opportunity [to take the part]," the 25-year-old California girl tells TV Guide Online. "I knew it would be interesting, and it was. It's very odd looking in the mirror and seeing your face covered in purple [makeup] — definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience!"

Or maybe, just maybe, twice in a lifetime. The creature feature's ending leaves open the door to a sequel (if not a series). However, Appleby says that no one's come knocking... yet. "I haven't hea read more


Macaulay Culkin is probably wishing he had stayed home alone Friday. The 24-year-old former child star was arrested in Oklahoma City on suspicion of possessing marijuana and another controlled substance. Culkin, who was busted during a traffic stop, spent two hours in jail before being released on $4000 bail. read more


More trouble for comic-actor Anthony Anderson. Just months after being charged with rape, the former All About the Andersons star is being sued for sexual assault. According to Entertainment Tonight, the plaintiff alleges that after attending a taping of his sitcom in September 2003, Anderson invited her to his dressing room, where he made suggestive comments, grabbed her genital area and sexually assaulted her. She's suing Anderson and Warner Bros. Television for $900,000. read more


At a pre-Emmy party Friday night, Sex and the City exec producer Michael Patrick King revealed to me the title of the HBO comedy he's developing for former Friends star Lisa Kudrow. "It's called The Comeback," he said. "We start filming next month." King declined to provide further details, except to say that Kudrow "would not be playing herself" and the show would be based in Los Angeles. And I'm guessing there won't be a role in it for the SATC-movie killer Kim Cattrall. read more

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