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Somewhere, Les Moonves is seething. The FCC has fined 20 CBS stations $27,500 each — that's a grand total of $550,000, just to save you the math — for violating indecency rules by airing Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" during the Super Bowl, Reuters reports. Now let's all stop being such boobs about this and get on with our lives, shall we? (Tee hee) read more


Thanks to John Kerry's visit on Monday night, Late Show with David Letterman beat out The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in the ratings. In fact, Dave enjoyed his best-rated fall-season opener since moving his act to CBS in 1993. read more

Gilmore Girls Wow. I missed this...

Gilmore Girls
Wow. I missed this show so much over the summer. And a new day has dawned for Gilmore Girls as the season opens with Rory in bed with Dean! How intriguing that we get to see what happened in the moments just before Lorelai unexpectedly arrived home in last season's finale. Nice touch showing Dean listening on the porch while Lorelai scolded her daughter for being "the other woman." (Of course, he would've eavesdropped!) Good that they also explained why Lindsay answered Dean's cell phone when Rory called — I'd been wondering about that! But how awful it was listening to Dean berate his angelic little wifey-wife for "answering other people's phones." Um, sweetie, she answered her husband's phone — everyone knows husbands do not count as "people."

Anyway, I was just wondering how Lindsay would find out about Dean's affair when they revealed it all in the teaser clip for next week's show. Sheesh! They gave away so read more


Boston Legal's William Shatner has landed in Capt. James T. Kirk's home town of Riverside, Iowa, to shoot several scenes of the indie feature Invasion, Iowa. The former commander of the USS Enterprise is holding auditions to fill four small parts in the low-budget sci-fi flick, which he penned with his Star Trek costar Leonard Nimoy. read more


Ungracious loser Donald Trump is furious that Emmy voters picked The Amazing Race for outstanding reality/competition program instead of The Apprentice. "I think I was robbed," he ranted on last night's Access Hollywood. "Everybody in that room thought The Apprentice was going to win and, as you know, the viewership was down for the Emmys. I really feel like they lost credibility." The Trumpster dissed Race — which also won the newly created reality category last year — calling it "an okay show that doesn't do nearly the ratings [The Apprentice does], and that doesn't have the acclaim." Talk about sour grapes! read more


A group called World Ahead Publishing is offering a new take on firearm "buyback" programs by offering consumers a chance to exchange their Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD for a copy of the pro-Dubya book, Thank You, President Bush. The offer kicks in Oct. 5, when Michael Moore's incendiary flick arrives on DVD. In related news, folks who purchase Paris Hilton's new self-help tome, Confessions of an Heiress, can trade that in at any hospital for a CAT scan. read more


On Monday night, CSI: Miami scored 22 million viewers, effectively grounding time-slot rival LAX in its second week on the air. NBC's airport drama pulled in only 8 million pairs of eyeballs, ranking Heather Locklear and Co. a distant third in the Nielsens. (Ouch!) Meanwhile, Shannen Doherty's much-anticipated debut on North Shore did nothing to help Fox's struggling nighttime sudser, which was trounced by WB's 7th Heaven, for goodness sake. Seriously, if Heather can't save her show, what hope does Shannen have? read more

One Tree Hill Scoop!

WB's One Tree Hill ended its first season with one soapy twist after another: Nathan and Haley got married, Lucas left town, Deb had an affair and Dan had a heart attack. Here, executive producer Mark Schwann gives TV Guide Online the scoop on what we can expect in Season 2. And we're not just talking about Chad Michael Murray's cute new buzz cut!
TV Guide Online: Nathan and Haley getting married was quite a shock. Where do you go from there?
Mark Schwann:
I think the audience wants to know how Nathan and Haley's marriage is possible and what the decision-making [process] was. We'll meet her family in the first episode. Her father will be played by Huey Lewis. I think the audience loves Nathan and Haley, and wants to make sure [their marriage] is not being used as an excuse to cause friction in their relationship or break them up.

TVGO: Well, is it?
I've said all along, I'm a fan of the relationship. I think they're really read more

Gwyneth Paltrow: Action Star?

The just-released Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow marks Gwyneth Paltrow's first real sci-fi/action film. She plays Polly Perkins, a classic Lois Lane-type reporter who means to get her story at any cost. "It was a tremendous amount of fun," Paltrow says. "I just loved how sassy she was and sneaky and out for herself in that sort of '40s-era broad way."

Apple's mom says she took the role "only because this was something totally different. I probably wouldn't do Catwoman. There is something incredibly appealing about Catwoman, being that woman and playing that part. But if I was going to take something on, I wanted it to be something that nobody had ever seen or done. And if it was going to fail, it was going to fail, but I wanted to take that risk and not be in a standard Hollywood adventure movie."

We're not sure, Halle Berry, but we think Gwynny just dissed you.

Anyway, Paltrow swears she's not a closet fan o read more


Piano Man Billy Joel received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Monday. "It looks like I'm always going be here," he said at the unveiling. Except when he's behind the wheel, in which case he'll be on your front lawn. read more

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