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Since so many of you are writing...

Since so many of you are writing in against reality, howsabout a deal? I'll give you just the facts and you back off with the threats. Sound good?

America's Next Top Model
8:06 Eva shows her own true colors by bashing Kelle for being "too white."
8:10 Ann cries on the bumpy ride to the Jamaican bikini shoot.
8:25 Models eat! Bikini shoots must be hard.
8:30 Magdalena is cut. Ann cries.
8:36 "Tough titty," says Toccara after Ann cries over not being able to room with Eva in their amazing Waldorf playpen. We love Toccara.
8:38 Ann cries that she wants Eva to win "more than I want to win." Codependents everywhere cry along.
8:50 Release the Janice Dickinson!
8:56 Leah is cut. And I'm ticked!

So I'm finally sleeping through the night after seeing that plane-crash victim shredded by a turbi read more


Beyonce tore her right hamstring Tuesday while rehearsing for an upcoming Destiny's Child TV special. Her injury could put a crimp in the group's promotional efforts in support of their new album, Destiny Fulfilled, which arrives Nov. 16. read more

This Mom Got Wife Swapped

Rural New Jersey isn't that far from New York City, but for Wife Swap mom Lynn Bradley, they're worlds apart. On tonight's episode of the new reality series (10 pm/ET on ABC), the Garden State homemaker switches places with a Manhattan mother who lives in an empire state of opulence, complete with three nannies and a housekeeper. Here, Bradley tells TV Guide Online how she went from wood-chopping to shoe-shopping, as she adapted the not-so-simple life of a socialite.

TV Guide Online: How does it feel to be the wife who's depicted in a more positive light? You come across much better than your counterpart, Jodi Spolansky.
Lynn Bradley:
Oh yeah? I'm surprised. I don't really look at it that way. I thought I came across as a wimp because I couldn't stand up to [Steven, Jodi's husband]. He belittles you too quickly. You just want to crawl into a corner.

TVGO: How was it when the cameras were off? Was he more sociable toward you?
read more


Singer-actor Frankie Valli, 67, has filed for divorce from his wife of 20 years, Randy. The couple have 10-year-old twin boys and a 17-year-old son.... TV Land has ordered six episodes of Chasing Farrah, a reality series centered on '70s pinup Farrah Fawcett. It'll debut in January. read more


Melissa Etheridge is switching sides. No, the sapphic rocker isn't pulling an Anne Heche and going straight. She's crossing over from music to acting, inking a deal for her very own sitcom. According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC has ordered a script for a comedy that is being billed as a reversed Will & Grace. Etheridge would play a gay woman who lives with her best friend, a straight dude. But there's a twist: The two of them will be raising the daughter of another friend, setting up the inevitable David Crosby sweeps appearance. read more


As if Emmy loser Donald Trump hasn't got enough to be bitter about, has suspended wagering on The Apprentice because of an "unusual betting pattern on two contestants." (Don't worry, I'm not naming names.) This isn't the first time the Antigua-based gaming website has raised telling flags about suspicious betting on reality-TV shows. Last year, Survivor: Pearl Islands victor Sandra Diaz-Twine garnered numerous online bets from Vancouver before the first episode even aired. read more

TAR's Colin and Christie: "We're Nice"

Occasional tantrums aside, Colin and Christie were probably the strongest team to run this season of The Amazing Race, finishing first six times over the course of the contest. Still, certain unpleasant incidents (the "I'm packin' it!" comment, anyone?) overshadowed their achievements. Here, the newly engaged couple tries to set the record straight about their real life versus what you saw on reality TV.

TV Guide Online: Congrats on your engagement. How long had you been planning that stunt, Colin?
I planned it during the race because I knew we'd be doing The Early Show, either after we got eliminated or at the end. For a while, I was thinking about doing it at the finish line, but I didn't have the bling. You can't propose empty-handed. So I decided to wait, and it ended up being a blessing in disguise because proposing on national TV means you don't have to call the whole family — they all find out at once. The other nice thin read more


Martha Stewart (aka No. 55170-054) will serve her five-month jail sentence at a minimum-security prison in West Virginia. "While I had hoped to be designated to a facility closer to my family and more accessible to my attorneys, I am pleased that the Bureau of Prisons has designated me so quickly to FPC Alderson, the first Federal prison camp for women in the United States," Stewart said in a statement. "I look forward to getting this behind me and to vigorously pursuing my appeal." Locally, FPC Alderson is known as "Camp Cupcake" — which works well with Stewart's new nickname, "The Icing." read more


Fox has ordered a pilot for a variety show starring Canadian rockers Barenaked Ladies. According to Variety, the show will feature all five band members performing music and comedy skits. And then getting canceled. read more


Alanis Morrisette's fans in Indonesia are out of luck. She was set to perform this Sunday in Jakarta, but has canceled the trip due to a U.S. travel advisory issued on Sept. 3, which warned of possible terror attacks in Indonesia. read more

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