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Question: A year or two ago I ...

Question: A year or two ago I read in a magazine that Tom Cruise was going to help produce an American version of the Asian movie The Eye, about a blind woman who receives cornea transplants that allow her to see the donor's visions of the dead. The original is one of my favorite movies and I was just wondering whether the remake is still in production. — Kevin

Ausiello: The Cruise/Wagner Productions remake of Hong Kong-born, Thai-based brothers Danny and Oxide Pang's The Eye (2002) is still in development at Paramount, but there doesn't seem to have been any progress on the project in some time. If the upcoming American remake of Ju-on (2002) is a huge hit, it will probably spur a scramble to get other remakes of Asian horror pictures into production.

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Question: I just saw a ...

Question: I just saw a thriller with Meg Ryan on TV; I stumbled onto the movie after it started and fell asleep prior to its conclusion, but I want to know how it turns out. Ryan and her sister live in an apartment together and there's a scene where she's remembering a childhood story her mother told her. Her sister is very loose sexually and Ryan ends up dating this police detective and having a steamy bedroom scene. Please let me know the title! — Bill

Ausiello: You stumbled onto In the Cut (2003), based on the literary thriller by Susanna Moore and starring Meg Ryan and Jennifer Jason Leigh as troubled half sisters living in New York (though not together). Ryan's character witnesses an incident that may hold the key to a string of vicious murders, and has a torrid affair with the equally troubled det read more

Question: I'm just wondering ...

Question: I'm just wondering whether you have any info on an upcoming Pixar animated feature called Cars? I'm really looking forward to The Incredibles, but since I'm a bit of a closet petrol head my interest was piqued by murky news of Cars. Is Paul Newman really set to "star"? — Cam

Ausiello: Pixar is currently in production on Cars, which is described as "a high-octane adventure comedy that features a wide assortment of autos as characters who get their kicks on Route 66." The voice cast is indeed toplined by Paul Newman, a longtime racing buff, and includes Owen Wilson, Bonnie Hunt and NASCAR veteran Richard Petty. The film is scheduled for a November 2005 release, and as part of the deal with Newman, Disney and Pixar sponsored his Porsche in the 2004 Rolex 24 race at Daytona Racetrack.

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Question: When I was young, I ...

Question: When I was young, I remember watching a scary movie — I think it was made for TV — about a teenager who comes to live with her cousin's relatives on a ranch. She turns out to be a witch and causes trouble in school and with the family and ranch horses react violently to her presence. Do you have any information you could give me about this movie — I cannot remember the name of it for the life of me! — Kristy

Ausiello: This sounds to me like the made-for-TV thriller Summer of Fear (1978) — aka Stranger in Our House — directed by Wes Craven and starring The Exorcist's Linda Blair as the bad cousin. Unlike many television movies of the 1970s, it's available on DVD from Lionsgate/20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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Survivor Says Goodbye, Dolly

Don't cry for Dolly Neely, America. Truth is, the 25-year-old Pennsylvania sheep farmer (and Cindy Brady lookalike) was happy to be the second contestant voted off Survivor: Vanuatu.

"I was so relieved," she laughs. "On the way to tribal council, I was thinking, 'You know, this just isn't for me.' I didn't like everyone coming to me and saying, 'Who are you voting for?' and 'Who should I vote for?' My first thought was, 'Whoa boy, get me out of here!'"

Aside from all the backstabbing intrigue, Neely was also troubled by her tribe's generational split. Right from the start, the younger women stuck together, while the older ones formed their own group. "The first night, Julie, Mia and myself were laughing and giggling. Twila, Scout and Leanne were kind of doing their own thing, too," she recalls. "[The split] happened very, very quickly."

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Pray for TAR's Brandon and Nicole

They weren't as savvy as winners Chip and Kim — nor as scarily intense as Colin and Christie — but Brandon and Nicole had the potential to pull off an upset victory on The Amazing Race. Ultimately, the religiously minded models finished third, a strong showing considering the stiff competition. With the globe-trotting contest behind them, they're already looking ahead to their next gigs. And no, they're not mad at God over their loss. Well, one of them might be....

TVGO: Was it hard to watch the finale knowing the outcome?
It's hard to watch and see yourself not win. Last night kind of reopened the wound.
Nicole: I'm used to not winning, so it wasn't as hard for me. Brandon's always on top, but I've come in third a couple of times — Miss USA, The Amazing Race... Third's just my lucky number. Good things come from third place. [Laughs]

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JAG Secrets Revealed!

Now that former Andy Dick Show funnyman Robert Blesse has landed himself a guest gig on tomorrow night's JAG (9 pm/ET on CBS), we finally know someone who can give us the dirt on the squeaky-clean military drama.

So, Robert, tell your friends at TV Guide Online: Is it true that David James Elliot hogs all the good junk food at the craft-services table? "Actually, I can't say for sure," the cagey actor replies with a chuckle. Sounds like this up-and-comer is under strict orders to withhold any info about his leading man's gluttonous tendencies. "I didn't get to work with [Elliot], but I'm sure he can have all the Fritos he wants."

Just as we suspected! What about major babe Catherine Bell? Does the crew crank up the air conditioning every time the major hottie arrives on the set? "I can't confirm that, either," Blesse says, slyly adding, "I do hear that it's a very happy time, though."

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Question: I know where John ...

Question: I know where John Belushi is these days, but what about all of the other actors from Animal House? Like Tom Hulce, Tim Matheson, Karen Allen, Peter Riegert et al.? — Beverley

Ausiello: National Lampoon's Animal House (1978) may be a slob comedy, but it's the &#252ber-slob comedy and director John Landis assembled a flat-out astonishing cast. John Belushi is, of course, no longer with us, but most of the rest of the film's principal players have prospered. Let's start with Tom Hulce and Stephen Furst. who played hapless freshmen Pinto and Flounder, the newest pledges at the raucous Delta House, where they get a hell of an education. Hulce's mo read more

Question: I swear I've seen a ...

Question: I swear I've seen a movie involving David Hasselhoff and Jack the Ripper, but my movie-major friend insists it's a bad dream. Who's right? — Russell

Ausiello: Those movie majors — they think they know everything. You did not dream the 1985 made-for-TV movie Terror at London Bridge (also known as Arizona Ripper and Bridge Across Time), which starred Baywatch star-to-be David Hasselhoff as a modern-day Chicago cop who relocates to Lake Havasu City, Arizona, to escape the stress of big-city policing and finds himself hot on the trail of Springheel Jack. How'd that happen, you may be asking. Well, I'm guessing that screenwriter William F. Nolan ran across the curious bit of information that the 140-year-old London Bridge, in danger of imminent collapse because of ever-increasing traffi read more


Mel Brooks is working on a sequel to his hilarious Star Wars spoof, Spaceballs. In an interview with, Brooks said he hopes to get the film in theaters around the same time as Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith, which opens in May. Let's pray we can tell which one's the spoof. read more

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