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Legendary photographer Richard Avedon, best known for his fashion photography and black-and-white portraits of the rich and famous, died Friday at age 81. Avedon suffered a brain hemorrhage last week while on assignment in Texas. read more

Joey I hate to start on a super-shallow...

I hate to start on a super-shallow note. But... last week Matt LeBlanc's pants were up too high. This week one of his shirts is too small. What has L.A. done to Joey? Also, when Joey dropped the I-pay-the-rent card on Michael, it made me wonder how is he — an out-of-work actor — the sole rent-payer in that place? In New York Chandler paid most of the bills for most of the time. Now, I'm supposed to believe he's stepped up? I mean, I know he's got some residual checks. But they can't be that big or that consistent. I give the writers two more episodes before I start getting mad because they haven't addressed this issue.

The Next Big Loser Promos
A diet contest. My co-worker Delaina (who is also a fitness instructor) is appalled by the premise of this show. I, on the other hand, am intrigued. Yes, it has big fat-bashing potential. But as a BMW (Big Mama Walking, as I like to think of my fabulous self), I've got to watch read more


Oscar hopeful Jamie Foxx is returning to the small screen, producing a half-hour sketch comedy pilot for cabler FX. "It will be a very edgy, irreverent and sometimes topical sketch show," FX exec John Landgraf tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Obviously, Jamie's career as a dramatic actor is meteoric at the moment, but he wants to remain in the comedy business as well." read more


20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios have tapped Simon Kinberg — the scribe behind the upcoming Daredevil offshoot, Elektra — to pen X-Men 3. The search is still on for a director to replace Bryan Singer. As reported here several weeks ago, Buffyverse creator Joss Whedon was in talks to take the helm of the third X pic. But a source tells TV Guide Online that "it seems like the ship is sailing in a different direction." read more


A Los Angeles travel agency is suing Courtney Love, claiming the troubled rocker refused to pay for nearly $50,000 in airline tickets that she ordered. The agency is seeking money for the tickets as well as damages, court fees and $1,000 in excess-baggage charges. Surely, Love's excess baggage is worth more than that? read more


That "Jewish fat ladies" crack is coming back to haunt fired Apprenti Jennifer Crisafulli. According to the New York Post, Douglas Elliman — the New York real-estate firm that employs Crisafulli — is about to drop the F-bomb on the 31-year-old after she made the disparaging remark in Wednesday's episode. "She's on her way out," a company insider told the paper. "It wasn't just the remark... It was how bad she looked in general." Meanwhile, there's talk that Dunkin' Donuts may also take action against Crisafulli for defaming their "little Munchkins." read more


NBC is going all the way with Joey. The network has ordered an additional nine episodes of Matt LeBlanc's Friends spin-off, making it the first new sitcom to receive a full-season order. (As reported Thursday, WB's Jack & Bobby was the first drama to get a full-season pickup.) Joey has averaged 16.4 million viewers over three episodes, finishing a strong No. 2 to CBS's Survivor. read more


Tina Fey will have a new Weekend Update cohost when Saturday Night Live kicks off its 30th season this weekend. But in an interview with USA Today, exec producer Lorne Michaels declined to name Jimmy Fallon's successor. Our guess? Seth Myers. read more

Question: Did Barry Bostwick ...

Question: Question: Did Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon do their own singing in The Rocky Horror Picture Show? If they did, it doesn't sound like them on the soundtrack. — Monson

Ausiello: Future TV-movie king Barry Bostwick and ingenue Susan Sarandon both did their own vocals for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The 28-year-old Bostwick had song and dance training and plenty of stage musical experience; two years before doing Rocky Horror he was nominated for a Tony Award for playing Danny Zuko in Grease. Sarandon, by contrast, was a nonsinger and petrified, especially because most of the other cast members had already done the show on stage. In a 1999 interview with England's The Guardian, she recalled, "I always had a real terror of singing... My dad read more

Question: I'm trying to ...

Question: I'm trying to remember the name of a movie that I saw a few times during my childhood. I can't even remember the plot, but I'm pretty sure it was made in the early to mid-1980s and it involved twin truck drivers. They were really big, like bodybuilders, and kind of goofy. — Kevan

Ausiello: You're looking for Think Big (1990), starring twin bodybuilders David and Peter Paul, who parlayed their brief wrestling fame as The Barbarian Brothers into a short-lived movie career. The brothers recently completed their first film in more than a decade, an independent comedy called Souled Out that's scheduled for a 2005 release. David plays a struggling musician who sells his soul to the Devil — played by Peter — and then tries to get it back with the help of an angel played by read more

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