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Jon Stewart has inked a new four-year deal with Comedy Central to remain as host of The Daily Show at least through the 2008 presidential elections. "A lot of people like to get out when their show's still going well," Stewart said. "This gives me the opportunity to beat this thing into the ground." read more


Actress Mercedes McCambridge, who scored a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for the 1949 film All the King's Men and later provided the voice behind the demon-possessed girl in The Exorcist, died March 2 from natural causes. She was 87. McCambridge died at a San Diego-area assisted-living facility. read more


The Real World is homeless. Three weeks before the show's 15th season was was set to begin taping in Philadelphia, producers are pulling out of the City of Brotherly Love after they angered local labor unions by hiring non-union labor to renovate the cast's crib. There's no word on The Real World's new locale, so Delaware, this could be your big break! read more


Courtney Love enjoyed a quiet St. Patrick's Day in New York last night. After repeatedly lifting her shirt during an appearance on Late Show with David Letterman, Love moved on to an East Village nightspot and allegedly threw a microphone stand at a 24-year-old man — leading to her arrest on reckless endangerment and third-degree assault charges. All this comes a day after the Hole front woman showed up two hours late to a court hearing in Los Angeles on drug charges and was berated by the judge for talking out of turn. A preliminary hearing on that case has been postponed to April 15. Where does all this leave Love's daughter, Frances Bean? In therapy for life with Bobbi Kristina. read more

Survivor: All-Stars Lex, there...

Survivor: All-Stars
Lex, there is a special place in hell for you. That is all I have to say, you tattooed, pierced Iago-wannabe freak. Selling out Ethan just so you can prey on Jerri at a later date? And you have the nerve to tell him that it shouldn't affect your friendship! This guy deserves to stay on the island... forever. Oh, and Jerri, don't go gloating too much about outlasting Colby, hon. All that means is that we get to hate you just a little longer. And don't get me started on the awful irony of Mr. Zohn getting the boot after Jerri's botched bow-and-arrow immunity challenge. He's had a bull's eye on his back for weeks. Which is a position I am sure that Playboy-spread hussy Miss Manthey knows something about.

American Idol
An hourlong results episode. Hmmm. Stretching it much, Fox? Seriously, after last night's way-too-long performances, you could have done us a favor, aired this like a lotte read more


Lisa Marie Presley is clarifying remarks she recently made on the Australian TV show, Enough Rope, in which she said she "saw things she could do nothing about" during her brief marriage to a certain baby-dangler. "In saying, 'I saw things,'" she now says, "I was specifically referring to things in that relationship with us, that went on between us, at the time as husband and wife and that dynamic." Presley's suspicious comments fueled talk that she may be called to testify in Jacko's child-molestation case — or at the very least become a spokesperson for Jesus Juice. read more


Boobygate star Janet Jackson will perform on the April 2 edition of On Air with Ryan Seacrest. The show's standard seven-second delay will be in place, a show rep confirms. Prior to her On Air gig, Jackson will appear on Late Show with David Letterman, Good Morning America and Saturday Night Live. read more


Florida prosecutors have dropped all child-pornography charges against R. Kelly. The singer's legal victory comes after a judge's ruling last week that digital photos were taken from his Miami home by illegal seizure and were inadmissible as trial evidence. The photos in question reportedly depicted R. Kelly engaging in sexual acts with an underage girl. He's still fighting similar charges in Illinois. read more


More than 18 million American Idol voters didn't keep Leah LaBelle hanging on very long. The 17-year-old tone-deaf Seattle native became the first Top 12 finalist to get the hook on last night's show. Speaking of Idol, Tuesday's performance edition — which featured LaBelle's horrendous cover of "You Keep Me Hanging On" — attracted a staggering 26.7 million viewers, giving Fox its biggest Tuesday ever. read more

Survivor's Colby Crushed

Colby Donaldson thought his leadership ability and winning smile could score him victory on Survivor: All-Stars. He also thought he'd persuaded the Mogo Mogo tribe to eject his Australian Outback nemesis, Jerri. The 29-year-old Texan thought wrong. The conniving witch from The Surreal Life successfully schemed with Lex to eject Colby instead! Oh, well. At least he's got that ad campaign for Schick razors to console him. Here, Donaldson talks to TV Guide Online about his ouster, that inflated ego and his efforts to break into acting.

TVGO: Were you surprised that Lex turned on you?
Colby Donaldson:
I knew I was going to be a target. I just didn't realize that I was going to be executed so quickly. I didn't see it coming — the logic didn't make sense to me to start eliminating the strength of a tribe so soon. A lot of people think that Lex made a great move by getting rid of me, and indeed, he did dupe me.

read more

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