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CBS newsman Dan Rather has snagged an exclusive sit-down with Bill Clinton. The ex prez will discuss his upcoming memoir, My Life, on the June 20 edition of 60 Minutes. read more


Remember that ABC sitcom pilot starring Jennifer Love Hewitt as an on-air reporter for a sports TV show? No? Well, I told you about it back in April. Anyway, the network — which didn't include the show on its fall lineup — may pick it up for midseason instead, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Why the change of heart? Rumor has it ABC execs took pity on Hewitt after watching her slum it as an American Idol correspondent. Apparently, no one — not even Bailey's annoying ex-girlfriend — deserves that. read more

Girl Power Socks Potter

In the first two Harry Potter films, Hogwarts' reigning diva Hermione was all bark and no bite. But all that changes in installment No. 3, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (opening Friday). You see, the wannabe witch gets to slug school bully Draco Malfoy — and it's a rather impressive jab at that! The fisticuffs mark a major turning point for Hermione, but you don't have to tell that to actress Emma Watson.

"I loved it," says the character's 14-year-old portrayer. "I loved every single second of it. Girl power!

"I would have done [the punching scene] for a whole week," she continues. "But we got it in a couple of takes. I was like, 'I want to do it again!' It was fantastic. It is a great moment. At the premiere, everybody cheered." (TV Guide Online was present at last month's world premiere in New York and can confirm that the crowd welcomed the wallop.)

But being the poster child for young female e read more


Former SNL star Molly Shannon married artist Fritz Chestnut Saturday in Santa Barbara. The ceremony was attended by a handful of local bigwigs, including C.C. Capwell, Minx Lockridge and former district attorney Keith Timmons. read more


A mental-health activist has filed a complaint with the FCC alleging that Dr. Phil's daytime talk show doesn't air an adequate viewer disclaimer. Neal David Sutz believes Dr. Phil should have to run an advisory prior to each episode that reminds viewers that the show is intended as entertainment and not counseling. In related news, TV Guide Online is asking the FCC to find Neal David Sutz a hobby. read more


Bruce Willis and gal pal Brooke Burns have reportedly split up... Justin Timberlake has expressed interest in starring in a big-screen version of the Broadway musical Rent, reports the Chicago Sun-Times... The WB's new drama Summerland got off to a strong start Tuesday night, averaging 4.5 million viewers. read more

Gloria Estefan's Idol Gossip

The third season of American Idol ended last week, but people are still buzzing about it, including former guest judge Gloria Estefan. The Latina diva took a break from her busy pre-tour schedule to discuss her experience with the pop-culture phenom, Fantasia's victory and, of course, the acid-tongued Simon Cowell.

Do you think these reality-music contests are taking away from "real" musicians? Gloria Estefan: I think it's kind of arrogant of us to think that we're the only "real" musicians. If you think back, there have been these kinds of shows since the dawn of time; all the way back to Arthur Godfrey, there's always been talent shows. I think the difference with this one and why it's had such success, quite honestly, is Simon. We started watching, my daughter and I, a couple seasons ago, because of "the mean guy."

Is Simon really that nasty in real life? Gloria: No, of course not. It's a shtick and he's gotta do it. He' read more


Producer David E. Kelley, a vocal critic of reality TV, is developing an unscripted series for NBC in which wannabe lawyers will compete for a position at a law firm. This sounds vaguely similar to Fox's upcoming reality series The Partner. Actually, this sounds identical to Fox's upcoming reality series The Partner. Imagine that. read more


Miss Australia Jennifer Hawkins, a 20-year-old model-choreographer-surfer, won the 2004 Miss Universe title last night in Ecuador. She takes home an undisclosed yearlong salary and a $45,000 scholarship at a New York film school. And if she flunks out there, well, there's always Western International University. read more


Fox News Channel anchor Shepard Smith — the dude who said "b--- j--" on air — has inked a new four-year deal with the round-the-clock news network, Variety reports. Smith's new salary was not disclosed, but insiders say it's a lot of money for someone who said "b--- j--" on national TV. read more

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