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Big Brother 5 I never thought...

Big Brother 5
I never thought I'd feel this way, but I really miss Scott and Jase. At least they had personality (faux or not) and were funny. Now all that's left is a bunch of weepy paranoiacs playing head games. The only one left worth watching is Marvin, and after his last-minute shoutfest with the ousted Adria (aka The Plague), you know he has risen on the next-to-hit list. He's too strong a player to be allowed to get any closer to winning that dough. And considering that this is a "double-eviction week" and that Drew won HOH, he may be gone the next time I tune in.

The New Viagra Commercial
Usually, commercials for erectile-dysfunction medications go overboard with blatant symbolism to get their message across. (Remember the one with the guy trying to throw a football through a hanging tire?) But I gotta say that this classy and clever black-and-white ad featuring an attractive couple window-shopping won m read more


Spanish crooner Alejandro Sanz won four Latin Grammy awards last night, including best song, best record and album of the year for No Es Lo Mismo. Sanz was unable to attend the ceremony because he was on tour in Spain. Talk about poor planning. read more

Kevin Smith Dishes Bennifer

With movies like Clerks, Chasing Amy and Dogma in his filmography, no one ever accused Kevin Smith of being warm and fuzzy. But with the release of Jersey Girl, the sardonic director showed he does have a soft and romantic side. With Girl arriving on DVD Sept. 14, Smith sat down with TV Guide Online to riff about his critics, Bennifer and that buzz surrounding The Green Hornet.

TV Guide Online: Jersey Girl is a different kind of picture for you.
Kevin Smith:
I'd recently become a father when I started writing it, and I was kind of obsessed with that subject matter. The stuff I'd done before this was kind of profane and cynical, but underneath, there's this sweetness. The movie caught people in weird ways. I got great reviews from critics who never like my movies and horrible reviews from those who thought I was "selling out."

TVGO: So are you going back to profane and cynical?
Oh yeah. This read more

Reese Says "Bye-Bye, Blond"

After filming the just-released Vanity Fair, the golden-tressed star of MGM's Legally Blonde movies went brunet. Reese Witherspoon didn't change her signature look for purely cosmetic reasons, though. Going darker was a must for her next role as the late country songbird June Carter Cash in the upcoming Johnny Cash biopic, Walk the Line.

"I was desperate to play June," the 28-year-old actress says. "I would have walked on my hands and knees to Memphis to play the role. I grew up in Nashville, so country music is part of my heritage. There's something amazing about the love story between her and Johnny Cash [who's played by Joaquin Phoenix in the film].

"These were two people who were meant to be together and had to work side by side for years before they were ever able to express their love," she continues. "It was tumultuous and hard, but that's what relationships are. It's been one of the hardest movies I'v read more


Fox's embattled boxing show The Next Great Champ has another rival to contend with. Independent-film producer Leigh Ann Burton has filed a civil complaint against Oscar De La Hoya and his Golden Boy Promotions, claiming they got the idea for Champ from her. The suit comes just days after a judge rejected an attempt by producers of NBC's The Contender to block Champ from airing. Long story short: Fox needs to put this show out of its misery. read more

Suzanne Pleshette Bares Her Claws

How do we love Suzanne Pleshette? Let us count the ways. She's best known as Bob Newhart's TV wife, but she's also beloved for her memorably campy turn as Leona Helmsley in The Queen of Mean. She even added pizzazz to the awful Good Morning, Miami as the glammy grandmother. In the just-released special-edition DVD of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, Pleshette pounces on one of her meatiest comedic roles yet. She plays the purrfectly wicked Zira — think Cruella DeVil in lioness form. Here, she tells TV Guide Online about her wicked ways, her love of singing and her possible future on Will & Grace.

TVGO: How was it playing the big, bad villain in Lion King II?
Suzanne Pleshette:
[Laughs] Well, you know, I can't imagine why they thought of me for that, the sweet little thing that I am. I loved it! Are you kidding? It is great to play those kind of parts. [Zira] is kind of like the lion read more


ER will take a page from 24's rulebook this November when it features an entire episode in real time. The installment, slated to air Nov. 11, revolves around an ex-con (played by special guest star Ray Liotta) who walks into the ER suffering from withdrawal and hallucinations. "The episode is 44 continuous minutes of this man's treatment and his interactions with the staff," executive producer David Zabel tells The Hollywood Reporter. ER first played around with the real-time format back in 1997, when it aired its season premiere live. read more


Fifteen, the not-for-profit UK restaurant owned by TV's Naked Chef (aka Jamie Oliver), is getting the full monty from food critics. A popular London restaurant guide awarded Oliver's eatery (featured in the reality series Jamie's Kitchen) the lowest possible ratings for food, service and ambiance. On the bright side, Oliver's meat and 'taters got high marks. read more


Tim McGraw's new CD, Live like You Were Dying, sold a staggering 766,000 copies to grab the top spot on Billboard's album chart. It was McGraw's biggest opener to date. read more


All around the world statues are crumbling at the news that Sugar Ray front man Mark McGrath is joining the showbiz newsmagazine Extra as its new co-host. Yeah, you read that correctly. The 36-year-old "Fly" boy will make his debut alongside current talking head Dayna Devon when the syndicated series kicks off its 11th season on Sept. 13. Now, let's all observe a moment of silence in memory of Mark McGrath's music career. read more

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