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The scientific community is blasting NBC's earthquake miniseries 10.5 (debuting Sunday) as a complete fantasy. "There is nothing in it that's connected to reality," argues Dr. Lucy Jones, a scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey, in an interview with Reuters. "It's very clear that no scientists were consulted in the making of the movie." That's not exactly true. After seeing the film, I think it's safe to say producers got some tips from Dr. Clifford Cliché and his partner, Dr. Harvey Hackjob. read more


Former West Wing execs Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme are teaming up on The Farnsworth Invention, a New Line feature about how Philo Farnsworth invented TV technology and was robbed of the glory by broadcast pioneer David Sarnoff, Variety reports. In other movie news, Billy Bob Thornton has signed on to star in a remake of The Bad News Bears for Paramount. read more


Are you heinous-looking with low self-esteem? Well, I've got some good news for you! Fox has ordered a second edition of its apocalyptic makeover show The Swan. Prospective contestants can apply at read more


Newly installed ABC president Steve McPherson is altering the way the network chooses its fall schedule. In a bid to make the process less exclusionary, the former Touchstone suit will allow employees at all levels of the company to screen the pilots and give feedback. So if their shows suck next season, blame Betty in payroll. read more


Mogo Mogo's last member standing, Shii Ann Huang, got the boot on Thursday's Survivor: All-Stars. But before going, the 30-year-old Thailand alum really "shook things up" when she fingered Amber as the player most likely to go home with the $1 million. (What a bombshell!!) If you've got questions for the Shii Devil, send them to me now! Where, you ask? If you don't know by now, well, that's just plain sad. read more

FriendsSigh. Am I the only one...

Friends Sigh. Am I the only one in America who doesn't want to see Ross and Rachel end up together? Don't get me wrong; I'm a hopeless (although I prefer hopeful) romantic who wholeheartedly believes in the notion that "the One" is out there, but I'm also not the sucker I was seven or eight years ago, when these two called it quits romantically the first time. And I'd like to think the same of Rachel, who has evolved from a spoiled, self-absorbed rich girl who'd always depended on Daddy to provide for her into a confident, capable career woman. (Although I seriously question her parenting skills. I don't care if she brought a baby monitor with her — she left Emma alone in the apartment across the hall to attend her going-away party! And I'm only going to assume that Joey was watching Emma when Rachel later stormed over to Ross's place.) It's so disappointing that the character who seems to have evolved the most might possibly end up with the character who has evol read more


The previously tardy Michael Jackson arrived 40 minutes early at a California courtroom Friday to be formally indicted on child-molestation charges. The former King of Pop pleaded innocent to 10 felony counts: That's four counts of lewd acts on a minor child, one count of an attempted lewd act on a child and four counts of giving an intoxicant to a child. There was also one conspiracy count involving allegations of child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion. Flanked by his parents and defense lawyer Thomas Mesereau Jr., Jacko looked almost normal in glasses and a sport coat and tie. Outside the courthouse, he addressed a crowd of 1500 supporters, saying: "I would like to thank the fans around the world for your love and your support on every corner of the Earth." Jackson also gushingly thanked his parents, brother Randy and "the community of Santa Maria," where he lives and — it should be noted  read more


The Olsen Twi..., oops, I'm sorry — Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsenreceived a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Thursday. The 17-year-old self-made billionaires — who will host Saturday Night Live's season finale on May 15 — thanked family, friends, fans and "every cast member we've worked with through the years." I'm sorry, but Candace Cameron at the very least deserved to be mentioned by name. read more


Colombian heartthrob Juanes, late salsa entertainer Celia Cruz and former General Hospital star Ricky Martin snagged three trophies apiece at Thursday's Billboard Latin Music Awards. Other winners included In Living Color's Jennifer Lopez and American Idol's Gloria Estefan. read more

Julianne Moore Tabloid Shocker!

The New York Post's "Page Six" gossip column gets a nice plug in the new romantic comedy Laws of Attraction (opening Friday), but the film's leading lady, Julianne Moore, is questioning the scandal sheet's accuracy. The Oscar-nominated actress cites one particular story from several years back that claimed she had been taken to the hospital from the set of Far from Heaven.

"It said somebody had slipped me a piece of birthday cake that had a lot of sugar in it, and that I was highly allergic to sugar," she recalls. "So, they shut down production and rushed me to the hospital, where I managed to come out of my sugar coma and was back at work the next day."

Moore insists there was "zero" truth to the item. "I don't know where it came from," she says, "Anyone who knows me knows that I have quite an affiliation with sugar and no allergies at all."

Still, the down-to-earth thesp admits she was "flattered" the Post devoted read more

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