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NBC has found a final resting place for Last Comic Standing 3: Comedy Central. The cable network will air the ailing reality show's climax this Saturday at 8 pm/ET. Now, let's all observe a moment of silence for LCS. And pray it never returns. read more

Question: Help us out here, ...

Question: Help us out here, please. How many actors played cops on The Naked City? We're having a disagreement over who the stars were. Thank you. — Lowell B., Meredith, N.H.

Televisionary: As far as the cops go, the ABC series launched in September 1958 with John McIntire as Lt. Dan Muldoon, James Franciscus as Det. Jim Halloran and Harry Bellaver as Ptl. Frank Arcaro. Muldoon died when his car hit an oil truck during a chase, and Horace McMahon's Lt. Mike Parker stepped in to fill his shoes. After Naked City disappeared for a year and returned as an hourlong show, Franciscus was gone, Bellaver's Arcaro had been promoted to sergeant, and he and McMahon were joined by Paul Burke's Det. Adam Flint until the series left the air in September 1963.

However, the real star of the show, based on a film that was inspired by a book of graphic photographs taken by a New York newspaper photographer, was never a person; it was read more


Fox is throwing another one of its American Idol-themed Christmas specials! On Nov. 24, the network will present Kelly, Ruben and Fantasia: Home for Christmas, a one-hour special in which the three Idol winners will hawk their upcoming albums and, if there's enough time, sing holiday tunes. read more


Paramount has delayed the release of Alfie, the romantic comedy starring Jude Law, until Nov. 5. It was scheduled to open Oct. 22, but the studio says the move will allow the film to play through the holidays. read more


New York college students would rather room with Kelly Ripa than Regis Philbin, according to a just-released Educational Housing Services survey. The Live hostess received 32 percent of the vote, while her venerable sidekick snagged just 1 percent. Following Ripa in the poll were Conan O'Brien, Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Tony Danza and Glass Bong. read more


The producers of Smallville are preparing a tribute to late Superman icon Christopher Reeve, TV Guide Online has learned. The dedication will air at the top of Wednesday's episode (8 pm/ET), confirms a network spokesman, who declined to provide further details. Reeve had a recurring role on the Superman prequel series as the mysterious Dr. Swann. Meanwhile, production will continue on a computer-animated film Reeve was directing at the time of his death last weekend. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Yankee Irving centers on a father and his baseball-playing son, who overcomes personal obstacles to realize his dreams. Reeve, who was overseeing the production from his New York home via a videoconferencing system, described the film as "captivating, with the perfect blend of warmth and wit." Producers have yet to decide read more


Nicole Kidman is in talks to join fellow Oscar winners Russell Crowe and Geoffrey Rush in Fox Searchlight's upcoming adaptation of Murray Bail's novel Eucalyptus, Variety reports. The story revolves around an overprotective father who decides to marry off his daughter to the one man who can correctly identify the species of each and every one of the thousands of eucalyptus trees on his estate. Somewhere, Fox's reality chief Mike Darnell is thinking, "Hmmm... Where can I get me some eucalyptus trees?" read more

20/20 Christopher Reeve Special...

20/20 Christopher Reeve Special
Christopher Reeve is one of the few on-screen superheroes who was just as heroic off screen. As a kid, the Superman movies were never really my favorite comic-book films (I was always more of a Batman fan), but there was never any doubt in my mind that Reeve was Superman. Whenever I donned my ratty Superman cape and pretended to defend my backyard against Lex Luthor, it was Reeve I was trying to imitate. That's why I've never really seen the point to restarting the movie franchise. Who could possibly fill those red boots? Not Dean Cain, not Tom Welling (though both of those actors make fine small-screen Superguys) and definitely not Nicolas (shudder) Cage. Christopher Reeve was a one-of-a-kind talent and a genuine inspiration. He will be greatly missed.

Diary of a Political Tourist
Back in 2002, news producer-turned-aspiring filmmaker Alexandra read more


An angry Michael Jackson is calling on music networks far and wide to ban Eminem's new "Just Lose It" video, which mercilessly mocks the accused child molester. "Michael feels that Eminem has crossed the line," Jackson's rep told the New York Daily News. So far, only BET has agreed to yank the clip. read more


The Federal Communications Commission is reportedly planning to levy a $1 million fine against Fox over an April 2003 episode of the short-lived reality show Married by America, Television Week reports. The episode in question featured Married contestants licking whipped cream off each other's bodies. Somewhere, Fox's reality chief Mike Darnell is thinking, "I can't believe that show didn't do better." read more

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