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Question: Not a question; ...

Question: Not a question; just an irritating grammar correction. You wrote in last week's "Ask Ausiello" column, "I know it sounds cliché, but I have to say the biggest perk by far is the people." The much-preferred adjective is "clichéd;" "cliché" is primarily a noun and has only forced its way into the English language as an adjective through years of misuse. — Thomasina

Ausiello: According to TV Guide Online's copy chief Kerri Griffith, "Cliché is right there as an adjective in Web 10, and although I personally prefer clichéd, it's a matter of taste, not right or wrong." You gonna let her talk to you like that, Thomasina?

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Question: OK, so I think it ...

Question: OK, so I think it is absolutely ridiculous that I had to click to the silly "Ask Ausiello" column to find out when Amazing Race 6 starts. — Rachel

Ausiello: I know, I know. I'm trying to make this column a little less information-intensive and more random.

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Question: How much longer do ...

Question: How much longer do you think 7th Heaven will last? — Erica Taylor

Ausiello: Series creator Barbara Hampton initially hinted that this would be the show's last season, but when I spoke to her over the summer she backed down from that claim. My gut tells me the Camdens will be back next fall for a 10th and final season.

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Question: Your column is so ...

Question: Your column is so witty that I find myself calling my Marine Corps husband at his office to tell him the latest! He can't receive this newsletter due to restrictions on his PC. Can you give a shout-out, via me, to Rich? — Lisa

Ausiello: Hey, this isn't the Today show, folks. In any event, Rich, drop and gimme 10!

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Survivor's Lisa Let Go

Third time was the charm — sort of — for Survivor: Vanuatu castoff Lisa Keiffer. After reaching the semifinals of the contestant searches twice before, she finally made it onto the reality show. Too bad her flip-flopping between the older and younger cliques of the Yasur tribe — and a certain misunderstanding with Ami — got Lisa's torch snuffed. Here, the busy 44-year-old mother of six from New Orleans tells TV Guide Online about her South Pacific adventure.

TV Guide Online: Wow, you look so much better now than you did on the show!
Lisa Keiffer:
I know. Can you believe how I looked? My face was so thin. What if I lasted the whole time? I would have been a walking skeleton.

TVGO: Eliza was looking emaciated as well.
You thought she looked thinner? I was looking at me going, "Ewww." But I'm glad to know that she looked thinner.

TVGO: Were you excited to do a battle of the sexes?
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It appears that Jason Priestley is responding to Quintuplets, too. The former 90210 pinup will play Andy Richter's womanizing brother in a special Thanksgiving episode Nov. 24. read more

Question: Since you know Miss ...

Question: Since you know Miss Piggy on a first-name basis, what is her first name? And I don't think it's "Miss." — Cameron

Ausiello: That's a great question — but one I think Miss Piggy should answer herself. Let's ring her on the Vancouver set of her latest film, Muppets' Wonderful Wizard of Oz. "Kissy kissy, 'tis moi! It is always delightful to answer your readers' questions. Like many stars (e.g., Madonna, Cher, Sting, Donald), I have but one name — Piggy. However, unlike those other lesser celebrities, my contract stipulates the need for an honorific title celebrating moi's specialness: "Empress" seemed too archaic, "Goddess" too presumptuous and "Diva" too obvious, and so I chose "Miss." Perfection itself, n'est-ce pas?"

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Question: I can't take this ...

Question: I can't take this column seriously. It's blatant self-promotion that gives very little insight on television. This website isn't called Ausiello Guide. — Manon

Ausiello: Thanks for your e-mail! I noticed you sent this to our general feedback area instead of "Ask Ausiello" directly. Were you trying to get a message to my boss without my knowing about it? If so, I should point out that I see everything that comes through this website — everything. But just to be safe, I've added your name to my "Watch List."

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Susan Sarandon's Hectic Schedule

Does any film star in Hollywood work as much as Jude Law? The 32-year-old star of Alfie (opening Nov. 5) has had six movies released within a three-month span. Then again, Law's costar Susan Sarandon — who plays Alfie's rich lover — has an equally impressive total of three movies hitting theaters this fall. The other two are Shall We Dance? and the holiday flick Noel (due on Nov. 12). But Sarandon was especially thrilled to lay down the Law.

"Jude was fabulous," the 58-year-old actress tells TV Guide Online. "He's like a character actor who has been given this amazing charm and grace. He is so much better than he needs to be when he looks like that. So he's really fun to work with."

Cuddling with the Brit heartthrob wasn't her only perk on Alfie's set. Sarandon also enjoyed sporting her sexy high-society duds. "It was the first time in a long time that I have wanted to keep my wardrobe," she smiles. "W read more

Apprentice Loser Still Talking

Say what you want about Donald Trump, but the dude can spot a weak link when he sees it. Case in point: On last Thursday's The Apprentice, the perpetual pink-slipper muzzled 26-year-old talkaholic Stacy Rotner after she proved herself doggone useless on the pet task. But as TV Guide Online's Michael Ausiello found out late Friday afternoon, it's going to take a lot more than a demoralizing defeat in the boardroom to silence this little havoc-wreaker.

TV Guide Online: Your suitcase was humongous. Were you hiding a body in there?
Stacy Rotner:
(Laughs) I come prepared; I brought a lot of clothes and shoes. I'm a big shoe person.

TVGO: Why do you think you elicit such a negative reaction from people?
I think people aren't used to someone who so steadily and readily voices their opinion. And coming from a woman, it's probably more shocking. And coming from someone who's little is probably even more sh read more

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