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Question: What will you do ...

Question: What will you do if, heaven forbid, people respond not just to Quintuplets, but to Center of the Universe as well? — Matt

Ausiello: I'll do what I always do when I get frustrated: I'll take it out on Omarosa.

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Question: Warning, nerd ...

Question: Warning, nerd question ahead: I heard earlier this summer that Mutant X had been whacked. Is it dead or not? — Steven

Ausiello: That is a little nerdy, Steven. Regardless, yes, Mutant X has been whacked.

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Question: I just finished ...

Question: I just finished brunch with BD Wong; we put it on your card. Thanks. — S.B

Ausiello: Yeah, just got the bill. Did you have to go to friggin' Pastis? I'm not made of money, you know.

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Question: How come you seem ...

Question: How come you seem to only answer e-mail from those who compliment your hair or Keri Russell? Could this be the reason the mainstream media don't take you seriously as a news commentator? — Gary

Ausiello: Makes perfect sense to me.

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Question: Now that USA has ...

Question: Now that USA has renewed The 4400 for a second season, who will replace Mark Valley's character now that he is busy on Boston Legal? — Kathy

Ausiello: Producers are still working out that issue, I'm told.

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Question: Can you tell me why ...

Question: Can you tell me why CBS stopped airing The District and Yes, Dear? — Tim Sevarino

Ausiello: Let's see, how can I put this? One was boring and the other was bad.

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Question: What happened to ...

Question: What happened to the cast of Forever Eden? Are they still on the island? — Brian

Ausiello: I hear they're currently stranded at your friendly neighborhood Olive Garden.

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Question: Just to let you ...

Question: Just to let you know, you almost got me fired at work today. That picture you posted of Elisabeth Rohm's "replacement" made me laugh so loud I disturbed my entire department. Luckily, I was able to show them the picture and explain it away. Can I see your Smurf collection sometime? — Jerome

Ausiello: What part? The PVC's, the Supers, the footwear.... You need to be more specific, Jerome.

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Question: Now that Hawaii has ...

Question: Now that Hawaii has been canceled, have you heard anything about Sharif Atkins returning to ER? — M

Ausiello: "His character is technically still alive," responds his rep, "so who knows?" Actually, I do: Don't count on it, M.

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Question: So what was the ...

Question: So what was the canceled show you would bring back (10/20 "Ask Ausiello")? And hey, I'm a 33-year old Wiccan who collects ancient weapons and TV Guide covers — and I watched the Smurfs. So, let's hear it for being single! — Karen

Ausiello: I'll let Ross handle the first part of your question below. And I never said I was single, Karen. Sometimes you can be such a witch.

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