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Question: I love you! Are you ...

Question: I love you! Are you gay? Not that it matters, I'm just curious. — Karen

Ausiello: Congratulations, Karen! You're the winner of this week's "I can't believe you're asking me this. It's insulting, honestly. It's absolutely insulting" Award for the "Ask Ausiello" question with the most obvious answer! Please come forward to accept your Smurf Colorforms!

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Question: What time and ...

Question: What time and station is the quilting program on Saturday morning? — L.N. Kent

Ausiello: Send me those secret password ideas, people!

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Question: What happened to ...

Question: What happened to the two women cohosts from Good Day Live? Jillian Barberie was one of them and I'm not sure of the other one's name. — Shannon

Ausiello: Jillian Barberie and What's-her-face are still hosting the Los Angeles edition of the show, but I hear Fox wanted to bring in some more recognizable names (i.e., Debbie Matenopoulos and Arthel Neville) to helm the national broadcast. Matenopoulos weighed in on this very issue during a raucous Q&A last week with my colleague, Daniel Coleridge. It's a must-read for everyone — except maybe Star Jones.

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Question: Any chance the WB ...

Question: Any chance the WB will make a Dawson's Creek movie showing where they went after the show ended, kind of like they did with the group from Saved By the Bell? — Stephanie

Ausiello: Lord, I hope not.

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Question: I just discovered ...

Question: I just discovered you today. How long have you been here? — Rose

Ausiello: It'll be 33 years on Feb. 23.

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Question: Dude, "breakout ...

Question: Dude, "breakout star" of Napoleon Dynamite? I think not. Tina Majorino was the it-kid actor of 10 years ago. She was totally the '90s Dakota Fanning. Corrina, Corrina anyone? That chick was all over the place. — Mouse

Ausiello: I knew that name sounded familiar.

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Question: Why the heck was ...

Question: Why the heck was Everwood a rerun last Monday — three shows into a new season? — Kelly

Ausiello: Actually, Kelly, it was five shows into the new season and, according to a WB rep, "that's part of the network business."

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Question: Duh, it's Santa ...

Question: Duh, it's Santa Barbara. Michael, how 'bout a "Members Only" entrance? — Ross

Ausiello: Good idea, Ross! Help me come up with a secret password, folks.

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Question: I've noticed that ...

Question: I've noticed that Hawaii is not listed either this week or next on NBC. Have they canceled it already? — Christie

Ausiello: Someone needs to start reading my "Entertainment News" column. I broke that welcome bit of news on Oct. 15.

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Question: You are a funny, ...

Question: You are a funny, funny man. But I still miss Buffy more than Felicity. Naa naa na boo boo. — Taunja

Ausiello: Did you just put a curse on me?

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