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Question: I would like to ...

Question: I would like to know how it is that you seem to have gotten an entire column that seems to serve no other purpose than your own entertainment. I know you are probably thinking I am just bitter, but whatever. — Cindy

Ausiello: Gimme a second, Cindy. I'm still laughing at my response to Kathy above.

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Question: I heard that you ...

Question: I heard that you may guest-host CBS's Late Late Show. Is it going to happen? — Arthur Lamoureux

Ausiello: CBS has asked me to forward all queries about my rumored Late Late Show stint to their PR department. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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Question: Why is it that you ...

Question: Why is it that you never talk about any of the TV programs that feature predominately Black or Latino casts? Many of those shows are better than the ones you highlight. I think you need to spend some time with [Watercooler writer] Rochell Thomas. — D.C. Diva

Ausiello: Hey, some of my favorite TV shows are Black and Latino! And I've tried to be friends with Rochell, but all she wants to talk about is what happened on One on One and Half & Half — two shows I've never even heard of.

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Question: Congrats on such a ...

Question: Congrats on such a great column. From one huge Santa Barbara fan to another, I just wanted to say I hope they never make a Dawson's Creek movie unless it's a very special episode where they all die. — Jeff

Ausiello: Now that I'd watch.

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Question: The Members Only ...

Question: The Members Only password should be "Awe-see-yellow in the house!" — Eddie

Ausiello: There's a 10-character limit, Ed. Next...

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Question: I had to laugh at ...

Question: I had to laugh at how vicious Sam's entry was last week in which he said Elisabeth Rohm was prettier than Mariska Hargitay. Are we in junior high school? Do I have to mention that Rohm is practically cross-eyed and almost as vapid as a Baywatch lifeguard, with less acting ability? — Melisa

Ausiello: Thanks for taking the high road, Missy.

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Question: A couple of years ...

Question: A couple of years ago, I read that Fox was developing a new Muppet Show for Sunday nights. What happened? — Josh

Ausiello: Who knows? Maybe Gail Berman was too busy responding to the idea that audiences were responding to Quintuplets.

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Question: I don't really ...

Question: I don't really think you're that funny. — Brendan

Ausiello: Well, Diane and her husband do. So there.

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Question: Although I find ...

Question: Although I find your "entertainment news" funny/interesting, "Ask Ausiello" is neither. You may want to get some advice from Matt Roush. — Jim

Ausiello: It's unanimous!

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Question: If Keri Russell ...

Question: If Keri Russell guest-starred on Alias, would you consider liking it then? — Ellen Wong

Ausiello: Well, I'd certainly watch, Ellen. Speaking of Keri, she just joined the ensemble cast of Neil LaBute's new off-Broadway play Fat Pig. It's a comedy about a guy (Entourage's Jeremy Piven) who falls for a "generously proportioned" girl (Rescue Me's Ashlie Atkinson). Keri plays one of Piven's disapproving friends. The limited engagement begins Nov. 23 at the Lucille Lortel Theatre. For tickets, you can call Ticket Central (212-279-4200). Tell them you read about it in "Ask Ausiello" and you'll get a few seconds of uncomfortable silence.

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