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NBC has sent Father of the Pride back to its cage. According to Variety, the network is shelving the big-budget CGI comedy for November sweeps, replacing it with supersized editions of The Biggest Loser. But Peacock execs say the show hasn't been canceled, insisting Pride will return in December with the first of six remaining episodes. Of course, they also said Hawaii was coming back and, well, it's not. (Thank you, God.) read more


CBS has performed an emergency schedulectomy on dr. vegas. Effective this Friday, Rob Lowe's troubled drama will be replaced by random repeats of CSI, Without a Trace and Cold Case. read more


Stand-up comic Brian Regan, a regular on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and Late Show with David Letterman, is developing an untitled sitcom project at NBC, per The Hollywood Reporter. Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence, who recently inked a sitcom deal with the WB, is producing. If both of these projects get picked up, it's safe to say Lawrence will have less time to focus on Scrubs. And that would make me very, very angry. read more


Hawaii Five-O actress Peggy Ryan, who played Jack Lord's secretary in the '70s police drama, died Saturday of complications from two strokes. She was 80. Prior to Hawaii Five-O, Ryan made a name for herself on the big screen, starring opposite dance partner Donald O'Connor in movie musicals such as This Is the Life and When Johnny Comes Marching Home. read more

Question: I saw a two-hour ...

Question: I saw a two-hour show called McMillan instead of McMillan and Wife. I used to watch the show all the time and I don't remember anything happening to his wife (Susan Saint James). How did they explain his being on his own? Did she die or did they get divorced? — Barbara, Dallas

Televisionary: The former. And, in my continuing service to readers who missed info the first time around, you can read about it here.

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Question: What does the ...

Question: What does the General Lee's car tag say (from Dukes of Hazzard)? — Brian

Televisionary: Georgia, CNH 320.

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A Fox rep is denying rumors that American Idol producers are at war with Fox. On Friday, Extra reported that three of Idol's executive producers walked out on production of the show in a dispute with the network about the direction of the fourth season. While the network spokeswoman concedes that "there's always conflict — it's a TV show," she says no one stormed off the show. "I don't know where Extra got that story from." Call me crazy, but maybe they got it from Simon Cowell's girlfriend, Extra correspondent Terri Seymour. Just a thought. read more

Question: Do you know where ...

Question: Do you know where The Mountain is filmed? — Jessica W., New York City

Televisionary: That I do. Vancouver, B.C., Canada. And exteriors were shot at Alberta's Lake Louise Ski Hill.

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"You know they can't hear you...

"You know they can't hear you through the TV, right?" If I had a dime for every time I've heard that one! So I'm guilty of talking back to the tube. (Sighing, eye-rolling and cheering every once in a while, too.) For me, watching TV is an interactive experience, one I'm now happy to share with you as a new member of the Watercooler team.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
This "Behind the Scenes" special episode promises lots of surprises but I'm yawning through the first half hour of been-there, built-that construction shots. Here's the crew knocking down rotting beams. Now they're hanging drywall. And look, there's Ty in his muscle shirt, flexing his pecs while he cuts lumber. Things start to pick up when Sal the contractor announces that his construction company has created a scholarship fund for the two boys, who were born drug-addicted and raised by a single mother in a tiny dilapidated house. The Makeover crew builds an incredible hou read more

Question: I was watching ...

Question: I was watching M*A*S*H recently and the episode was one where the man who plays Col. Sherman Potter was on it, but as a different character. Was this a fluke, or were the producers trying to screen-test him or something? — Cat, Shepherdstown, West Va.

Televisionary: It wasn't intentional, Cat, but it served as a screen test just the same. Harry Morgan (Dragnet) joined the long-running series as Potter, replacement for the late Lt. Col. Henry Blake (McLean Stevenson), in 1975. But he first appeared on the show a year earlier as crazy Gen. Bartford Hamilton Steele in the episode "The General Flipped at Dawn."

Morgan impressed the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences enough to garner an Emmy nomination for the guest spot; impressed the producers enough to cast him as Potter, and impressed the Emmy voters enough to win himself a statue in 198 read more

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