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Two days before its Sept. 16 seventh-season premiere, Will & Grace is releasing a companion CD, Let the Music Out!. Along with previously released material by performers such as J. Lo, Cher and Elton John, the album will include several new recordings. Among them are "Living with Grace," a duet between Barry Manilow and leading man Eric McCormack; a cover of Carly Simon's "Loving You's the Right Thing to Do," sung by Simon and Megan Mullally; and "He's So Hot!" featuring the whole cast, plus a sample of guest star Madonna's "Ho read more


...Warner Bros. has found a director to replace McG at the helm of its forever-in-the-works Superman pic: Bryan Singer, who led the X-Men to cineplex success. Perhaps McG won't have to look too far for a new job, however. read more


...have ground to a halt. Courtney Love was expected to be sentenced in absentia last week in one of the umpteen cases pending against her, but the judge decided to wait until she had recovered from her mystery ailment and could be told in person to stand in the corner until further notice. Meanwhile, Robert Blake was granted a two-month delay in his murder trial because he hired a new lawyer. Gee, is that all it takes? read more


Man, we hope those Federation uniforms have elastic waistbands. According to Enterprise executive producer Rick Berman, Star Trek captain William Shatner has approached him with "a great story idea," in which (naturally) he'd play a prominent role. Although UPN says talks are underway with the actor — a regular on fall's Practice spin-off, Boston Legal — an insider at ABC, the network that currently signs his checks, counters that no formal offer has been made. In other Enterprise news, Star Trek: The Next Generation alumnus Brent Spiner has signed on to appear in three episodes (four through six, for you Trekkies who just have to know!) as the evil Dr. Soong, great-grandfather of Spiner's TNG character, Data. read more


Narc director Joe Carnahan has decided that working on Tom Cruise's next movie really is a Mission: Impossible. Due to "creative differences," he's quit the second sequel, which previously was to have been steered by Seven director David Fincher. read more


Lindsay Lohan is on board to headline a new romantic comedy with Nick Cannon, the hottie who made hearts beat faster in Drumline... Russell Crowe is being sought to headline Eucalyptus, based on the novel by fellow Aussie Murray Bail... As a result of their upcoming merger, Sony and BMG will be laying off 2000 staffers worldwide. But on a lighter note, each one of them will be given a copy of the Will & Grace CD as a lovely parting gift. read more


There goes the neighborhood; here comes the fun! (And by fun, we mean moral decay, of course.) This Friday, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt will open a high-end sex shop in South Florida. Local government officials tried to keep the doors of Hustler Hollywood closed by changing a city zoning law, but when threatened with a lawsuit, they decided their new motto should be "Smut for all, and all for smut!" read more


HBO's The Sopranos, Angels in America and Fox's Arrested Development were big winners on Saturday, when the Television Critics Assoc. — whose esteemed members include our own Michael Ausiello — handed out their annual TCA Awards. Other critical darlings included Deadwood baddie Ian McShane, Ricky Gervais of BBC's The Office and The Daily Show's Jon Stewart. read more


Things were going so well for California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mariel Hemingway had just won the role of his wife, Maria Shriver, in A&E's upcoming biopic, See Arnold Run; Austria had just announced plans to release a $1.25 stamp bearing his likeness on July 30, his 57th birthday... and then this had to happen. At a rally on Saturday, he jokingly called certain Democrats "girlie men"; in turn, certain Democrats called his remark sexist and homophobic. Frankly, I don't see what all the fuss is about. If I had a nickel for every time I said that anyone who can't get TV Guide Online's news up on time is a girlie man, I'd have enough change to buy California. read more


The Sci Fi Channel has a confession to make: The Buried Secret of M. Night Shyamalan unearthed no actual "buried secret" about the director behind Signs, The Sixth Sense and the upcoming thriller, The Village. It was all a hoax! Sci Fi had previously claimed that Shyamalan got peeved when their documentarians' questions got too personal, and framed Secret as a "disturbing expose" of his mysterious past. But, in fact, Sci Fi president Bonnie Hammer now admits it was all a "guerilla marketing campaign" that "went too far." Talk about embarrassing. read more

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