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Big Changes on The O.C.

When Fox's The O.C. wrapped its first season last May, Julie and Caleb tied the knot, and Ryan packed up his wife-beater tees and moved back to Chino with his knocked-up lover, Teresa, prompting his distraught adopted bro, Seth, to set sail for Tahiti in the Summer Breeze. Here, series creator Josh Schwartz previews what's in store for the teen soap's second season, which kicks off in November.

TV Guide Online: How will you resolve those cliffhangers? We know Ryan can't really stay in Chino with Teresa....
Josh Schwartz:
Teresa's gonna be in the show when we come back. Ryan's still trying to do the responsible thing [where she's concerned], but it hasn't been easy. It's been a long summer between them. He's trying to make the best of it, but it's kind of grim. Seth has not returned. His parents know where he is, but he's decided he ain't coming back. Sandy and Kirsten have not had a good summer living in this empty house without the kids. It read more


Playgirl readers have named MSNBC personality Keith Olbermann TV's sexiest male newscaster in a new poll. With 24 percent of the vote, Olbermann beat out Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity (No. 2) and CNN's Anderson Cooper (No. 3). What about Anderson's colleague, Bill Hemmer? The American Morning pinup tied for fifth place with 60 Minutes' Andy Rooney. Ouch. read more


Oprah Winfrey celebrated the 19th-season premiere of her talk show on Monday by giving all 276 members of her studio audience a free car. Specifically, a fully loaded Pontiac G6. The $7 million stunt, paid for by Pontiac, marked the beginning of the "Wildest Dreams Come True" season of Oprah. Not to be outdone, I hear Tony Danza may give his 100-member studio audience a vintage Yugo. As in one. To share. read more


The O.C.'s Adam Brody, who single-handedly saved the geek species, is co-producing and may star in a remake of Revenge of the Nerds, Variety reports. Brody cooked up the idea with Grounded for Life star Bret Harrison and the two of them pitched it to O.C. exec producer McG. read more


Growing Pains alum Tracey Gold, 35, was arrested earlier this month for drunk driving after rolling her SUV — carrying her husband and their three young boys — down a California freeway embankment. According to The Smoking Gun, her 7-year-old son Sage suffered a broken clavicle and a head laceration. Gold — who battled anorexia in the early '90s — was charged with a felony count of DUI and released on $50,000 bail. She's due in court on Oct. 19. read more


Donald Trump's Apprentice catchphrase "You're fired!" is TV's most popular buzzword, according to a new list issued by Global Language Monitor. Runners-up included the Daily Show staple "Mess O' Potamia" and Arnold Schwarzenegger's infamous "Girly Men" crack. Among the glaring omissions: Colin's Amazing Race expression, "I'm packin' it!!" and the Gail Berman head-scratcher, "Audiences are responding to Quintuplets." read more

Scrubs Remembers John Ritter

A year after John Ritter's death, NBC's Scrubs will pay tribute to the late actor next month in an episode that deals with the passing of J.D.'s (Zach Braff) father — a role Ritter originated in 2002. But unlike most sitcom memorials, this one will not be slapped with a VSE (Very Sappy Episode) rating. After all, this is Scrubs we're talking about.

"We're not going to be maudlin about it," concedes series creator Bill Lawrence, who says it's unlikely he'll flash back to Ritter's two previous appearances. "[We're doing this] more for us — partly because we wanted to dedicate an episode to John."

Lawrence will also use the opportunity to reintroduce J.D.'s brother, played by Ed's Tom Cavanagh. "Elliot (Sarah Chalke) ends up having a fling with him," he previews. "He'll stick around for a couple of episodes."

Other Scrubs All-Stars on Lawrence's most-wanted list i read more


Ashton Kutcher's trendy L.A. restaurant Dolce was burglarized twice over Labor Day weekend, Access Hollywood reports. Thieves allegedly made off with cash, checks and several bottles of wine. Prime suspects include Justin Timberlake, Frankie Muniz, Halle Berry, Kelly Osbourne, Matthew Perry, Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, Brandy, Warren Sapp, Jennifer Love Hewitt.... read more


It looks like Heather Locklear's got another hit on her hands. Her new NBC airport drama LAX took off with more than 13 million viewers Monday night, finishing a strong second to ABC's Monday Night Football. Even more impressive: LAX outperformed Las Vegas — the very show it cloned. Of course, LAX's real test comes next week when CSI: Miami returns with new episodes. ABC's Apprentice copycat The Benefactor, meanwhile, averaged 10 million viewers in its debut. By Donald Trump's estimations, that would make it the most watched show in history!!! read more


Jimmy Kimmel will host the 32nd annual American Music Awards, airing Nov. 14 on ABC. This is his second consecutive year at the helm.... Felicity grad Scott Foley has inked a development deal with 20th Century Fox TV to headline a new series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. read more

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