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Will Smith will reprise his role as Jonny in a special one hour episode of his UPN comedy All Of Us on Feb. 17, the network announced Sunday at the Television Critics Assoc. press tour in Hollywood, Calif. UPN also unveiled plans for a summer reality show that follows Amish teenagers having their first experiences with modern conveniences such as booze, cars and Paris Hilton. read more

Quote of The Weekend: "It's bad...

Quote of The Weekend:
"It's bad enough being a fugitive in North Korea, now I have to find out you slept with Will."
Vaughn (Michael Vartan) to Sydney on Alias, after finding out about her intoxicated hook-up with her previously platonic pal.


AFC Championship: Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots
I'm from Boston, so let me say that the New England sports fan mentality runs deep. Even though the Patriots were ahead throughout (winning 24-14), I was nervous until the very, very end. Unlike other fans, I feel like we're less about the thrill of victory than just avoiding the continuing agony of defeat. It's an overwhelming mindset of "Please don't screw this up... Please!... What? They won?! Oh, thank God!" When Greg Gumbel kept saying things like, "The Patriots [are] 15 minutes away from Houston... " I was like, "Shut up! Don't jinx us!"

I bet the game looked like q read more


ABC has ordered a pilot from David E. Kelley (Practice) and Jason Katims (Roswell) that is being described as Six Feet Under set in the wedding planning world. The working title: I See Overpaid People. read more

Jeff Daniels Plays Dumb

From Dumb & Dumber to The Hours, Jeff Daniels sure has run the gamut in his acting career. "I like variety," he tells TV Guide Online. "I could never do a 10-year television series." Still, the movie star doesn't mind doing one teensy TV-movie. Next up, he costars with Everybody Love Raymond's Patricia Heaton in TNT's version of Neil Simon's The Goodbye Girl (tonight at 8 pm/ET).

"She was a joy to work with," he says of Heaton. "When you're doing comedy, it's good to have somebody across from you who knows what comedy is. She's really good. She knows what she's doing."

Speaking of fun comedy teams, 'tis a shame Daniels and Jim Carrey will never reunite for a Dumb & Dumber sequel. What did he think of last year's prequel — starring two younger unknowns as Harry and Lloyd — we wonder?

"I didn't see it," Daniels shrugs. "Nobody went to see it. I actually walked by the theater an read more


It's official: CBS will launch a third CSI next season to be set in New York City. Franchise creator Anthony Zuiker will helm the new series, which sources say may veer from the traditional CSI formula. read more


ABC confirmed Thursday that it has begun talks to bring The Practice and NYPD Blue back next season. Speaking of Blue, which returns from hiatus on Feb. 10, Gordon Clapp's character will expose his rear in a March episode that ABC says is "shrouded in secrecy." When the time comes, someone please remind me not to set my Tivo. Thanks. read more

VH1 Rebuilds Berlin

For those of us who hold fast to impossible dreams, VH1 presents Bands Reunited, a beyond-cool new series that brings back together defunct '80s acts for one-night-stand mini-concerts. In its auspicious debut episode (airing Monday at 10 pm/ET), it even allows Berlin founder John Crawford to bury the hatchet with Terri Nunn, the charismatic front woman from whom he had long been estranged.

"We hadn't spoken in six years," the singer tells TV Guide Online. "In fact, the last time we talked was a fight [over putting Berlin back on the map]. I wanted to be 50/50 partners with him, and he didn't want that, because he'd always run the band before. I just thought, 'I'm too old, and too good, to do that again.' So for me to have that healing with him was a life-changing thing for me."

Although Nunn still records and tours with a rad, revamped Berlin lineup, she shared Crawford's fear that they and their cronies wouldn't be able to pull it toge read more


CBS has nixed a Super Bowl commercial from PETA that would have featured scantily clad vegetarians, saying it will not run spots on "controversial issues of public importance." The network has also rejected an ad from a liberal group that would have attacked President Bush. read more

How Will Friends End?

As previously reported, Friends will wrap its 10-year laughfest on May 6 with what NBC is calling a "two-hour extravaganza." The first hour will be a retrospective, followed by a one-hour series finale. So what happens in the last episode? Well, that's top secret. But this week, the producers and cast did offer some hints at a farewell press conference with TV critics on the Friends set. Here's what we learned...

Ross and Rachel will go off into the sunset.
Well, they didn't say that, but we can read between the lines. Asked how he'd like to see Ross end up, David Schwimmer said: "We all end up with a sense of a new beginning. I can't divulge where we're going, but it's exactly what I had hoped." Hmmm... Back in September, Schwimmer told TV Guide that Ross and Rachel are "destined to be together. To quote Phoebe Buffay, they're each other's lobster, whether they know it or not." So don't be surprised if baby Emma' read more


One last ABC tidbit: The network is also developing a new take on Charlie's Angels, which will be modeled more after the films than the original TV series. read more

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