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Morgan Spurlock's acclaimed fast-food indictment Super Size Me is among the 12 films competing for best documentary at this year's Oscars. Its competition includes Tupac: Resurrection, the surfing doc Riding Giants and the prostitution drama Born Into Brothels. What about Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11? That'll compete in the best-picture race. read more

Lost All right. We've all heard...

All right. We've all heard the theory that the castaways are atoning for their own sins. Well now that's out the window. Sayid's got no shame in his game, except for being a big ol' softy. Even as an "interrogator" for the Republican Guard, he let his childhood crush, Nadia, escape execution. And he was so sweet to that feral French woman who locked him up in her jungle compound. So was it a plague that offed her shipwrecked colleagues 16 years ago, or did she go bonkers? And what's with her warning about the survivors? "Watch them closely." Don't worry, Frenchie, we're on it. What we need help with is how the inscription on Nadia's picture — "You will find me in the next life, if not this one" — ties into polar bears, music boxes, comic books and rabbits. Oh, and Hurley's golf course? Inspired. Ditto for the writers finally giving us cause to like Sawyer. Of course, that'll come back to bite us if he's the long-rumored "major character" to go toes-u read more

Question: What kind of column ...

Question: What kind of column is this? You mostly talk about yourself. And they're paying you for this? — Boris

Ausiello: I can't believe it myself, Boris. Honestly.

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Question: Just thought you ...

Question: Just thought you should know that the Smurf Ride is no more at Kings Island ("Ask Ausiello" 11/10/04). They replaced it in 1990 with a totally lame haunted-car ride called Phantom Theater. I did have my first kiss on Phantom, but it wasn't very good. — Jessica

Ausiello: Whoa, Jessica — this is a family website! PPS — That blows about the Smurf Ride.

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Question: I love, love, love ...

Question: I love, love, love your column. Can you send me a free copy of the Guide to TV? My birthday is December 10, so you don't have much time. Thanks! — Kaci

Ausiello: I'm gonna start calling you Star Jones if you're not careful. But since you love my column, e-mail me your shipping address and I'll drop one in the mail ASAP. Your total comes to $15.65 with shipping and handling. Make your check payable to Will Stealmoolah.

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Question: Your column is not ...

Question: Your column is not good, man. I've given it a chance, but you're bringing the site down. You have nothing to say and you seem content with basking in your own cleverness rather than Googling She-ra. What a waste of my time. — Broc Heasley

Ausiello: Stick around, it gets better. I swear!

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Question: Can you tell us any ...

Question: Can you tell us any spoilers from life as we know it? — Leonardo M. Cocentino

Ausiello: In early December, the show dies.

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Question: How does it feel to ...

Question: How does it feel to be the world's most underrated sexual icon? — Chloe

Ausiello: Right this second, it feels itchy. Very itchy.

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Question: If you don't plug ...

Question: If you don't plug (shamelessly, I might add) TV Guide magazine or one of its products, do you lose your column, get a smaller cubicle or something like that? — Nicolle

Ausiello: Even worse: My picture shrinks.

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Question: If you could give ...

Question: If you could give only one Emmy for acting to someone on Scrubs, who would it be? The whole cast is superb, so it's a tough one. My vote goes to Sarah Chalke; she can play sexy and dorky at the same time better than anyone. — Chad

Ausiello: John C. McGinley. Hands. Down.

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