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Bruce Willis and gal pal Brooke Burns have reportedly split up... Justin Timberlake has expressed interest in starring in a big-screen version of the Broadway musical Rent, reports the Chicago Sun-Times... The WB's new drama Summerland got off to a strong start Tuesday night, averaging 4.5 million viewers. read more


Producer David E. Kelley, a vocal critic of reality TV, is developing an unscripted series for NBC in which wannabe lawyers will compete for a position at a law firm. This sounds vaguely similar to Fox's upcoming reality series The Partner. Actually, this sounds identical to Fox's upcoming reality series The Partner. Imagine that. read more


A mental-health activist has filed a complaint with the FCC alleging that Dr. Phil's daytime talk show doesn't air an adequate viewer disclaimer. Neal David Sutz believes Dr. Phil should have to run an advisory prior to each episode that reminds viewers that the show is intended as entertainment and not counseling. In related news, TV Guide Online is asking the FCC to find Neal David Sutz a hobby. read more


Remember that ABC sitcom pilot starring Jennifer Love Hewitt as an on-air reporter for a sports TV show? No? Well, I told you about it back in April. Anyway, the network — which didn't include the show on its fall lineup — may pick it up for midseason instead, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Why the change of heart? Rumor has it ABC execs took pity on Hewitt after watching her slum it as an American Idol correspondent. Apparently, no one — not even Bailey's annoying ex-girlfriend — deserves that. read more


Miss America is undergoing some much-needed lipo. In an attempt to boost ratings, pageant officials are trimming the annual telecast — airing Sept. 18 on ABC — from three hours to two. read more

Summerland It's a Full House all...

It's a Full House all over again for Lori Loughlin, a free-spirited artsy type who takes in her sister's kids when their parents are killed in a car accident. Somehow she thinks it's a brilliant idea to uproot them from Kansas to her California beach house, where her hunky ex, her diva business partner and their hippy-dippy Aussie mate also happen to live. And surprise, surprise, none of them knows how to take care of the three clich&#233d orphans — the horny 16-year-old, the thorny 13-year-old and the moody 5-year-old — who have ruined their beach-party lifestyle.

But haven't we seen this show before? Actually, Summerland doesn't just rip off Party of Five, it also borrows liberally from Beverly Hills, 90210 (wholesome Midwestern kids who pray before dinner are suddenly dropped into the big-boobs-and-botox world of Southern California) and The O.C. (a sullen outsider who, ironically, could read more


Britney Spears has received formal approval from China's Culture Ministry to perform five concerts in Shanghai and Beijing next year — under one condition: She has to promise not to dress like a skank. And she thought singing was hard. read more


Michael Moore's controversial anti-Dubya doc Fahrenheit 9/11 will actually arrive in theaters on June 25 — a week earlier than planned. read more

Emmy Dream Ballot: Comedy

Lead Actor — Comedy

Jason Bateman (Michael, Arrested Development): A revelation. The former child actor has grown into a wonderfully appealing leading man. As the one sane member of a bitterly dysfunctional family, Bateman drips with irony, sarcasm and wit.
Zach Braff (J.D., Scrubs): Let's just get this out of the way now: Braff is a freakin' comic genius. Whew, we feel better now. That said, in a TV landscape overpopulated by cynics and sexpots, his gawky medicine man gently reminds us of the importance — and the appeal — of being earnest.
Bernie Mac (Bernie, The Bernie Mac Show): Listen up America: Big Mac's day has come. And gone. He's overdue to be shown the love by the Academy. So what's the holdup? Bill Cosby, he ain't. But that's one of the (many) reasons we adore about the affable grump.
Matthew Perry (Chandler, Friends): The other Matt may have gotten the spinoff read more

2004 Dream Emmy Ballot

Although nominations for the 56th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards won't be announced until July 15, one thing is certain (at least if history is any indication): The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is gonna get it all wrong! That's why for the fourth year in a row, TV Guide's Matt Roush and Michael Ausiello (with a little help from Bruce Fretts and freelancer Ben Katner) have compiled a list of the shows and actors we feel are truly deserving of recognition. Please, Academy members, we implore you: Print out these pages and use them as your personal cheat sheet when the official ballots begin arriving in your mailboxes this week. Otherwise, we all run the risk of Will & Grace getting the last laugh over Scrubs. And that would be, well, not funny at all. Below are our picks for Best Drama and Comedy. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to proceed to the acting categories.

Outstanding Drama Series

24: After a r read more

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