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Kenneth Branagh will star as Franklin D. Roosevelt in Warm Springs, a telepic for HBO. Named after the Georgia town where Roosevelt invested in a rehabilitation retreat, Springs tells the story of the president's days before he took the Oval Office. Production will start this fall, and the movie is expected to air early next year. read more


Ex-L.A. Laker Rick Fox is soon to be the ex-husband of actress Vanessa Williams. The basketball player filed for divorce this week. The couple have a 4-year-old daughter, Sasha, in addition to their kids from previous relationships. "They are both extremely devoted parents, so the most important thing to them right now is the welfare of their child," Fox's publicist told The Associated Press. "They are committed to working out what's best for her." No reason was given for ending their marriage of five years. read more


As you read this, Method & Red is taping its 13th — and possibly final — episode. The sitcom's been dying a slow death since June, when Method Man griped to the Los Angeles Times that Fox wouldn't let him keep it "ghetto" enough. "This is frustrating for me," he said, "and it's not turning out for me as expected." Later, Method's struggle for creative control resulted in an alleged physical altercation with one of the show's writers, who resigned. Now, although Fox recently ordered three additional episodes beyond its initial 13-episode order, the show's going on a break. "We're taking a writing hiatus to reevaluate the creative direction of the show," Justin Pierce, a spokesman for Regency Television, tells TV Guide Online. "We plan to move forward with new episodes once everybody — the Fox network, the studio and the cast — signs off on a new direction. So it's far from being canceled." Stay tuned... read more

Last Comic Standing Oh, Alonzo,...

Last Comic Standing
Oh, Alonzo, what happened? Was it the "going first curse"? I gave you my vote tonight because, for the first time, you needed it. Your material has been rock solid throughout, but tonight you went with the long form — and came up short.

Gary, you, on the other hand rocked it Seinfeld-style with riffs that were universal and hilarious. I have to admit, I don't want you to win this thing, and I couldn't even tell you why, but if you do, you deserve it.

John Heffron, my man, my fellow Michigander. What can I say other than you keep getting better and better. The bit about a woman leaving everything at the bottom of the stairs for her man to pick up had me cheering, and my wife blushing. If Gary has the Seinfeld thing working for him, I'd say you've got shades of Bobcat Goldthwait, but with better hair and on Lithium.

Jay, the next time you're wingin' it at the top of the show a read more


A public viewing of Rick James' body will be held tomorrow from 5 to 8 pm/PT at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, Calif. "Rick wanted everyone who loved him to be with him at the end and to celebrate his life," said a spokeswoman for his record label. A memorial service for the "Super Freak" singer will take place there on Thursday morning. As previously reported, a weekend autopsy failed to determine the cause of James' death last Friday, although his children believe it was heart failure. read more

Meet Lost in Space's Robot!

Viewers never saw him, but Dick Tufeld created two of TV's most enduring pop-culture catchphrases: "Danger, Will Robinson, danger!" and "That does not compute." Yep, the longtime announcer was the voice of Robot on the '60s sci-fi series Lost in Space. Tufeld still does voice-overs today, though he once suffered from a paralyzed vocal chord that kept him from speaking above a whisper. That is, until a rare operation restored his fond, familiar voice. Here, he happily chats away with TV Guide Online about his metallic alter ego.

TV Guide Online: It's nice to talk to someone who gave so many generations so much pleasure.
Dick Tufeld:
You know there was a guy inside the tin can — Bob May. He had to be in there eight hours a day on the set. He moved the arms and legs and memorized all the lines and spoke them. They put me into post-production and I dubbed Robot's voice in.

TVGO: Did you know you were creating a legend?
I read more


Oprah Winfrey is footing the bill for a new Boys &#038 Girls Club to open in her hometown of Kosciusko, Miss. The Oprah Winfrey Foundation will finance the 30,000-square-foot facility, which is scheduled to open in January 2006. Groundbreaking is planned for Oct. 1. read more

BB5's "Savage" Scott Axed

Last Thursday, Big Brother 5's female houseguests banded together to oust Scott "Savage" Long. This definitely hurt his testosterone-driven allies, the so-called Four Horsemen, and their plans to trample the competition. Down one man thanks to those fickle fillies, the three remaining Horsemen — Jase, Drew and Michael (aka Cowboy) — are ripe to be thrown. Here, the devious 25-year-old Pittsburgh native wishes his old comrades luck, defends his original deception and reveals why Adria and Natalie's twin scheme upset him so much.

TV Guide Online: Why'd the twin twist freak you out so badly?
Scott Long:
I'm taking it harder than I thought I would. I was upset because I felt I had a big part in saving Adria. Just the whole fact that it was [a lie was] the ultimate betrayal. I fell into that. I used my heart in the game, and as you can see, I got a little more open and a little more truthful to people as the game read more


It's been a hard week for aging rock stars. Ex-Eagles bassist Randy Meisner — who crooned and co-wrote "Take It to the Limit" — was hospitalized for chest pains in Burbank, Calif., on Friday. He's reportedly been resting comfortably while undergoing medical tests. William Lee Golden of the Oak Ridge Boys is recuperating from a mild heart attack, the singer's publicist confirmed on Monday. He is expected to make a full recovery within four to six weeks. The Oak Ridge Boys, who are currently on tour, will continue to perform with Golden's son, Chris, who is stepping in for his ailing father. read more


King Kong actress Fay Wray passed away on Sunday in her Manhattan apartment. She was 96. Wray gained worldwide fame in RKO's 1933 movie classic as the blond beauty who's carried up the side of New York City's Empire State Building by a giant ape. Fans at midnight screenings of another cult hit, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, will surely be heard humming the song lovingly dedicated to her by Tim Curry's Dr. Frank-N-Furter: "Whatever happened to Fay Wray? That delicate satin-draped frame... As it clung to her thigh, how I started to cry, 'cause I wanted to be dressed just the same..." By the way, the Empire State Building will dim its lights for 15 minutes tonight in honor of the screen icon. read more

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