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Fox is doing an about-face regarding a controversial Family Guy episode that it once feared might seem anti-Semitic. On Monday, the network announced that "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" — an episode it previously banned from its airwaves — will make its broadcast debut Dec. 10 at 9:30 pm/ET. However, the episode, which pokes fun at Jewish stereotypes, will air with one minor alteration, per The Hollywood Reporter. When Peter breaks into a song called "I Need a Jew," a lyric that originally read "Even though they killed our Lord" is cut in favor of "I don't think they killed our Lord." read more


Red-carpet fashionista Steven Cojocaru announced on Monday's Entertainment Tonight that a genetic condition will require him to undergo a kidney transplant. Cojocaru, who suffers from polycystic kidney disease, told Mary Hart that he feels "great" and "the prognosis is excellent." read more


Photos of Paris Hilton playing tonsil hockey with another woman will reportedly be published in the May issue of Hustler. The pics, which were snapped at a nightclub in 2002, allegedly show Hilton dancing, cuddling and making out with a mysterious brunet. read more


U2 literally took to the streets of New York Monday to promote their new album. The Irish rockers cruised along Broadway in a flatbed truck blasting music from How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, which arrives in stores today. Bono and Co. later treated fans to a free concert at the Brooklyn Bridge. read more


Remember that HBO comedy series that former Sex and the City helmer Michael Patrick King was developing for ex-Friend Lisa Kudrow? Well, HBO execs obviously like what they've seen so far, because, per The Hollywood Reporter, the cabler has ordered 13 episodes of The Comeback. As previously reported right here, the show stars Kudrow as a former sitcom star who is trying to revive her career. read more

Question: Defend an old gal, ...

Question: Defend an old gal, please. I enjoyed reading your answer about Cannon, but when telling my husband about it, I mentioned remembering Barnaby Jones as a character on that show before he got his own. He says I'm wrong. Am I? — Sarah L., Arlington Heights, Ill.

Televisionary: Sorry, but yes. You can take some comfort, though, in your confusion being understandable. In the first episode of Barnaby Jones, which ran on CBS from January 1973 to September 1980, Frank Cannon (William Conrad) was called over from his own series to help out a young private eye who'd inherited his father's detective agency. When the baby sleuth was killed, his dad Barnaby (The Beverly Hillbillies' Buddy Ebsen) came out of retirement to solve his murder and then stuck around to head up the series. (Conrad went back to his own show, but there was some back-and read more


It's official: After months of negotiations with bondholders over a $1.8 billion debt, Donald Trump's casino empire has sought bankruptcy protection. But ever the optimist, Trump told he Associated Press that, "I don't think it's a failure; it's a success." read more


Fox has inked a four-year, $320 million deal to air the Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl and a newly created national championship game beginning in 2007. Fox outbid ABC, which had held the rights to all of the bowl games since 1998. read more


After 24 years as CBS' top newsman, Dan Rather confirmed today that he will step down as anchor of the CBS Evening News on March 9, 2005. The announcement comes nearly three months after Rather (and CBS) publicly apologized for airing a hotly contested story questioning President Bush's military record. (It also comes eight days before NBC's Tom Brokaw is due to relinquish his Nightly News duties to Brian Williams.) Rather will continue to work full-time at CBS News as a correspondent for both editions of 60 Minutes, as well as other CBS properties. His Evening News successor has not been named. read more

Life of Luxury I can deal with...

Life of Luxury
I can deal with the fact that celebs own $100 million art collections (very highbrow of you, Jack Nicholson), $10 million Italian villas (I'm free next weekend, George Clooney) and $275,000 cars that turn into speedboats (pretty cool, Richard Branson). But a closetful of exotic furs? You should be ashamed of yourself, Patti LaBelle. You robbed several animals of their pelts, and then bragged about how much it cost you. ($100,000 on just one coat? So wrong!) I'll cut short the animal-rights lecture, since I have a funny feeling PETA will soon be tossing red paint your way. Can't you find another way to spend your money? I hear there's a $45,000-a-day private island resort in the Bahamas. You won't need your fur coats there.

I normally don't watch this every week, but I'm tuning in tonight 'cause Amy and Ephram are supposed to do it! Or, as Harold told Andy, "My daughter is about to be defl read more

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