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Lost OK, feeling a little ripped...

OK, feeling a little ripped off here. What the hell's with not telling us what Kate's crime was? Come on! We sat through an hour of her outback flashbacks and that poor federal marshal laying around gasping like Debra Winger in Terms and we get nada? Uh-uh. Nope. Not cool. Now, what was cool was that eerie final shot of Terry O'Quinn. Obviously, he's hiding something juicy. Nobody should like backgammon that much. Oh, and Sawyer, the hot one sweating his way across a tropical island in two shirts? You know that dude is peddling some rank funk. Get a bath, bud. If the ratings hold up, you're gonna be here a long time.

America's Next Top Model
8:06 Tyra Mail arrives. It's makeover time!
8:07 Cover Girl plug No. 1. Eva and Jennipher weep about getting their hair chopped. House crybaby Ann looks on in jealousy.
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A judge dropped rape charges against actor-comic Anthony Anderson (Barbershop, All About the Andersons) on Wednesday, saying testimony by his accuser was "absolutely the most suspicious" he's ever heard. The 25-year-old woman was working as an extra on the film Hustle & Flow when she accused Anderson and assistant director Wayne Witherspoon of attacking her in a trailer. read more

Question: I love your column ...

Question: I love your column and read it every day. I think you would have made a great replacement for Craig Kilborn. I would love to see you do an "Entertainment News" section on the TV Guide Channel. Any chance of that happening? — Lian

Ausiello: Officially, I have no comment. Off the record, I can say that "there have been some very preliminary discussions." But please, don't quote me on that. And if you do, please attribute it to "a source close to TV Guide."

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Question: I love, love, love ...

Question: I love, love, love love, love your "Entertainment News" column. I seriously miss it when there are guest writers. Are you writing anywhere else? — Billy

Ausiello: Well, thanks, Billy. In addition to "Ask Ausiello," I have a weekly "TV News" column in TV Guide magazine and I also occasionally write "Insider" stories and features. But enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do you think of my "Entertainment News" column?

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Question: What happened to ...

Question: What happened to Bob Goen from Entertainment Tonight? Did he quit or was he fired? — Louise Riley

Ausiello: Depends who you ask. Officially, an ET rep says Goen wanted to "pursue other opportunities." However, last July at the TCA press tour, exec producer Linda Bell Blue told reporters that "it was time to make a change." My take? Blue and Co. were looking to pair Mary Hart with someone younger and prettier, i.e., Mark Steines.

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Question: I was wondering ...

Question: I was wondering where the phrase "What does it mean?" comes from? My friends and I have used it in the past knowing it is from some movie or TV show, but couldn't place it. Now I see it in your column, so please help me! — Greg

Ausiello: I've been racking my brain for days about this but I can't for the life of me figure it out. If anyone has any ideas, please e-mail me at once!

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Question: I don't know why ...

Question: I don't know why everyone is giving [CBS's new John Goodman comedy] Center of the Universe such bad reviews. From the commercials I've seen, I'm looking forward to watching it. — Brenda

Ausiello: Take it from someone who's seen the entire pilot — and (just barely) lived to tell the tale: It's awful with a capital A-W. If I've learned anything during my 32 years obsessing over TV, it's that a decent promo campaign does not a good show make. Consider yourself warned. Again.

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Question: Making fun of Linda ...

Question: Making fun of Linda Hamilton's announcement that she is bipolar and has struggled with depression was about as funny as watching a dog get shot. Feel free to pick on celebrities for their foibles, but illness and mental illness are not fair game. Good luck dealing with the hate mail that this ill-advised quip will generate. — Tim B.

Ausiello: Yeah, several readers took me to task for perpetuating the stigma that people living with bipolar disorder are crazy, which was not my intention at all. I was merely trying to perpetuate the stigma that people living with bipolar disorder like their sunblock strong.

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Question: Does Jay Leno, or ...

Question: Does Jay Leno, or NBC, have a Plan B should something happen to Conan O'Brien before 2009? I mean, what if Conan gets sick or, god forbid, passes away? — Ana Maria

Ausiello: Carson Daly, is that you? Anyway, if anything should, god forbid, happen to Conan before 2009, my guess is that NBC's Plan B would be to finally give the gig to David Letterman, whose CBS contract expires in 2007. But that's just a hunch.

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Question: To say the Lord ...

Question: To say the Lord betrayed Nicole and Brandon on The Amazing Race was uncalled for. I do not see you bashing any other religion. — Amanda

Ausiello: Is Star Wars a religion? Because I bash those icky prequels all the time.

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