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Question: I was humming a ...

Question: I was humming a song from an old cartoon from my youth to my 6-year-old and would love to know all the words to it. Dick Dastardly sings it to his dog Smudley: "Wake up, Smudley. You're dreaming again. You're not Daniel Boone and you're not Gunga Din." Can you help? My brothers and I used to love this cartoon with Penelope Pitstop and gang. — Veda, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Televisionary: First things first, Veda. The dog's name was Muttley rather than Smudley. The song you're thinking of is from the "Magnificent Muttley" segment of Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines, which ran on CBS's Saturday-morning schedule for two years, beginning in September 1969. As you probably remember, the second Wacky Races spin-off (The Perils of Penelope Pitstop was the first) revolved around Dastardly, Muttley and Co. flying around in their World War I planes, trying to stop the brave (and annoying) Yankee Doodle pigeon.

The "Magnifice read more

Question: When I was a kid, ...

Question: When I was a kid, my older brother got to watch S.W.A.T., but I wasn't allowed to because my mom and dad said it was too violent. Looking back, I can't believe it was that bad. Was it? — Vicki V., Norman, Okla.

Televisionary: Well, "bad" is really a question of time period, Vicki. Was S.W.A.T. bad compared to, say, The Shield? Nope. But it was violent stuff for network TV in the mid-'70s, when it aired. And concern over the violence was also complicated by the post-Vietnam politics of the time, when plenty of pundits and viewers had had enough of gunplay and anything they took to be pro-police-state imagery.

During its run from February 1975 to June 1976 on ABC, S.W.A.T, like the recent feature film spawned by the seri read more

Question: I'm trying to ...

Question: I'm trying to collect all of the TV Guide covers with Charlie's Angels on them, Farrah to Tanya. Could you give me a list? — Pamela D., Florissant, Mo.

Televisionary: That I can. But working in the teach-a-man-to-fish vein, anyone looking for similar stuff can just head to our Cover Gallery and search away.

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Question: What ever happened ...

Question: What ever happened to the younger Pinciotti daughter, Tina, on That '70s Show? In one episode Donna had to baby-sit her, and then we never heard about her again. — Nicole, Hartford, Conn.

Televisionary: Ah, but we did, Nicole. After appearing in the 1998 episode "Eric's Burger Job" (her only appearance), she was mentioned by the announcer during the credits sequence of the 1999 episode "Vanstock." Not that it told us anything; it was more of a joke. Basically, Tina went the way of Chuck Cunningham and other disappeared characters. The writers didn't want to deal with them, so they were wished into the cornfield.

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Big Brother 5's Drew Wins

In last week's Big Brother 5 finale, Drew Daniel's prospects looked iffy. The four-time Head of Household winner evicted his own girlfriend, Diane, and went to the final two with his original alliance mate, Michael (aka Cowboy). But somehow, the recent college grad survived 82 days of isolation from the outside world and beat out 13 other players for the $500,000 prize. In a tight 4-3 vote, the jury (made up of seven ex-housemates) tapped Drew to take home the cash. Here, the 22-year-old cutie tells TV Guide Online about his big win, the Diane debacle and his very own twin twist.

TV Guide Online: Were you confident of victory?
To be honest, I thought for sure that Cowboy had it. I told Cowboy, "Hey man, congratulations. You won this thing and I'm so happy for you." When there were two votes for Cowboy, I was thinking, "It's going to be a 7-0 vote and I'm not going to get a single vote." Then I started getting some votes! But b read more


Moviegoers had no trouble remembering The Forgotten over the weekend. Thanks to a kick-ass trailer, the Julianne Moore missing-persons thriller topped the box office with $22 million. Among other newcomers, the Katie Holmes-Marc Blucas romantic comedy First Daughter inherited a measly $4 million, tying for fourth place with Resident Evil: Apocalypse. And the low-budget zombie spoof Shaun of the Dead came alive with $3.3 million on only 607 screens. Finally, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow encountered rough air in its second week, plummeting to second place with $6.7 million. read more


Kevin Costner married girlfriend Christine Baumgartner Saturday at his ranch in Aspen, Colo. This is the second marriage for Costner, 49, and the first for Baumgartner, 30. read more

Late Late Show Hires Temp

The years have been good to Michael Ian Black. By just happily existing during the '70s, '80s and '90s, the actor/comedian did enough research to provide VH1's popular I Love The... specials with some of its funniest observations and spot-on comments. But since VH1 has momentarily run out of decades, the former bowling-alley manager on NBC's Ed is keeping busy with a pilot for Comedy Central (with two of his comic cohorts from The State). Tonight and tomorrow night, he'll also be sitting in The Late Late Show's guest-host chair.

TV Guide Online: Have you ever done any interviewing or guest-hosting stuff?
Michael Ian Black:
I did. When Stuck on You came out, I interviewed Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear, Cher and the Farrelly brothers for a special on Comedy Central. And I learned that, in person, Matt Damon is actually gorgeous. Incidentally, so is Cher. The woman is stunning, to the point where, I read more

Survivor's Rupert: "My Money's Spent!"

In May, Rupert Boneham won America's Tribal Council on Survivor: All-Stars, proving once and for all he's the game show's most popular alum. Since then, the tie-dyed pirate has used his $1 million windfall to fund his charity, Rupert's Kids, which he works on when he's not busy hunting for acting gigs. Here, the jolliest bearded man since Santa Claus sits down with TV Guide Online to catch up.

TV Guide Online: So how'd you spend your summer vacation?
My summer — ever since the show I like to call Who Wants to Make Rupert a Millionaire? — was insanely whirlwindy and wonderful. At 40 years old, it is hard to learn new skills, but I love running around the country being me. I couldn't ask for a better career.

TVGO: We've seen tie-dyed T-shirts with your face on them.
I have my own line of clothing on Right now, I have tank tops and T-shirts. We're talking about getting different stuff & read more


There's been a major shake-up in late-night, folks. Conan O'Brien, who's been hosting NBC's Late Night since '93, has inked a new deal with the network that calls for him to replace Jay Leno as host of the Tonight Show in five years. "In 2009, I'll be 59 years old and will have had this dream job for 17 years," says Leno. "When I signed my new contract, I felt that the timing was right to plan for my successor and there is no one more qualified than Conan." Appropriately enough, the bombshell comes the same day the Tonight Show celebrates its 50th anniversary on the air. In other succession news, NBC is expected to announce that Kate Couric's 13-year-old daughter, Ellie, will replace her mama on the Today show in 2031. read more

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