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Question: I enjoy "Ask ...

Question: I enjoy "Ask Ausiello" very much, and have read your "Entertainment News" column since its inception. I host a radio show for WDUN in Gainesville, GA. I was hoping that you would consent to a brief, 10-minute interview sometime next month that could be prerecorded at your convenience. I promise not to bash the Smurfs or Keri Russell. — Bill Wilson

Ausiello: Just checking, Bill — is this a paying gig? My agent is asking.

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Question: What did you think ...

Question: What did you think of Matthew Perry on Scrubs last week? — Heather

Ausiello: He was fine, but I felt the episode was the weakest of the season so far — writing-wise. Of course, this season has been consistently brilliant, so those are high standards to live up to.

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Question: Do you put every ...

Question: Do you put every question that you get in your column? — Kate

Ausiello: Hardly. There ain't enough room in cyberspace for me to run every "Ask Ausiello" question/comment I receive. In fact, last week I logged a record-shattering 235 messages. Granted, half of those were either death threats and/or corrections to He-man's convoluted family tree, but I digress...

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Question: Has the character ...

Question: Has the character of Bosco on Third Watch been written out for good? — Mary Ann

Ausiello: Nope, he's sticking around — although he'll be laid up in a hospital bed for the near future.

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Question: Yes, Mike, that ...

Question: Yes, Mike, that tidbit of a scoop you gave me about Joey will suffice for now ("Ask Ausiello" 11/24), but you have got to admit that something has to be done to make that show more watchable. Any suggestions? — Chase

Ausiello: Aside from a new writing team and more Jennifer Coolidge? Not really. Although, I'm looking forward to catching Lucy Liu as his boss later this month. Click here for more on that.

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Question: Your last name is ...

Question: Your last name is my last name, too! Are you related to me? — Leigh

Ausiello: Possibly. How big's your head?

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Question: You are like a ...

Question: You are like a puppy. Very cute and entertaining till it poops in the living room. — Sam

Ausiello: Thanks, Sam. That was the nicest e-mail I've received all week.

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Question: Your "Top 5 ...

Question: Your "Top 5 television couples" answer got me thinking. I know you like Gilmore Girls, so who do you think Rory was best with: Jess, Dean, or this new blond boy, Logan? — Sara

Ausiello: I know this isn't gonna win me any new fans, but I kinda-sorta liked her with Jess. That said, I think this new Logan dude has tremendous potential. BTW, how great was last night's episode? Not only did Rory name-drop Spike and Drusilla (my seventh favorite TV couple of all time), but that whole speed-dating thing featured Paris at her wittiest, bitchiest best. My favorite line of the night was when Paris, having just been caught shagging Doyle, told Rory, "You have no right to be repulsed by my sex life." I nearly spit up my peanut butter Fro-Yo.

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Question: Got any scoop on ...

Question: Got any scoop on the new season of American Idol? — Charlie

Ausiello: I hear the Wednesday results show will be an hour long this season instead of just 30 minutes. Oh, and the producers can't stand Fox. And vice versa.

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Question: Have you noticed ...

Question: Have you noticed that Felicity Huffman's character on Desperate Housewives wears that three-strand necklace in every scene she is in? Regardless if she's wearing sweats or a cocktail dress? Is this the result of a really lazy stylist or do you think it will be part of a story line to come? — Lauren

Ausiello: Yes, I've noticed this, too! I have a feeling it's just a personal choice made by Ms. Huffman. I have a call in to the show to make sure, though. Stay tuned...

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