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Video-game publisher Majesco has secured rights to the mother of all shark movies, Jaws. The game will hit stores next summer, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the film's release. read more

2004 Summer Olympics Carly Patterson,...

2004 Summer Olympics
Carly Patterson, Wheaties is waiting! She only needed a 9.5 on the floor exercise to take the all-around gold, but I knew she had it as soon as she nailed the landing on her first cross... and her second, her third and then she sealed the deal flawlessly. Good thing for NBC too, 'cause I was gonna throw a fit if they kept me up till nearly midnight for a bronze medal and the Russian national anthem.

And I must say, for all the preening by the self-proclaimed "diva" Svetlana Khorkina, she accepted the silver medal as graciously as if it were gold. I only wish her compatriot Pavlova had joined her on the podium for the bronze, because I think she delivered a better performance than the technically proficient but uninspiring routines of China's Nan Zhang.

Just curious, but am I the only red-blooded American male out there who crosses his legs every time a gymnast vaults onto that insidious 4-inch-wide device th read more

Last Comic's Next Move

A whole week after John Heffron won the coveted Last Comic Standing title, success still hasn't spoiled the manic funnyman. But make no mistake — he's ready for a diva trip! As his tongue-in-cheek interview with TV Guide Online suggests, he could get mighty comfortable sitting in the lap of luxury — provided that a certain competitor isn't around to, ahem, bug him.

TV Guide Online: You're a bundle of energy on stage. Can that possibly be good for the health of someone as laid-back as you are?
John Heffron:
Well, I don't have a lot of time to run or do the Stairmaster, so this is my way of getting my heart rate up for 20 minutes a day.

TVGO: Speaking of things that are good for your heart... Tammy Pescatelli called you "a walking Everybody Loves Raymond." Guess she's guaranteed to be the first LCS alum on your sitcom.
: [Laughs] Yeah. Sometimes I get compared [to Ray Romano], but in read more


Paris Hilton's beloved Chihuahua Tinkerbell is missing no more! The tiny Tink has been found and reunited with Hilton. No further details were revealed, like why she got loose, who found her and how the heck this became an international story. read more


Former Twin Peaks babe Madchen Amick is joining the cast of ER as a social worker and love interest for Noah Wyle's Dr. Carter. She'll appear in at least 10 episodes. In other casting news, Variety reports that actor Jonathan Togo, whose credits include roles in Mystic River and the late UPN drama Special Unit 2, will play a new investigator on CSI: Miami this season. read more


Phew! Oprah Winfrey is free to go do those "shows" she's been in a tizzy about. Winfrey's jury duty stint came to a quick end Wednesday when she and her 11 angry sidekicks convicted a 27-year-old man of murder. "It's a huge reality check," said Winfrey outside court. "There's a whole other world going on out there." Winfrey said she plans to do an episode of Oprah with her fellow jurors. read more


A California judge on Wednesday KO'd producer Mark Burnett's bid to block Fox's boxing series The Next Great Champ from debuting on Sept. 10 — three months before Burnett's near-identical The Contender is slated to debut on NBC. Fox called the ruling "a significant victory," but it may be a short-lived one. A hearing on a motion for a preliminary injunction against Champ has been set for Sept. 8. read more


On this morning's Today show, Katie Couric did the unthinkable: She sneezed live on the air! Seconds before cutting to a commercial, NBC's highest-paid newswoman experienced a sudden nasal eruption. "I've never done that before," a shocked Couric told viewers. "Hiccups, yes. But never a sneeze." I'll say this: I would not want to be the intern that forgot to blow Couric's nose this morning. read more


Movie mogul Saul Zaentz is suing New Line Cinema for $20 million in unpaid royalties from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Variety reports. Zaentz, who purchased Rings rights from author J.R.R. Tolkien in the 1970s, licensed the property to New Line in return for a share of the profits. read more


Here's some "TV News" scoop from the new issue of TV Guide magazine: Onetime Batman Val Kilmer is talking to CBS about a possible series project. I guess this rules out Top Secret 2. read more

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