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Ashlee Simpson's debut disc, Autobiography, entered Billboard's album chart at No. 1 with sales of 398,000. In a statement, MTV's newest reality star said the boffo bow was "beyond my wildest dreams... I'm so excited for what's happened and what's to come." I can't be sure, but I think what's to come is a catfight with your big sis. read more


American Idol runner-up Diana DeGarmo was briefly hospitalized Tuesday after taking a spill on stage during an "American Idols Live" concert in Grand Rapids, Mich. According to sources, DeGarmo had just reached her rainbow's end when she caught a shooting star in her shoe, sending her flying head-first into Fantasia's pot of gold. Now that's some bitter irony. read more


Another strong performance from Amazing Race led CBS to take the Nielsen crown among total viewers Tuesday night. Fox's alleged rip-off romp Trading Spouses also picked up steam in its second outing, averaging 9.1 million viewers. Of course, only 4.7 million of 'em stuck around until 9:30 to watch Andy Richter commit career suicide — proving, once and for all, that audiences are in fact responding to Quintuplets. And, like me, they hate it. read more

Next Action Star Awww yeah. Could...

Next Action Star
Awww yeah. Could I be any happier about Corinne and Sean snagging the leads in the big movie? Hells yeah! I could have people to share the love with me. Unfortunately, it seems the only viewers this show has had all summer have been me, my roomie and our dogs, Bustah and Pepito. Who were actually rooting for Jared, it turns out. Traitors. No matter, it's been a blast watching these willing wannabes take a beating in the name of auditioning for next week's made-for-TV flick. If only there was a way to find Jared and Jeanne maybe a pair of supporting roles? And John from Oregon. He was good people. In fact, I'm going to miss them all. Call me, you guys, OK?

True Hollywood Story
Damn, those Chippendales were cheesy. All thongs and muscles and mullets. Like bad '80s cable soft-core set to the music of Missing Persons. (As opposed to the good '80s cable soft-core, which was, of course, read more

Home Boy's Big Break

That first movie gig is special for any actor. Then again, landing a starring role opposite the hunky Colin Farrell and the tremendously talented Robin Wright Penn and Sissy Spacek could be a newcomer's worst nightmare! Luckily for theater thesp Dallas Roberts, the aforementioned A-listers were a dream to work with on the set of A Home at the End of the World (now in limited release).

"For a guy who is making his first movie — and with bona fide movie stars — there was some trepidation about how I was going to do," the soft-spoken Roberts admits. "But [they all] made me feel very calm and very much like I was doing a good job, and that it was alright to be a little weirded out by all this."

After multiple auditions with director Michael Mayer and producer Tom Hulce, Roberts learned he'd won the part at a tricky time. "I was actually about four minutes from going on stage [in the Off-Broa read more


Leather-skinned fashionista Donatella Versace has quietly checked into a rehab facility to treat a cocaine addiction, the New York Post reports. "The family views this as a private matter," says a rep for the Versaces. "We hope the press will respect this as such." In the meantime, Donatella has announced that all Versace designer socks are buy one get one for $890. She only asks that you pay in cash and leave the money with the guard. read more


A Los Angeles judge sentenced Courtney Love to mandatory drug counseling on Tuesday in one of four criminal cases against her. (Which one? Beats me.) If the rocker completes the program, she will be spared jail time. "I've got to stop drinking," she told reporters outside the courthouse. "It's gonna be fun." read more

BB5's Yoga Guru Booted

On last Thursday's installment of Big Brother 5, 26-year-old yoga instructor Lori became the second houseguest to be evicted by her roomies. But don't feel too badly for her — the blow was softened by that $10,000 she opted to take instead of stocking the house's pantry. (Anyone still wondering why Lori got the boot?) TV Guide Online caught up with the Boston babe shortly after her ouster to get the skinny on her brief stay in the house that Orwell built.

TV Guide Online: Were you shocked to be nominated for eviction so soon?
No, only because Marvin won Head of Household and I knew he was going to nominate me.

TVGO: Do you regret choosing the $10,000 windfall over food for the household?
I don't regret it, but I definitely do think that it had something to do with the fact that I was nominated. It made me a target immediately.

TVGO: Marvin said he nominated you because you were the stronges read more


The UPN affiliate in Harrisburg, Pa., which covers three of the top nine Amish markets in the country, has refused to air tonight's premiere of Amish in the City. Instead, general manager Matt Uhl told Media Life that he will tape it and, "If I deem it appropriate, we'll air the first episode on Friday and the other episodes in their regular time slots." And if he chooses not to air it, just read Press Tour Diary: Day Nine to find out what you're missing. Speaking of which, I forgot to include an important highlight: 1:55 Amish Miriam encounters her very first avocado! read more


Fox has picked up three additional episodes of Method & Red... Arrested Development: The Complete First Season arrives on DVD Oct. 19, three weeks before the show's second season begins. read more

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