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Question: I was just checking ...

Question: I was just checking out your Christmas gifts and I'm a little confused. Did you get poo for Christmas? What are the lumpy brown things on top of what seems to be black binders, next to the Hatchet Smurf T-shirt? I really hope you didn't get poo for Christmas! — Jules

Ausiello: Not to split hairs with you, Jules, but it's actually called Stuffed Ca-Ca.

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Question: Have you seen The L ...

Question: Have you seen The L Word on Showtime and what do you think of it? PS — What a little hottie you are! — Kat

Ausiello: Honestly? It put me to sleep.

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Question: I love this column. ...

Question: I love this column. Just had to let you know. I think that you should be the new leader of a society of those who love television — a little too much. Apparently there are a lot of us. I will, however, need someone to second my nomination. — Kini

Ausiello: The first person to second Kini's nomination gets a Christmas with the Kranks Advent calendar and a Jonny Zero baseball cap, courtesy of Fox. You guys caught me at a good time. I'm holding a swag sale in my cubicle this week and everything (old and lame) must go!

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Question: I was wondering if ...

Question: I was wondering if there was any news about a possible spin-off of Brad Garrett's character from Everybody Loves Raymond? — Jake

Ausiello: Good question. The Raymond cast will also be participating in a press-tour panel next week, so I'll remember to toss this question at them.

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Question: Just got TiVo for ...

Question: Just got TiVo for Christmas. What did critics and TV Guide writers do before TiVo? I rank it with the wheel, fire and the alphabet in human development. Over the top? — James Wester

Ausiello: Not by a long shot. I think it's the best thing to happen since the birth of Jesus Chr... no, make that Keri Russell!

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Question: Why did NBC run a ...

Question: Why did NBC run a repeat of Medium last Thursday when they promised us a new episode? Are they trying to tick off the "16 million" people that gave the show a chance? — Timothy

Ausiello: Here's the statement NBC gave me: "We launched the show successfully on Monday so we had the luxury of saving the episode originally scheduled for Thursday for the regular time period and the long battle ahead versus CSI: Miami. We thought we made the change in time to avoid confusing viewers, and we apologize for any confusion." Clearly, viewers forgave the Peacock. All 16 million viewers who tuned in for last week's premiere returned for Episode 2 this past Monday. The moral of the story? Lying breeds loyalty.

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Question: I found your ...

Question: I found your Oklahoma Sooner-bashing comment offensive ("Entertainment News" 1/4). Hopefully for you, USC will be able to score some points on the Oklahoma defense. — Robert Young

Ausiello: I was never good at math, but, um, does 55 qualify as "some?" Rob? You there? Bueller?

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Question: I was at the movies ...

Question: I was at the movies recently and saw a trailer for Keri's new movie, The Upside of Anger. When her face came up on the screen, I instantly thought of you. Just thought I'd let you know. — Cat

Ausiello: That's funny. I recently saw the trailer and when her face came on the screen, I instantly thought of me, too! What are the odds?

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Question: I just heard that ...

Question: I just heard that The Mountain aired its last episode. Is that true? — Rick

Ausiello: Yes, the show is dead. The series finale aired Jan. 2. Let's all observe a moment of silence for The Mountain.

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Question: Are the men on Lost ...

Question: Are the men on Lost ever going to shave? I mean, it has to be a nightmare for the continuity person. — Matt

Ausiello: Let's ask exec producer Carlton Cuse: "Obviously, this show is not literally Castaway or Survivor," he told me. "You could easily deconstruct the show on the verisimilitude level. [The shaving thing] is one of those gimmes we hope the audience will let us have." My take? Any guy that can work "verisimilitude" into a sentence deserves to be cut a little slack.

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