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Question: Hey, Televisionary, ...

Question: Hey, Televisionary, you are the awesomest. In your Jan. column you said the last name of the Malcolm in the Middle family has never been revealed. One of our local DJs was giving concert tickets away to anyone who knew the answer (he legitimately couldn't remember) so I looked on the Internet. Another website lists the family as the Wilkersons. So what's the scoop? — Nate S., Portland, Ore.

Televisionary: As I understand it, the name Wilkerson was used in a script only, but has never been shown or uttered on the series itself. Call me a stickler, but if it didn't air, it didn't happen.

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Question: I know this is ...

Question: I know this is another one of those "Was she or wasn't she?" questions, but please settle something. Was Jane Seymour really pregnant when they had her give birth to little Katie on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman? Thank you for your answer. — Kerri B., West Monroe, La.

Televisionary: That she was, Kerri — with twins, in fact. So the producers resorted to hiding their star's bulging stomach with different camera angles and strategically placed tables and pillows for the first seven episodes shot during her pregnancy. But they soon realized it made the most sense for Dr. Mike to be with child on the show, too. So they went heavy on the work early in her term, cutting short the show's summer hiatus to load Seymour up with scenes early in her pregnancy, then reduced her number of scenes in months five and six.

At the time, people considered Seymour to be lucky because she was working with a female boss read more

Question: Could you please ...

Question: Could you please tell me if Jonathan Frid (aka Barnabas Collins) is still alive and, if he is, what he has been up to? — Patty

Televisionary: That I could. The former Dark Shadows star is indeed alive and has been dabbling in theater and one-man shows for years now. But don't take my word for it; let the former vamp tell you himself.

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Eat your heart out, Nicole Kidman! Duprey Cosmetics has chosen Traci Lords to be its new face. The company's cofounder, Brian Duprey called the Melrose Place alumna and sometime John Waters muse "the ultimate temptress." And us? Oh, we agreed. We agreed. read more


Although Playing It Straight wasn't good enough for us to watch for free, Fox now believes that viewers will cough up hard-earned dough to see it! That's right — beginning Monday, the network will be offering all eight episodes of the series on as pay-per-view programming. Read it again: pay-per-view! Shortly thereafter, the five unaired eps of My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss will be made available on the website at no cost to anything but the audience's intelligence. read more


Good thing Jennifer Garner's still got her day job: The Alias butt-kicker's Daredevil offshoot, Elektra, opened at the box office this weekend in fifth place. To give you some idea of how crummy that pic's $12.5 mil opening is, let's compare: Samuel L. Jackson's new hoops drama, Coach Carter, came in first with almost twice that much dinero ($23,600,000); in week No. 4, Meet the Fockers still raked in more green ($19 mil) than J. Gar in Spandex; the zebra-riding adventure Racing Stripes took third place (with more than $14 mil); and even the relatively low-profile Topher Grace/Dennis Quaid dramedy In Good Company beat Elektra by nearly $1,500,000. read more

Backstage Drama at the Globes

Before the 2005 Golden Globes get underway, let me take a moment to share with you my traditional pre-award show wish list. For this year's Globes to be deemed a success, one — just one — of the following three things must happen: First, I have to avoid getting head-butted with the fancy new boom mics that are being used in the press room. Second, I have to witness at least one tense moment between archenemies Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood. And last but not least, and this kinda goes without saying, Mariska Hargitay needs to win for best actress in a drama series.

8:03 pm/EST Tony Potts and his camera crew from Access Hollywood set up shop right next to me. All we need is a cameo by Mary Hart and my wish list is fulfilled. (I'd still like Mariska to win, though.)

8:05 The first award goes to Clive Owen for Closer. Oooh, I'll have to ask him about those 007 read more


Although the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was intoxicated enough by the wine-soaked Sideways to name it 2004's Best Motion Picture, Comedy (and award it the Best Screenplay prize), The Aviator was the big winner at the Golden Globes. Not only did the Howard Hughes biopic claim the Best Film, Drama prize, but it also netted Leonardo DiCaprio a statuette for Best Actor, Drama. Collateral's Jamie Foxx lost to Closer's Clive Owen in the Supporting Actor, Drama, category, but went on to take Lead Actor, Comedy or Musical, for his stellar performance in Ray. The year's Best Actresses, according to overseas critics, were Million Dollar Baby boxer Hilary Swank (Drama) and Being Julia diva Annette Bening (Comedy or Musical). For a complete list of winners, click click here. read more

AW, SH--!

Poor John Mayer and his potty mouth. Everyone who was anyone in showbiz participated in NBC's benefit for victims of the tsunami, and the "Your Body Is a Wonderland" singer was the only one to get caught uttering an expletive during the live telecast. While backing away from his microphone during a guitar solo, out the offending synonym for poop came before censors could hit the "mute" button. read more


Jason Patric has filed a lawsuit against the Austin police officer who collared him in March for public intoxication and evading arrest. The Lost Boys heartthrob claims his civil rights were violated because the cop used excessive force and falsely imprisoned him. Although the charges against Patric were dropped a month after his arrest, rumor has it that many Texans still haven't forgiven the actor for doing Speed 2. read more

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