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Lauren Bacall doesn't think Nicole Kidman is old enough to be called a legend. During an interview with Britain's GMTV, Bacall — Kidman's costar in the upcoming drama Birth — grew irritated when a reporter referred to the 37-year-old Oscar winner as "a legend." "She's not a legend," Bacall barked. "She's a beginner. What is this 'legend'? She can't be a legend at whatever age she is.... You have to be older." And, apparently, extremely bitter. read more


It looks like Noah Wyle is getting ready to make his final rounds on ER. Variety reports that the actor will likely move on this spring after 11 years and, oh, probably around $65 billion!!! Must be nice. read more


The new season of MTV's Philly-based Real World has barely begun and already my pals at are publicly humiliating one of the cast members. According to TSG, 25-year-old Landon Lueck was arrested and charged with harassment of a police horse following a drunken outing last year at a college football game in Wisconsin. Lueck pleaded guilty and was placed in a "deferred prosecution/first-offender program." Also known as a reality show. read more

In the spirit of "ask and ye shall...

In the spirit of "ask and ye shall receive," I hereby declare this evening a Reality-Free Zone. That means real comics, not the last ones standing. Actors instead of wannabes. And not a damn Amish in sight. So enjoy it, folks! I did.

That '70s Show
Mmmm-mm-mm! I am all over that hair, Laura Prepon! And even if you blonds do have more fun, this chestnutty fan had a blast with tonight's seventh-season opener, which spared us the ugly fallout from Eric and Donna's aborted wedding by making the pair actually happier having dodged the marital bullet. Too bad Eric couldn't escape Jackie's wrath for committing the ultimate crime: a sweater vest. I'm with you, girl. Unless you're 60, or screaming "Extra! Extra!" in the town square, it's not a good look. In fact, other than Foreman's fashion don't, the only other misstep here was the "peed on Cheetos" jokes. Not only are they a bitch-slap to the healing powers of crunchy cheesy goodness, but the term "Peetos read more


Here's some "TV News" scoop from the new issue of TV Guide magazine: Mary Stuart Masterson will replace B.D. Wong as Law & Order SVU's in-house shrink for three episodes this November. A show rep says Wong is cutting out to do a play. Must be nice. read more


Warner Bros. has acquired rights to remake Hawaii Five-O on the big screen, Variety reports. Ocean's Twelve scribe George Nolfi will write the script. read more


Ray Charles' posthumously issued duets collection Genius Loves Company debuted at No. 2 on Billboard's album chart with sales of 202,000 copies. Tim McGraw's Live like You Were Dying held on to the top spot with 227,000. read more


Warning: Skip to the next story if you don't want to read about a major development involving Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings. This is your last chance, folks.... Don't say I didn't warn you.... Here it comes.... According to a report in TV Week, the 30-year-old software engineer's record-breaking winning streak came to an end in a show taped Tuesday. When all was said and done, Jennings reportedly walked away with a total of $2.5 million after 75 straight victories. His big swan song will air later this fall. In the meantime, Jennings clocked his 41st victory in the episode that aired Wednesday. read more


NBC has ordered a pilot for a new cop drama starring upcoming ER guest Ray Liotta. In Criminal Behavior, Liotta will play a detective who stops dangerous fugitives before they strike again. read more

Dean Cain Hits a Homer

Dean Cain is trading in his red cape for a blue cap in CBS's new diamond-set drama, Clubhouse (debuting Sept. 26). The 38-year-old former Superman plays a local baseball star who befriends the team's impressionable batboy (played by Peter Pan's Jeremy Sumpter). But Cain, a former football pro, admits that playing an athlete isn't much of a stretch. "I don't have to do anything special but draw on my own experiences," he says. "I know these guys. I know the lifestyle."

TV Guide Online: Are you basing your character on anyone specific?
Dean Cain:
I'm taking a little bit from everybody — from people I knew in the NFL and NBA. But some of these guys' lives are just not that interesting. But there are situations that they can find themselves in that are interesting.

TVGO: Is the team on the show supposed to be the Yankees?
The team is similar to the Yankees. But the field is set in Brooklyn, so it really isn't read more

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