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Queen Latifah will host the 47th annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 13, it was announced today. Latifah, whose Dana Owens Album is up for Best Jazz Vocal Album, will also perform during the ceremony. read more


The truth is out there about the long-awaited second X-Files flick. Actually, the truth was in Wednesday's USA Today, but that's neither here nor there. David Duchovny told the paper that he expects to shoot the sequel later this year or early in 2006. "It'll be a stand-alone horror movie," he said. "Mulder and Scully investigate one particular case that has nothing to do with alien life. It has to do with supernatural stuff." read more

Lost This show has plenty of surprises,...

This show has plenty of surprises, but the revelation that Shannon and Boone aren't related by blood was not one of them. What did surprise me was seeing Shannon become dino food and lying dead in her lover's — er, I mean brother's — arms. I'll admit it, I was duped. Hell, I figured J.J. Abrams had more characters than he knew what to do with, and it was time to start killing them off. But no, it was all just a dream, hallucination, fantasy, what have you. Which begs the question: What is Locke spiking the other survivors' drinking water with? Or is it something about that little patch of bamboo that everyone hides in when they're being chased by the polar bears, dinosaurs, French ladies, invisible whisperers and Tom Cruise's creepy cousin? Maybe it's not bamboo but really some kind of super-peyote that unleashes your secret fears and fantasies — I half expect Ricardo Montalban to come walking out of the bamboo patch spo read more

Question: I love this column. ...

Question: I love this column. Just had to let you know. I think that you should be the new leader of a society of those who love television — a little too much. Apparently there are a lot of us. I will, however, need someone to second my nomination. — Kini

Ausiello: The first person to second Kini's nomination gets a Christmas with the Kranks Advent calendar and a Jonny Zero baseball cap, courtesy of Fox. You guys caught me at a good time. I'm holding a swag sale in my cubicle this week and everything (old and lame) must go!

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Question: Was My Big Fat ...

Question: Was My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss really canceled? — Cathy

Ausiello: A Fox rep tells me the last five episodes will be "made available" at a later date. Which is just a coy way of saying it'll get dumped on when no one is looking. Or, like Playing It Straight, it'll remain in a state of infinite limbo.

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Question: Did Scott Speedman ...

Question: Did Scott Speedman really attend Keri's play? It has been suggested on another board that you make these things up. — Nancy

Ausiello: Yes, he most definitely attended her play — and crashed at her Manhattan crib with Amanda Foreman afterward. And anyone who suggests I make things up is just jealous because I have Keri's digits and they don't.

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Question: The next few ...

Question: The next few episodes of Desperate Housewives apparently have names such as "Move On," "Every Day a Little Death" and "Your Fault" — song titles from various Sondheim musicals. Any thoughts on whether the references have any bearing on the mysterious plot? — Trish P

Ausiello: I think it has more of a bearing on the sexual orientation of the show's producers.

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Question: I was just checking ...

Question: I was just checking out your Christmas gifts and I'm a little confused. Did you get poo for Christmas? What are the lumpy brown things on top of what seems to be black binders, next to the Hatchet Smurf T-shirt? I really hope you didn't get poo for Christmas! — Jules

Ausiello: Not to split hairs with you, Jules, but it's actually called Stuffed Ca-Ca.

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Question: Just got TiVo for ...

Question: Just got TiVo for Christmas. What did critics and TV Guide writers do before TiVo? I rank it with the wheel, fire and the alphabet in human development. Over the top? — James Wester

Ausiello: Not by a long shot. I think it's the best thing to happen since the birth of Jesus Chr... no, make that Keri Russell!

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Question: Have you seen The L ...

Question: Have you seen The L Word on Showtime and what do you think of it? PS — What a little hottie you are! — Kat

Ausiello: Honestly? It put me to sleep.

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