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Question: You are great! If ...

Question: You are great! If this Texas girl ever gets to New York I would love to meet you. — Anna

Ausiello: Ditto, Anna! In the meantime, please e-mail me your photo and I'll alert security downstairs that you might be dropping by.

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Question: What happened to ...

Question: What happened to the proposed WB series Young MacGyver? Did the pilot ever air? Congratulations on getting your own column! — Bud

Ausiello: The WB didn't pick up the pilot and no, it never aired. Just a heads-up, folks: Take it easy with all these research-intensive questions. This column is supposed to be fun for me, too.

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Question: Why don't you just ...

Question: Why don't you just call your column "Ask Ausiello... About Felicity"? — Megan

Ausiello: Because if I did I'd never get to answer a question like this....

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Question: I don't want to be ...

Question: I don't want to be getting the Phoenix edition of TV Guide. I need the Los Angeles one! — Cliff Burger

Ausiello: I'll go into the system and change it again, Cliff.

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Question: Why does TV Guide ...

Question: Why does TV Guide Online torture us by putting the teeny-tiniest picture of you at the top of your column? — Chuck

Ausiello: Actually, that picture is to scale, Chuck. Your heart was in the right place, though.

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Question: You must love your ...

Question: You must love your job! What other perks do you get? — Mary

Ausiello: I know it sounds cliché, but I have to say the biggest perk by far is the people. Seriously. I have made so many lifelong friends through this gig, including Anita Freestuff, Ivana Compticket, I.M. Swagwhore... and the list goes on.

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Question: What is Mr. ...

Question: What is Mr. Snuffleupagus's first name on Sesame Street? — Ben

Ausiello: According to Snuffleupagus' spokeswoman, "His first name is Aloysius."

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Question: What has Ben ...

Question: What has Ben Covington, um, I mean Scott Speedman been up to? Oh, and if S.B. doesn't want to have brunch with B.D. Wong, I'd be happy to go. — Eliza

Ausiello: Ben, er, Scott is currently shooting the upcoming sequel to XXX, after which he'll begin work on a follow-up to Underworld. Then everyone's favorite underachiever heads back to medical school. And regarding the S.B./B.D. brunch, not sure if that ever happened. Let me make some phone calls.

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Question: I am completely in ...

Question: I am completely in love with Veronica Mars. Before I get too emotionally attached, what are the chances it'll survive? — Lola

Ausiello: As long as its ratings continue to improve — last week's episode was the show's most-watched yet — it's safe to say Mars is gonna be in your orbit for a good while. At the very least, it'll be around through the Nov. 23 episode, when (spoiler alert!) Napoleon Dynamite's Tina Majorino guest-stars as Mac, a computer punk who helps Veronica crack the school computers to solve a case involving Neptune High.

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Question: I heard Michael ...

Question: I heard Michael Vartan wanted to leave Alias. Any truth to this? — Beatrix

Ausiello: Despite Vartan's real-life split with leading lady Jennifer Garner, my Alias mole assures me that rumors of his impending exit have been greatly exaggerated. And my mole, while a smidge hairy, is never wrong.

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